Modern China


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Modern China

  1. 1. ChinaPicture By: ChrisWaldeck atCreative commons By Michael,Sidney,Lily,Celia and Alexander.
  2. 2. IntroductionChina is a country in Asia and 19.1% of the worlds population livesin China. North of China is Mongolia. West of China is Kazakhstan,Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan. South of China is the Himalayan mountainsand India. China is also the largest country in Asia by area.In the military anyone between the ages of eighteen and twenty-twomust work for the military for twenty-four months unless they go to auniversity then they would do one to four months of military training.When it comes to internetChinese people are five times more likely tohave a blog than americans.Map of Modern China -------------------------> Picture from Wikipedia Commons
  3. 3. Animals and Nature Picture by: Picture by: argyllach PublicDomainPictures from creative from creative commons commonsThe Giant Panda lives in the misty mountains of southwest China, andnowhere else in the world. The Giant Panda weighs on average 135 kgand lives on tender bamboo leaves and bamboo shoots. Its sadbecause the Giant panda is extremely rare and there are only about1,000 left! The Giant panda is now the symbol of the protection of thewild.One of Chinas rarest animals is the Golden Monkey. TheGolden monkey has a nice reddish/golden hair and also has ashort nose. The Golden monkeys nose has another name which is anupturned nose. The Golden monkey has 3 sub species, sichuan goldenmonkey, yunnan golden monkey and guizhou golden monkey. It mostlylives in mixed leaf and coniferous forests. It feeds on fruit, tenderbranches and leaves.
  4. 4. Fun Fact! The oldest tree in the world is the ChinasThe Yangtze river Picture by: Gingkolivepine at Creative commons Two of the greatest rivers are found in China. One of them is named the Yellow river (Huang He) and the other is named Yangtze river (Chang Jiang). The Yellow river is to the north and the Yangtze to the south. The Yangtze river is the longest river in asia and the Yellow river is the second largest in Asia. The Yellow river has also been nicknamed Chinas pride as well as Chinas sorrow. The yellow river. Picture By: Nozomiiquel at Creative commons.
  5. 5. Religion, myths, culture and beliefsIn China, red is a lucky color. There are such things as red envelopes. They arefilled with money. They will be given out on a persons birthday and majorholidays (Chinese New Year, Moon Festival). Here is a picture of a red envelope Chinese red envelopes come in all sizes and have all Different designs. Picture by KsionicThere is no Chinese alphabet. There are characters plus other charactersequals some character. For example, 2 trees plus 3 trees equals forest. Theyuse characters to express what theyre saying.
  6. 6. Chinas InventionsThere has been many great creations in China. For instancethe fastest train ever was made and runs in China. At 268miles an hour it speeds through China as fast as a bullet.Today China has over 400,000 factories. with all thosefactories China has made over 14,485,000 cars in 2011. Thatsjust about 24% of the number of cars made worldwide in2011. PLus China gets much electricity from one of their windfarms which happens to be the 8th largest in the world. By MaxChu from Creative commons
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