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Im i mid question & bits [pls vis it our blog sres11meches]


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Im i mid question & bits [pls vis it our blog sres11meches]

  1. 1. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT 1 [PlsVisItOuRBloG] QUESTIONS 1. Define management, explain about Fayol’s 14 principles of management 2. Write a short notes on (a) Line Organization (b) Committee Organizatiion (c) Matrix Organization 3. Define Plant Layout, Briefly explain about types of plant layout 4. Discuss about workstudy and method study BITS 1. Management is concerned with ............functions to make a clear line that the management is an ongoing activity to achieve the goals of an organisation. [ ] A. Planning B. Organising C. Leading and Controlling D. All the above 2. a social process entailing responsibility in fulfilment of a given purpose or task. [ ] A. Administration B. Business C. Management D. None of the above 3. Management is .............. [ ] A. Art B. Science C. Both A&B D. None 4.There can be ...........levels of management based on organisational position and responsibilities. [ ] A. 4 B. 3 C. 2 D. 1 5. Managers need a soundknowledge base on ............skills. [ ] A. Technical skills B. Human skills C. Conceptual skills D. All the above 6. Managerial rolesare proposed by [ ] A. Henry Fayol B. F W Taylor C. Elton Mayo D. Henry Mintzberg 7............... role provides information about the organisation to outsiders. [ ] A. Negotiator B. Disturbance handler C. Spokes person D. Leader 8. called as “FATHER OF MODERN MANAGEMENT”. [ ] A. F W Taylor B. Henry Fayol C. Gilbreth D. Elton Mayo 9......... is the force that energises the behaviour of a person. [ ] A. Personality B. Inspiration C. Motivation D. Boost-up 10. ............leaders take pride in involving subordinates in decision making process. [ ]
  2. 2. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT 2 [PlsVisItOuRBloG] A. Autocratic B. Democratic C. Laissez-Faire D. Introvert type 11. ...........means subordinate must know the immediate supervisor to him. [ ] A. Scalar principle B. Unity of direction C. Unity of commandD. Communication 12. ..........has a well defined structure and loosely organised. [ ] A. Formal Organisation, Informal Organisation B. Informal Organisation, Formal Organisation C. Featured Organisation, Unfeatured Organisation D. Unfeatured Organisation, Featured Organisation 13. Departmentation strategies are segmented into [ ] A. 2 B. 3 C. 4 D. 5 14. In.......... organisation, different experts guide the subordinates in an organisation. [ ] A. Line organisation B. Line and staff organisation C. Matrix organisation D. Functional organisation 15. Concerning line and staff organisation .......executives makes their presence because of expert knowledge. [ ] A. Top level B. Middle level C. Line executives D. Staff executives 16. It is important to keep in mind that it is ultimately the ........who determines whether a product or service is of high quality. [ ] A. Management B. Government C. Organisation D. Customer 17. associated with the conversion of resources into products & services. [ ] A. Quality control B. Inventory Control C. Systems management D. Operations management 18. Plant layout can be classified into ...........categories [ ] A. 1 B. 2 C. 3 D. 4 19. Marketing mix contains 4 p’s [ ] A. Path, Pavement, Planting, Patching B. Painting, Peace making, Popping, Parking C. Pushing, Pulling, Piggy backing, Placement D. Product, Price, Place, Promotion 20. PLC means [ ]
  3. 3. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT 3 [PlsVisItOuRBloG] A. Place life cycle B. Price life cycle C. Product life cycle D. Promotion life cycle