E book readers 2012


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A look at some of the most popular e-book readers and tablets on the market for holiday buying in 2012 along with my impressions of many.

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E book readers 2012

  1. 1. E-Book Readers for the Holidays 2012 Suzanne Reymer Montana State LibraryWednesday, December 12, 12Find out interest levels of group in e-ink vs. tablets. Adjustpresentation time accordingly.
  2. 2. E-Ink or Basic E- Readers • Amazon Kindle – starts at $69 with ads • Amazon proprietary format • Wifi only – works with mtlib2go via Whispersync and Amazon accountWednesday, December 12, 12Good basic reader. Manual controls instead of touch. May nothold up to rough use.
  3. 3. Kobo Mini • $79.99 • Smallest and lightest e-reader w/5 inch touch screen • EPUB format • Adobe Digital Editions for mtlib2goWednesday, December 12, 12Smallest screen. About the size of a large smart phone likeGalaxy Note 2. May be too small for anyone needing enlargedfonts.
  4. 4. Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch • Nook Simple Touch – list price $99.00 – sale prices lower • EPUB format • Adobe Digital Editions for mtlib2goWednesday, December 12, 12Barnes Nobles basic reader. Still a good bet and were seeingsome really good holiday prices. One feature to note, it lackseven a basic web browser so it can be difficult to get onto somefree wifi networks that require passwords entered into a browserwindow.
  5. 5. Sony Reader • Starts at $129.99 • EPUB • Wireless mtlib2go downloadsWednesday, December 12, 12Sony tends to offer last years technology at this years prices.This model is no exception. It does have one outstandingfeature, however. It runs some apps like the color e-readertablets. One of the apps it comes with is Overdrive MediaConsole. So you can search for and download mtlib2go ebooksdirectly to the device with no computer. Its not the bestexperience but it works provided you have a wifi connection.
  6. 6. The Next Generation • Kindle Paperwhite • Starts at $119 for wifi w/ads • Also available w/o ads - $139 • 3G w/ads - $179 • 3G w/o ads - $199Wednesday, December 12, 12This years e-ink technology is the glow or paper white screen.This uses a layer with LED lights to shine onto the e-ink surface.This provides greater contrast as well as the ability to read in alllight conditions from bright sunlight to dark.Amazons version is the only one to come with a 3G or cellularoption.
  7. 7. Nook Simple Touch with Glow Light • $119 • Wifi only • No ads • EPUBWednesday, December 12, 12
  8. 8. Kobo Glo • $129.99 • Wifi only • No ads • EPUBWednesday, December 12, 12One of the fun things about Kobo is the choice of colors.
  9. 9. Common E-Ink Features Adjustable font size and page layout Long battery life Adjustable brightness on glow devices Only need Internet access for downloading and updating content Need a computer to access library (mtlib2go) content. Except Sony Reader.Wednesday, December 12, 12Find out if they are familiar with Montana Library 2 Go. Perhapsoffer a little bit about the procedure. Go onto the website viacomputer, find a book, check it out. On a Nook or Kobo,download the book to computer, open Adobe Digital Edition.Connect ereader to computer, use ADE to transfer book toereader. Can do the same with Kindle or Sony Reader. But Kindlealso offers the option of transferring to device via Whispersyncand Amazon account. With Sony Reader you can do it all on thedevice.
  10. 10. Wifi vs. 3G Wifi requires a wifi hotspot to access the store and download purchased materials. Kindle Whispersync requires wifi to download mtlib2go titles wirelessly. 3G uses cellular networks to access store and download materials. Higher up front charge but generally no on-going charges for e-ink readers. You can always download to a computer and transfer titles to the device.Wednesday, December 12, 12This can be handy if you find yourself looking for readingmaterial somewhere without free wifi: perhaps an airport orrunway. The 3G is limited to the Amazon Kindle store, however.Amazon is now restricting other Internet uses to wifi only. Drat!
  11. 11. Formats EPUB is the standard format for e-books Many stores use EPUB (Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google Playstore, Sony) but they attach DRM (Digital Rights Management) so they work on own devices, apps Adobe Digital Editions allows DRM protected EPUB to be used on other devices Amazon Kindle uses own proprietary format All display PDF (Portable Digital Format) but not wellWednesday, December 12, 12Montana Library 2 Go often offers 3 formats: Kindle, Adobe EPuband Adobe PDF. Kindle will only work on Kindle and Kindle apps.EPub will work on most devices as will PDF. The main differencebetween the latter two is word flow. EPub will change the textlayout as you increase or decrease font size. With larger fonts inPDF, you generally get less of a full page view.
  12. 12. EcosystemsWednesday, December 12, 12I think its worth keeping in mind which ecosystem you want tobuy into. Amazon and Barnes & Noble make most of their moneyon content so its very much in their interest to keep you buyingfrom them. Well see this even more with Kindle Fire.One thing to consider in Nooks favor is if youre buying forsomeone who might appreciate some individual hands onassistance. B&N does still have a bookstore in Billings and theywill offer help and advice. And they will probably try to upsellyou to Nook HD.Kobo has recently signed agreements with a number ofindependent book sellers to be their ebook provider. This meansthat if you sign up for Kobo via a favorite bookstores web page,a percentage of the sale will go to that bookstore. That alsoworks for Kobo apps.
