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Germ theory


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Published in: Education
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Germ theory

  1. 1. Germs Does Not Cause Disease But Are Found In Diseased Condition SRILOY MOHANTY BNYS 3rd yr. Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana SamsthanaGerms are ubiquitous. They are in the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink.We cannot escape them. We can destroy them only to a limited extent. It is folly to attempt toescape disease by attempting to destroy or escape germs. Germs are not the causativefactors of disease. We cannot avoid them. We must be proof against them, we can avoiddisease only by keeping ourselves in such a high state of health that they are powerlessagainst us.Germs do not cause disease but are found breeding in the accumulating waste matter in thebody. In a healthy body, having normal secretions and excretions, the germs cannot find abreeding ground and are destroyed by the antibodies present in the secretions.Therefore,even if germs enter our body when we are healthy, they are killed / made ineffective by thedefense mechanism."Just as mud cannot stick to a smooth, oily surface, similarly, the germs cannot blemish ahealthy body." Infections occur in a weakened, damaged or over worked part of the body.Germs alone can no more produce disease than a seed alone can produce a tree. Just as aseed must have fertile soil, moisture, warmth, air and sunlight, if it is to grow into a tree, sothe germ, if it is to produce disease, must find certain essential conditions existing in thebodies of those it enters before it can do the slightest harm. If the body is normal, if it has anabundance of nerve force, if its blood stream is pure, if there is prompt and vigorous actionof all its essential organs, no germs coming in contact with it can grow and multiply. Germs doesn’t create ‘dirt’, but dirt which is otherwise called as morbidity, attracts thegerms.
  2. 2. Nature Cure recognizes this. Instead of concentrating its energy on killing germs, the activityof which we cannot escape when the conditions are ripe, nature cure attempts to invigoratethe system, to build up blood and lymph, and to purify the tissues so that germ activity isrendered inconsequential.