Sg behavioural indicators


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Sg behavioural indicators

  1. 1. BEHAVIOURAL INDICATORS SRI GANESH SCommunicationShares information with and receives information from constituencies using oral, written andinterpersonal communication skillsBehavioral Indicators – Behavioral Indicators –Operational level Mastery level Builds and maintains effective working Leverages working relationships with relationships with customers and customers and colleagues to build strong colleagues connections, cooperation and collaboration Receives information to seek and Actively seeks perspectives from others understand differing perspectives to ensure inclusiveness and understanding Uses interpersonal skills to build Models interpersonal communication cooperative relationships that invites participation and future dialogue Receives and learns from feedback Encourages feedback and uses it as a factor when considering personal and or organizational changes Tailors and presents information to Tailors and delivers high-level diverse audiences using a variety of presentations to diverse audiences using communication delivery methods (e.g., a variety of communication delivery written, electronic, oral, interpersonal) methods (e.g., written, electronic, oral, interpersonal) Creates clear and concise written Creates impactful written communication communication; improves others’ writing through editing and feedback process Uses negotiation and mediation skills Facilitates management of differences by addressing them openly and encouraging mutually beneficial resolutionsProblem SolvingIdentifies problems and seeks best solutionsBehavioral Indicators – Behavioral Indicators –Operational level Mastery level Identifies issues and problems Communicates in a variety of media, information regarding issues and problems Gathers and organizes data related to Exercises independent judgment in
  2. 2. BEHAVIOURAL INDICATORS SRI GANESH S problems gathering and organizing data related to problems Analyzes and synthesizes data to generate Analyzes and synthesizes highly potential solutions sensitive and complex data to generate potential solutions Consults others during various phases of Mobilizes others during various phases the problem solving process of the problem solving process Demonstrates creative and innovative Models creative and innovative thinking thinking to find best solutions to find best solutions Responds to challenges and problems in a Anticipates challenges and problems and timely manner responds in a timely manner Principles of CommunityDemonstrates respect, equitable behavior and empathy for a diverse communityBehavioral Indicators – Behavioral Indicators –Operational level Mastery level Promotes and sustains a community that Advocates for the UC Davis Principles acknowledges and celebrates differences of Community in all interactions Creates opportunities for inclusion in a Designs and advocates for inclusive variety of settings practices in all settings Shows respect for people and their Advocates for deep understanding and differences respect for the diversity of cultures, values, perspectives and beliefs Works to understand the perspectives of Works to understand the perspectives others and demonstrates empathy of others and encourages them to provide their perspectives Works to build mutual respect, fairness Models and promotes mutual respect, and equity fairness and equity to foster a sense of belongingEthics and Integrity Behavioural indicators:Degree of trustworthiness and ethicalbehaviour of an individual with Treats others fairly and with respectconsideration for the knowledge one has ofthe impact and consequences when Takes responsibility for own work,making a decision or taking action. including problems and issues Identifies ethical dilemmas and conflict Uses applicable professional standards of interest situations and takes action to and established procedures and avoid and prevent them policies when taking action and making
  3. 3. BEHAVIOURAL INDICATORS SRI GANESH S decisions Anticipates and prevents breaches in confidentiality and/or security