  13. 13. Color E-Readers • Kindle Fire HD • $199 wifi w/ads • 16 GB and 32 GB • Kindle app store • Amazon content • OverDrive Media Console app for mtlib2go • FreeTime for parental controls • Syncs w/AudibleWednesday, December 12, 12Yes, the Kindle Fire is an inexpensive tablet. Just keep in mindthats an inexpensive tablet designed to run Amazon approvedapps and consume Amazon content. It does that pretty well. Ibought a Fire last year and was frustrated that Amazon chose toblock Google apps. When I discovered I couldnt run apps forGmail or Google calendar, it didnt have much use for me.On the plus side, if youre considering a tablet for a child orpreteen, Kindle has created FreeTime that will allow parents toset time limits and restrict access.
  14. 14. Nook HD • Starts at $199 – 8 GB • Best screen resolution • Nook app store • Barnes & Noble content and some others e.g., Netflix • OverDrive Media Console for mtlib2go content • Parental controls availableWednesday, December 12, 12Like the Kindle Fire, Barnes & Noble would like to restrict you totheir app store and their content. The Nook app store does nothave many apps available. This device does have the best screenresolution of any 7 inch tablet. Nook also offers parental controlsand multiple profiles.
  15. 15. Kobo Arc • Starts at $199.99 for 16 GB • Android 4.0 • Google Play Store • Apps available for Kindle, Nook, Kobo and OverDrive Media Console for mtlib2go • Third party apps for parental controlsWednesday, December 12, 12Kobo is offering an Android tablet without the restrictions andoverlays of Fire and Nook HD. You can run apps for all of theother ereaders as well as Kobo.
  16. 16. Google Nexus 7 • Starts at $199 for 16 GB • AT&T cellular • Android 4.1 • Google Play Store • Apps available for Kindle, Nook, Kobo and OverDrive Media Console for mtlib2go • Third party apps for parental controlsWednesday, December 12, 12There are a lot of Android tablets out there. For those looking forthe purest Android experience, Google offers its Nexus line. Italways has the latest version with all the bells and whistles.
  17. 17. Android vs. iOS Android is the mobile operating system created by Google It runs most non-Apple devices, including Kindle Fire and Nook HD You want 4.0 or higher for a good tablet experience, except for Kindle and Nook iOS is Apple’s mobile operating system running iPads, iPhones, and iPod TouchWednesday, December 12, 12
  18. 18. iPad Mini • Starts at $329 for 16 GB wifi. • Cellular option w/ AT&T, Sprint or Verizon • iTunes App Store • Apps available for Kindle, Nook, Kobo and OverDrive Media • Parental Controls AvailableWednesday, December 12, 12You pay an Apple premium for iOS devices. The latest is the iPadmini. The advantage is really in the apps. The Apple iTunes appstore has more apps and more specifically designed for tabletsthan Google or Amazon. Basically every cool app youll hearabout comes out first for iPad. This is also where most of thereally creative magazine, newspaper, book apps start out as well.The downside to the iPad mini is that Apple chose not to go withthe retina display of the current larger iPad but rather to go backa generation to an earlier fuzzier display. This is a deal breakerfor me. But many seem not to mind.
  19. 19. Tablets for Kids • Fuhu Nabi 2 - $199.99 for 8 GB • Android 4.0 • Nabi app store w/ lessons and apps designed for kids • Parental control • DurabilityWednesday, December 12, 12There are also a number of tablets designed for kids. This onecaught my eye. It seems a bit pricy for its limited audience andlife.
  20. 20. Full Size Tablets • Kindle Fire HD 8.9” – starts at $299 for 16 GB wifi w/ ads. • 4G/LTE available for $499 for 32 GB w/ads. Allows 250 MB/mo. for 12 mos. • Amazon app store • Amazon content • OverDrive Media Console app available for mtlib2goWednesday, December 12, 12Im not going to spend much time on full size tablets because Idont see these as ereaders. Theyre more laptop replacementsthat can be used for reading.Amazon just came out with this full size tablet this year. I expectits aimed more at the video and gaming market. Samerestrictions apply as the smaller Fire.Interesting cellular option. I expect most will end up contractingwith AT&T for more.
  21. 21. Nook HD+ • 9 inch tablet starts at $269 for 16 GB. • Wifi only • Separate profiles – also available on HD • Nook app store • Barnes & Noble content and some other • OverDrive Media ConsoleWednesday, December 12, 12
  22. 22. Google Nexus 10 • 10 in tablet starts at $399 for 16 GB wifi. • Separate profiles • Android 4.2 • All Android apps • All e-reader apps available • OverDrive Media ConsoleWednesday, December 12, 12
  23. 23. iPad • Starts at $499 for 16 GB wifi. 32 GB & 64 GB also available • Cellular option w/AT&T, Sprint or Verizon • iTunes App Store • All Ereader apps • Parental ControlsWednesday, December 12, 12
  24. 24. Surface with Windows RT • Starts at $499 for 32 GB. • Surface Touch and Type covers extra • Wifi only • Windows Store apps only • Kindle and OverDrive appsWednesday, December 12, 12While I think this is interesting, its a first generation product. Incomparison, iPad is in the 4th. So we can expect there to besome bugs. One of the big complaints at the moment, is the lackof apps.Another oddity is that Microsoft will soon be offering th SurfacePro that will run all existing Windows apps. So, if you really arelooking for a Windows laptop replacement, it might be worth thewait.This is by no means an extensive overview of tablets large andsmall, but rather a sampling. There are numerous Androidtablets out there with varying prices and capabilities. Hopefully,the spreadsheet will give you a starting point when comparingyour options.