Helio therapy


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Helio therapy

  1. 1. Helio – therapy By S3 B.N.Y.S
  2. 2. CONTENTS• Introduction• Types• Techniques
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION• Helio therapy is defined as the treatment of disease by exposing the body to sunlight• It is the treatment by means of Sun’s electromagnetic waves
  4. 4. SUN• Is the nearest star• Consists of mainly hydrogen and helium and iron, oxygen, and carbon• The temperature is about 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit on the surface and more than 28 million degrees Fahrenheit at the core
  5. 5. ELECTROMAGNETICRADIATION• Consists of • Radio waves (1 mm to 100 km) • Microwaves (1 mm to 1 m ) • Infrared radiation ( 0.74 µm to 300 µm) • Visible light (380nm to 740 nm) • Ultraviolet radiation ( 0.01 nm to 10nm) • X rays (100 A to 0.01 A) • Gamma rays
  6. 6. WHY SUNLIGHT IS IMPORTANT• Essential for the evolution of life on earth• Visible light needed for photosynthesis• IR gives warmth• Directly or indirectly every body depends on sun
  7. 7. SUN BATH• Sunbath can be taken by all people of all ages and both genders• Early morning and evening is the best (7 to 9 AM and 4 to 6 PM)• 10 minutes to 15 minutes of daily exposure is useful for maintaining normal functioning of the body
  8. 8. TYPES OF SUN BATH• Ordinary Sun Bath• Rickley Sun Bath• Kuhne Sun Bath• Sun Bath With Wet Cloth• Atapa Snana
  9. 9. ORDINARY SUN BATH• Spread a blanket or mat on ground• Protect head from sunlight• Lie down wearing minimum clothing
  10. 10. RICKLEY SUN BATH• Taken just after sunrise• Portion of the body exposed to sun is gradually increased every day• First only feet, then thighs, navel region and gradually entire body• After sunbath patient may sit in shadow for about 5-15 minutes• The body may then be wiped with a wet towel• Very helpful in cases of eczema, growth stagnation in children, blood deficiency diseases etc.
  11. 11. KUHNE SUN BATH• Patient lies down in sun wearing minimum clothes• Banana leaves cover the head, face and navel• Opens the pores of the skin• Can be taken from ½ to 1 hr.• If sun is strong reduce the duration
  12. 12. SUN BATH WITH WET CLOTH• Patient is covered up to neck by a dry sheet or blanket and kept under sunlight• When the body is heated replace using a wet cloth• Head must be covered by wet cloth• Bath can be taken for 20 to 40 minutes
  13. 13. ATAPA SNANA• Patient is covered up to neck by a dry sheet or blanket and kept under sunlight• When the body is heated replace using a wet cloth• Patient must be covered by banana leaves• Head must be covered by wet cloth• Bath can be taken for 20 to 40 minutes
  14. 14. PRECAUTION WHILE TAKINGSUN BATH• Head must be protected while taking sunbath – either by keeping it in shade or by covering it with a wet cloth• Do not take bath in strong sunlight• If headache or any other trouble occurs, duration of sunbath should be reduced the next day
  15. 15. BEFORE TAKING SUN BATH• Wash head, neck and face• Only half the stomach must be filled• Drink two glasses of water
  16. 16. METHOD• All parts of body should be exposed• Period of sunbath must be divided four times • ¼ th left side • ¼ th right side • ¼ th front side • ¼ th back side
  17. 17. DURATION• Varies according to physiological condition of the person• Time should be increased gradually• Duration should not exceed 1 hr.
  18. 18. AFTER SUN BATH• Do not take food immediately• Bathe with cold water after ½ hour and wipe all body parts with wet towel• Spinal bath for 15 minutes
  19. 19. INDICATIONS• Osteomalacia • Psychology depressants• Rickets • Rheumatoid arthritis• Obesity • Lower back ache• Insomnia • Osteo arthritis• Psoriasis • Hemiplegia• Fatal breast cancer • Scabies• COPD • TB Etc.
  20. 20. CONTRA - INDICATIONS• Fever • Leukemia• Acne Vulgaris • Edema• Angina Pectoris • Chicken pox• Cardiac disorders • Measles• Poisoning • Hyper vitamin D• Hypertension • Conjunctivitis
  21. 21. BENEFITS• Healthy looking complexion• Regular exposure builds natural resistance against harmful sun rays• UV rays – antiseptics• Clears skin diseases• Enhance immune system• Encourages healthy circulation• Sooth nerves and boost mood by increasing production of endorphin and serotonin• Increases melatonin output at night
  22. 22. BENEFITS cont.…• Balances PMS• Improves function of the liver• Decreases risk breast, colon and prostate cancer• Metabolizes cholesterol• Decreases BP, resting HR, increases O/P of blood• Decreases SAD like sadness, insomnia and carbohydrate cravings• Reduces frequency of cold up to 40.3%
  23. 23. BENEFITS cont.…• Sunbath leads to sweating• Sunlight treats foreign particles and it comes out through sweat, urine or stool• Opens the pores of the skin• Helps body to metabolize Vitamin D
  24. 24. PATHOLOGICAL EFFECTS• Over exposure causes • Premature aging • Wrinkling • Skin cancer
  25. 25. THANK YOU…