Book Expo America 2012 Deck


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From #backlist to #frontlist: Sell More Books by Creating Dynamic and Consistent Content for Social Media

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Book Expo America 2012 Deck

  1. 1. From #backlist to #frontlist SELL MORE BOOKSby creating dynamic and consistent content for social media
  2. 2. Please Tweet #bookexpo@srhalligan@redcapybara @doubledaypub@sirmichael @socialflow@meganmcface @likeable
  3. 3. Content Marketing@srhalligan #bookexpo
  4. 4. @srhalligan #bookexpo
  5. 5. @srhalligan #bookexpo
  6. 6. Control Your Creativity Presented by: Joe Gallagher @doubledaypub
  7. 7. Everyone Loves Analytics
  8. 8. You Need to Ignore them, Sometimes
  9. 9. Schedule Your Creativity@redcapybara #bookexp
  10. 10. Task Management Software (Like Toodledo)@redcapybara #bookexpo
  11. 11. Feed your Creativity
  12. 12. Use Other’s Creativity@redcapybara #bookexpo
  13. 13. New Followers (The Freaks) • Offer them incentives • Respond to trends • Give opinions • Enter conversations • Encourage them to share@redcapybara #bookexpo
  14. 14. Your Followers (The Geeks) • Respond to their comments • Ask them questions • Offer them deals • Show them content • Encourage them to share@redcapybara #bookexpo
  15. 15. Try Everything
  16. 16. Follow Me. RIGHT NOW.Joe is @RedCapybaraDoubleday is @DoubledayPub and can find us on Pinterest and Tumblr, tooNever miss a chance to get followers!
  17. 17. Maximizing Performance in Social Presented by: Michael Chin @SocialFlow ev
  18. 18. What I’ll Talk About• The real challenge you face in social media• What’s the real opportunity?@sirmichael #bookexpo
  19. 19. Millions of conversations at once Attention is the bottleneck How will you be heard?
  20. 20. The Opportunity of Attention• Attention yields conversion• All monetization strategies begin with attention For the first time in history, the social graph provides a real time, direct relationship with your audience based on an attention exchange Will you harness the value of your greatest asset?@sirmichael #bookexpo
  21. 21. Attention means more than “likes” and “followers” Attention means engagement and trust Which leads to action Convertible attention = business value
  22. 22. The Challenge Summarized
  23. 23. Content• Engagement is tied directly to the right piece of content• The audience demands what it wants; let your audience “pull”• Wealth of untapped content beyond what’s currently made available• The right mix of content builds trust and social capital@sirmichael #bookexpo
  24. 24. Delivery to a fast moving social graph• When interest intersects with availability• Just understanding who’s in the room isn’t enough• People who are influential in a topic are not that 24hrs a day• Timing is a key ingredient to convertible attention
  25. 25. Evolution of getting it right• Real-time vs. yesterday’s reports• Focus human effort on creative tasks and insights• Let computing science solve data questions• Understand that the social channel will grow importance and scale and requires proper resources to do so
  26. 26. How To:Use Social Media to Launch a Best Selling Book Presented By: Megan McMahon @LikeableMedia
  27. 27. Sign Up to Get Noticedganmcface #bookexpo
  28. 28. Thank EVERYONEganmcface #bookexpo
  29. 29. Humanize Your Book@meganmcface #bookexpo
  30. 30. Share Valueable Contentganmcface #bookexpo
  31. 31. Implement Fun Incentivesganmcface #bookexpo
  32. 32. Utilize Location-Based Platformsganmcface #bookexpo
  33. 33. Tap Into Blogger and Influencer Interestsganmcface #bookexpo
  34. 34. Use as a Customer Service Toolganmcface #bookexpo
  35. 35. Stay Organized #bookexpo
  36. 36. Connect with… @meganmcface @davekerpen @LikeableBookganmcface #bookexpo
  37. 37. Questions?