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Published in: Education, Technology
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  1. 1. Flipped Classrooms:Whats the big deal?by Simon RingsmuthEDTC 5720
  2. 2. Introduction• Your name• Your current field of study or practice• One piece of technology you cannot live without
  3. 3. Overview• What are Flipped Classrooms and what do we currently knowabout them?• What dont we know about them?• What additional questions do I have after learning about them?• What can be done to address these issues?
  4. 4. What is a FlippedClassroom?"The flipped classroom is a pedagogical model in which thetypical lecture and homework elements of a course arereversed."(Educause)• Inspired by Salman Khan, (Ash, 1)• Students participate in "Lecture" portion at home• Classroom time is used for discussions, projects, exercises,etc.• No single model. Anything like this qualifies.• At-home materials dont have to be internet videos. Can be
  5. 5. Flipped Classroom Pros• Require careful preparation• Students work at their own pace• More time for in-class demonstrations and help• Educators not constrained by textbooks. Can get lessonsfrom anywhere online.• Some evidence of higher achievement as a result of flipping• Has been used at all grade levels
  6. 6. Flipped Classroom Cons• Require careful preparation• Rely on lectures as the primary mode of instruction• No room for dynamic discussions and "teachable moments"during lecture• Not a recipe for instant success.• Not all students have technology to support them• Skeptical administrations• No guarantee of student participation
  7. 7. What is not known aboutFlipped Classrooms• Do they work? Little substantive evidence ofeffectiveness. Success/failure is largely anecdotal andcase-by-case. Scholarly research is limited andinconclusive.• How to deploy in areas needed most (rural/low SES)• Does flipping a classroom meet the needs of studentswho are entering a 21st-century workforce?• Is it worth the effort for teachers who are alreadyoverworked? (investment vs. payoff)
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  9. 9. What can be done to help?Open discussion on the following questions:1. What is the one thing that excites you most aboutFlipped Classrooms?2. What institutional barriers might you encounter ifyou wanted to flip your classroom, and how wouldyou deal with them?3. Mrs. Kirchs video gives a good overview of whatto expect in a day-to-day Flipped Classroomenvironment. But what problems do you foreseewith this type of classroom, and how would youaddress them?4. The first video is about Flipped Classrooms asvehicles to the future. In your opinion, what will thefuture of education look like and how will we getthere?
  10. 10. ResourcesVideo: Flipped Classrooms as a vehicle to the futureVideo: Crystal Kirch, Intro to Flipped ClassroomsArticle: Teachers "Flip" over technology, but are flops for some kidsArticle: Reflections on a year of YouTube and Flipping the ClassroomArticle: Arizona Schools flipping homework, lecturesArticle: 7 Things you should know about Flipped ClassroomsPodcast: The State of Tech Podcast: Episode 14, The Flipped ClassroomPDF: 7 Things to Know about Flipped ClassroomsPDF: Educators View Flipped Classrooms with a More critical EyePDF: Flipped Classrooms at Byron High SchoolPDF: Flipped Classroom Offers New Learning PathPDF: Improving Student Content Knowledge