Can Government Do More with Less?


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Can government do more with less? In this talk, I explore why government needs to do more differently or less with less..

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  • ~20 Million Government Employees
    2.1 million federal employees
    19,429 Municipal Governments
    21,300 Distinct organizations across federal legislative, executive, and judicial
  • Largest government network with 85k+ member
    Links like minded people and projects to enhance efficiency in government
    Assesses and addresses key topics and trends in government
    Integrates the private sector through thought leadership and knowledgeable interaction
  • What are ways you can increase revenue? Get rid of sacred cows. TSA bin advertisement. WA DOT ads
  • You can’t do everything. You can’t just add new comm channels without eliminating others. SSA killed paper statements. All banks have. Why haven’t you?
  • Do we need the same amount of space? GSA cut space in half & went to hoteling. Also same agencies adding co-working areas
  • Can you do meetings online tools like Google+ Hangouts
  • Fire B team / Buyouts
  • Can’t sign all the high paying free agents. Need buyouts, let people move on. Replace 1 high paying with 3 entry level folks
  • Rethink how delivering services. Can you cut hours? Do fewer hours but at times when people can use. Or meet where they arePostal Service on Saturdays
  • Rethink how delivering services. Can you cut hours? Do fewer hours but at times when people can use. Or meet where they arePostal Service on Saturdays
  • Often we do process for process sake. For years, govt agencies have wasted countless $ re-doing C&A on systems from same vendors. FedRamp hopes to solve this
  • Any one still have a process like this? In an old job, we had the red folder process where he had to print copy of a document and circulate it through 10 people manually for signatures before approved
  • Small, open systems not massive complex procurements
  • Shared services – still stuck in silos. Not leverageing
  • Instead of one big procurement, lots of smaller ones
  • Can Government Do More with Less?

    2. 2. Are We Recreating the Wheel?
    3. 3. How We Help Online Training Sessions In-Person Training Sessions Guides INFOGRAPHICS
    4. 4. Macro Trends 1. Increasing Demands for Government Services 2. Staggering Deficits (budget cuts for decades) 3. Rapid Technology Change 4. Retiring Experienced Workforce
    5. 5. Insanity: Doing the same thing Over and Over again And expecting different results - Albert Einstein
    6. 6. GovLoopism Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again (then shrinking resources) and expecting (better)results.
    7. 7. Let’s Do Some Math Normal Work/Normal Resources More Work Everything Less Resources No Resources
    8. 8. Only Two Options: 1) Do More Do it Differently 2) Do Less With Less
    9. 9. 10Opportunities
    10. 10. 1. Rethink Learning
    11. 11. 2. No-Cost, Self-funding Models
    12. 12. 3. Increase Revenue
    13. 13. 4. Eliminate Unnecessary Services
    14. 14. Rethink Offices5.
    15. 15. 6. Fire the C Team
    16. 16. 7. Rethink Service Delivery
    17. 17. 8. Eliminate Unnecessary Processes
    18. 18. 9. Focus on Big Impact/ Cut the Rest
    19. 19. Focus on Big Impact/ Cut Rest
    20. 20. 10. Rethink Procurement
    21. 21. Communications PublicWorks ParksandRec Emergency Planning Health Safety
    22. 22. In Summary. . . More Differently Less with Less Rethink Learning No Cost / Self Funding Models Increase Revenue Eliminate Unnecessary Services Rethink Offices Fire the C Team Rethink Service Delivery Eliminate Unnecessary Processes Focus on Big Impact / Cut Rest Rethink Procurement
    23. 23. Reach out Steve Ressler Founder, GovLoop @GovLoop
    24. 24. Download Free Recent Guides