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Week 9, the second party system democrats & whigs


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Week 9, the second party system democrats & whigs

  1. 1. Second Party System: Democratic & Whig Group 2 : Mirra Saniya 071311233002 Ni Putu Bunga Levista Briliani 071311233025 Amalia Mastur 071311233036 Sri Harini Wijayanti 071311233049 Didang Alexander 071311233063 Rosalia Jasmine 071311233077
  2. 2. Around 1816 to 1824 The dominance of one party only, the Democratic-Republican party Era of Good Feelings
  3. 3. Democratic-Republican broke into: - The Democrats, in West and South America - The Whigs, in Northeast America Starting after the Andrew Jackson’s election in 1828 New Era of American Politics
  4. 4. A fierce partisan campaign waged between the new Democratic and Whig Party Modern framework of political competition that reached ordinary voters as never before and has been brought tirelessly by the parties directly to the people The Second Party System
  5. 5. The first westerner who elected as a president Jacksonian movement has created the new Democratic party and had a long-term significance in American politics Andrew Jackson
  6. 6. Created by Andrew Jackson and Martin van Buren Chief qualities : 1. Democrats was the party of ordinary farmers and workers 2. Opposed the special privileges of economic elites 3. Offer affordable western land to ordinary white Americans and Indians needed to be forced further westward In favor of states’ rights and did no involvement in social and economic affairs at that time The New Democratic Party
  7. 7. Founded active from 1833 and led by Henry Clay, Daniel Webste, and William Seward Composed of elites, wealthy lawyers, and bussinessman Believed that the best way to sustained prosperity by having a government to be active to support the economic improvement Attempted to help the economy and social productivity through the internal improvement by improving public institutions Whig Party
  8. 8. The disagreement of both parties was about the Industrial Revolution The Whigs : - Focused on middle-class and less concerned about the grand scale economics. - Defended the broad benefits of economic development - Believed that government should actively promote economic and social goals The Democrats : - Take side of the lower-class - Stressed the new forms of dependence that economic development has created - Opposed government actions in general Different Main Agenda
  9. 9. Second Party System which became a political competition of both parties has been lasted until 1850s The issue of slavery led to the end of the second party system and the emergence of the third party system in United States The End
  10. 10. 5/21/2014 Free Template from 2006 10