Educators as Curators


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Presentation on Educators as Curators for the Designing for Flexibility program Sydney TAFE 2013

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  • St Thomas Aquinas - "From on high the fount of wisdom poured abundance on holy Thomas like a river of clear knowledge, and he poured out the grace he had received of unrestrained and highest skill”
  • Educators as Curators

    1. 1. Educators as Curators real skills, endless possibilities
    2. 2. real skills, endless possibilities CC licensed image by Lawrence OP Teachers can no longer be the font of wisdom in a world where all human knowledge is distributed into the hands of everyone with a mobile phone
    3. 3. real skills, endless possibilities Educators need to become curators •  Hyper-connected world is awash with content measured in exabytes, or billions of gigabytes •  Learners are placing greater value on knowing where to find information rather than on knowing the information themselves •  Solutions to problems are not from experts but from the wisdom of networks •  Social learning is more important than formal learning in distributed networked work environments
    4. 4. real skills, endless possibilities Why Curate? •  Essential for professional currency in a rapidly changing world •  To establish your self as a thought leader in your area •  Connection is as important as content
    5. 5. real skills, endless possibilities Educators need to be fluent with tools that facilitate communication, collaboration any time any where to create engaging learning spaces to captivate our learners. Curate - Critical literacies Facilitate - Teaching fully online Collaborate - Work is increasingly global and collaborative Stimulate - Engagement Moderate & Manage - Assessment
    6. 6. real skills, endless possibilities We are in a period where the cutting edge of change has moved from the technology to the literacies made possible by the technology - Howard Rheingold, (2011), NetSmart
    7. 7. real skills, endless possibilities Net Smart – Howard Rheingold •  Attention •  Participation •  Collaboration •  Critical consumption (crap detection) •  Network Smarts
    8. 8. real skills, endless possibilities What does a digital curator do? •  Find the best content and share it to their community •  Provide reflective engagement with content •  Be a trusted source of content referral •  Continually refines, annotates and shares their daily work
    9. 9. real skills, endless possibilities Source: Harold Jarche (2010), sense-making for the connected workplace, accessed Sept. 2013 aggregating, collaborating within networks, commenting Scanning, filtering, tagging, following & friending Reflecting, annotating, presenting, writing, podcasts,
    10. 10. real skills, endless possibilities Network engagement •  Find the best stuff and share it •  Establish a network reputation, social capital and trust •  Send signals that attract like, minded collaborators •  Create don’t just consume, it’s not about information it’s about fine tuning your network •  Use self interest to create public good •  Don’t flood networks, don’t post rubbish, mindful of context •  Find and focus on your topic niche
    11. 11. real skills, endless possibilities Tips for curators •  What you leave out as important as what is included •  It’s a commitment which requires constant refinement •  Remained focused and don’t cross post •  Remove noisy contacts •  Carefully select your tools, fit for purpose and network
    12. 12. real skills, endless possibilities Diversity of sources •  If there is no one in your network with whom your disagree your in an echo chamber •  Diverse networks are smarter CC licensed image by servus_du
    13. 13. real skills, endless possibilities It’s not information overload is just filter failure - Clay Shirky CC licensed flickr image by Greg Timm
    14. 14. real skills, endless possibilities Tools for curation
    15. 15. real skills, endless possibilities Flipboard CC licensed flickr image by Shardayyy
    16. 16. real skills, endless possibilities
    17. 17. real skills, endless possibilities CC licensed image by melenita2012
    18. 18. real skills, endless possibilities CC licensed image by bensmithuk Evernote
    19. 19. real skills, endless possibilities cc licensed flickr photo shared Bilal Kamoon