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  2. 2. Digital in Indonesia
  3. 3. Looking Beyond Data 300 500 Digital Advertising Spends ($ million) 2013 2014 “In 2012, spending on hospitals /clinics/ traditional medicine advertising grew by 47%, to Rp 2 trillion, as well as health beverage category increased by 38% with total advertising expenditure of more than $ 2 trillion in 2011~ the 4th biggest advertisers (Nielsen).”
  4. 4. What is GoSehatku?
  5. 5. “ is a digital platform focused on health and healthy lifestyle, dedicated to middle to big- sized businesses and communities”
  6. 6. What makes It Unique? Extensive & great quality contents in health and healthy lifestyle areas Engagement with its audiences a platform in health topics
  7. 7. Business Model
  8. 8. Revenue Stream Banner Ads Sponsored Content Content Selling Google Ads Email Marketing (Newsletter)
  9. 9. How to Scale Up? Partnership with content publisher/magazine Partnership with healthcare institution Partnership with digital & offline marketing agency
  10. 10. Competitor Analysis
  11. 11. Competitor Mapping Healthcare news portal;,, etc Sub-category healthcare news of mainstream media; Detik health, Kompas health, etc Individual healthcare related institution news portal; hospital, pharmacy, fitness center website E-commerce specific to sell healthcare products;, E-commerce not specific in selling healthcare products but selling health products;,
  12. 12. Market Opportunity
  13. 13. Market Segmentation & Target Market  Massive internet users  Middle to big businesses with the field of business is healtcare and related business.
  14. 14. Market Size’s target: 10 customers of 238 big-sized health businesses & similar businesses Middle businesses “Represent market penetration of 4.2% of the total potential customers”
  15. 15. Funding Needs
  16. 16. Funding Expectation Total Funding that Hope to Receive is IDR 500.000.000 from ANGIN. These fund will be used for:  15% capital expenditure  50% human resource development  25% overhead working capital  10% contingency
  17. 17. How? Strategy?
  18. 18. 1st year of operation: platform version ready-status 2nd year of operation: future growth Sold to third parties/companies, as intended
  19. 19. Thank You Sri Marlina