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Los Angeles Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Sean Younai of the California Center for Plastic Surgery specializes in Los Angeles Plastic Surgery, Los Angeles Liposuction, and other Los Angeles Cosmetic Surgery.For more details please visit:

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  1. 1. Trying to look good even in an ugly economy The market for expensive clothing and plastic surgery has been hit by the economic downfall the rest of the world has hit by. People are asking why it is that sales for plastic surgery have only dropped 2% from last year. For clothes depending on which market you are in, it’s around the same percentage. Researchers note that in a time of recession most people tend to buy more expensive things and combat feelings of depression that can come about. They say this because they feel that people would like to say, “The country might be hurting, but I am not.” People want to look more presentable and beautiful in a time of need. In Los Angeles plastic surgeons are contributing to this attitude that presentation is key by continuing to make people beautiful everyday. Despite the decline in cash and savings that Americans are said to have, we are still shelling it out for plastic surgery. In Los Angeles breast implants were the most popular choice for plastic surgery in 2009, decreasing less than 2% from the year before. The age group to elect for breast augmentation was women of age 36. Men also contributed to the numbers in breast surgery by having breast reduction to treat enlarged male breasts (a condition known as gynecomastia). We are still trying to look our very best even in times of need. Los Angeles cosmetic surgery has been rising in popularity the 13 years it has been documented. Although we hit the most plastic surgery America has ever had in 2004 the numbers have not taken a steep drop like the economy has. Instead in 2008 and 2009 the numbers stayed pretty steady. It is said that America is getting obese in these times of recession because we most of us are stressed out about loosing our jobs with times looking so tough. We are refusing to look like we are going through tough times. In Los Angeles tummy tuck numbers have dropped since 2009 but this does not mean that America is staying unhappy with their body. Instead they are opting for Liposuction. Plastic surgery will not take the downfall because in these hard times are when it’s most important to stay at the top of our game in everything we do, including our looks. America believes that in order to look like a winner you must look, act, dress and
  2. 2. feel like a winner. Researchers are predicting no less than a 1% drop if not increase in different types of plastic surgeries in different areas of the body surgical and non-surgical.