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  1. 1. NATUROPATHY PRESENTATION VACCINATION by.. s3 Bnys 2nd sem. s-vyasa
  2. 2. CONTAINS Introduction. History. Types of vaccination. Vaccine reaction. Injection reaction. Naturopathy concept of vaccine.
  3. 3. HISTORY Early form of inoculation is mentioned in Ayurvedha text . In 1718-lady Mary Wortley reported that turks had a habit of inoculating themselves. With the fluid taken from mild cases of small pox and got her son inoculated.
  4. 4. In 1796-Edward Jenner invented the small pox vaccine from cow pox vaccine. In 1853-vaccine made compulsory. In 19th century the city of Leicester in UK achieved high decrease in small pox. There approach was to reduce vaccination and increase sanitation.
  5. 5. VACCINE Vaccine is the immuno -biological substance designed to produce specific production of antibodies against a given disease.
  6. 6. TYPES OF VACCINE 1. live [attenuated] 2. killed 3. Toxoids 4. cellular fraction 5. combination
  7. 7. LIVE VACCINE They are prepared from live organism but they are attenuated. These organism loose there capacity to induce the full blown disease but still maintain the immunogenicity. Immunization is generally achieved in single dose expect in polio. Example…..typhoid, measles, polio
  8. 8. ADVANTAGE OF LIVE VACCINE. Single dose often sufficient to induce long lasting immunity. Strong immune response evoked. Local immunity produced.
  9. 9. DISADVANTAGE OF LIVE VACCINE. Potential to revert to virulence. Poor stability. Potential for contamination.
  10. 10. KILLED VACCINE Organisms are killed by chemicals ,heat. Stimulate the immunity. Safe but less effective than live vaccine. Cholera vaccine provided only 50% protection. Example……….cholera
  11. 11. ADVANTAGE OF KILLED VACCINE. Stable Unable to cause the infection.
  12. 12. DISADVANTAGE OF KILLED VACCINE. Need several doses. Local reaction common. Shorter lasting immunity.
  13. 13. TOXOIDS The toxins produced by organism called exotoxins Exotoxine are detoxicated and used in the preparation. Safest method. Example…….diphtheria, tetanus.
  14. 14. CELLULAR FRACTION Fraction of cell is used. Example…..polysaccharides antigen.
  15. 15. COMBINATION Many vaccine are combined to make it easier to give several vaccine at one time. Combination vaccine reduce both no of clinic visits and number of injections needed.
  16. 16. Before combination vaccine are licensed, studies are carried out to ensure that ; -the Immune response to any of combine antigens is just as good as the response to the individual vaccine. -the rate of adverse reaction are the same as they would be if the vaccine were administrated separately Example……..DPT, .
  17. 17. REACTION DUE TO PROGRAMME ERROR. Faulty production of vaccine. Too much vaccine give in one dose Improper immunization. Wrong amount of diluents used. Vaccine combination Stored incorrectly Contra indications ignore
  18. 18. REACTION OF VACCINE. Common minor vaccine reaction…. Local reaction –pain ,swelling ,redness , headache. General reaction- fever , gastrointestinal upset ,Myalgia, irritability ,like symptoms.
  19. 19. NATUROPATHY CONCEPT ABOUT VACCINE. Vaccination has proved its efficacy by eradicating serious diseases like small pox. Vaccination basically helps to improve our own immune power It means we have inner power to immune ourselves but vaccine acts only as a stimulation to that power So by means of naturopathic priciples if we can evoke that inner potential then vaccination is not needed
  20. 20. So if your lifestyle is harmonious and natural by proper AHARA and VIHARA you can improve immmunity naturally without needing external vaccination And if your lifestyle is disbalanced and unnatural then even vaccination may not protect you from disease. It all depends on our Lifestyle!!
  21. 21. THANK YOU.