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Wind power ppt

  1. 1. Wind Power By:Sarah Azhar, Marium Naqvi, Zumrid Bizenjo, Laiba Hassan, Maheno Naseeb
  2. 2. Renewable/ Non-Renewable Resource  Renewable resource  Definition: any natural resource that can replenish itself naturally over time, as wood or solar energy;  Non-renewable energy  Definition: any natural resource from the Earth that exists in limited supply and cannot be replaced if it is used up; also, any natural resource that cannot be replenished by natural means at the same rates that it is consumed
  3. 3. Importance of Wind Power in Pakistan ► ► ► ► Pakistan is developing a wind power energy project, which could help solve some of the country's electricity supply problems.Pakistan is to work with the Chinese government to install and maintain 14 small wind power plants to generate electricity in the southern coastal region of Sindh and Balochistan. These two regions currently have no access to electricity and would be best suited to wind power. "It is the supply issue that is a problem, particularly in the remote area. To supply electricity from the grid it is not even sometimes technically feasible, not to talk about economically feasible, to get back the revenues and for those areas definitely the renewable industry can play a part," Dr Ishtiaq Qazi, director general of the Pakistan Council for Renewable Energy Technologies in Islamabad told the BBC's World Business Report. The project consists of eight 300 watt turbines and six 500 watt turbines.
  4. 4. Benefits Drawbacks Potential impacts Wind power issues Environmental impacts Economic impacts
  5. 5.         Benefits of Wind Power Wind Power Wind energy doesn't pollute the air like power plants that rely on combustion of fossil fuels, such as coal or natural Issues of Wind Power Wind turbines can fall, Most wind turbine manufacturers have made progress in lowering the noise of turbines by adding insulation around the generator and building specially profiled blades that reduce noise and, wind turbine needs regular maintenance to remain efficient and provide you with regular energy Economic impacts Wind parks bring economic development to the rural communities that host them. Developing our nation's wind energy resources creates demands for turbines and turbine components, which stimulates the manufacturing sector. Wind energy helps to stabilize wholesale electricity costs, which is good for both consumers and for businesses  Wind energy benefits the economy in three ways:   Drawbacks The main disadvantage of wind energy is that wind can never be predicted. In areas where large amount of wind is needed or winds strength is too low to support wind turbine, there solar or geothermal energy could prove to be great alternatives  Potential Impacts  Harnessing power from the wind is one of the cleanest and most sustainable ways to generate electricity as it produces no toxic pollution or global warming emissions. Wind is also abundant, inexhaustible, and affordable, which makes it a viable and large-scale alternative to fossil fuels  Environmental Impacts  Compared to the environmental impact of traditional energy sources, the environmental impact of (onshore) wind power is relatively minor, slightly higher than the environmental impact of hydro power on a life-cycle basis. Unlike electricity derived from basis. fossil fuel and nuclear power plants, wind power consumes no fuel and, unlike fossil fuel power plants, emits no air pollution in operation.[2]
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