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Research Summaries: An Evolving Tool in the KMb Tool Box


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Presented by Anne Bergen, Shasta Carr-Harris Jason Guriel, Michael Johnny, Shawna Reibling at the KMb Forum 2013.
This presentation discusses the experiences using the research snapshot format at four different institutions

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Research Summaries: An Evolving Tool in the KMb Tool Box

  1. 1. Research Summaries: An EvolvingTool in the KMb Tool BoxAnne Bergen, Shasta Carr-HarrisJason Guriel, Michael Johnny,Shawna Reibling
  2. 2.  Summaries of single research studies: 2 pages long, clear language writing Vetted by researcher Open access, open copyright SSHRC grant (2008) at YorkU. Part of ResearchImpact network toolkit. 10 offices in 5 institutions are using the format. Validated by focus groups including policymakers,community practitioners and researchers.
  3. 3. Wilfrid LaurierUniversityShawna ReiblingSuccess: We’vestarted.Challenge:Awareness acrosscampus and beyond.
  4. 4.
  5. 5. Institute forCommunity EngagedScholarship (ICES),University of GuelphAnne BergenSuccess: Midtermevaluation for writersand researchers is anessential tool.Challenge:Understanding the"who" of uptake.
  6. 6.
  7. 7. Knowledge Networkfor AppliedEducation Research(KNAER)Shasta Carr-HarrisChallenge:Researcher Interest.Success:Partnerships withothers doing thiswork.
  8. 8.
  9. 9. Evidence ExchangeNetwork for MentalHealth and Addictions(EENet)Jason GurielSuccess: Public healthnurse found Snapshotshelpful to her work.Challenge: Building clearlanguage writing capacityin Snapshot authors.
  10. 10.
  11. 11. Anne Bergen, Institute for Community-EngagedScholarship/ College of Social and Applied Human Sciences,University of Guelph bergena@uoguelph.caShasta Carr-Harris, Knowledge Network for AppliedEducation Research (KNAER), OISE, University of Torontooere.knaer.oise@utoronto.caJason Guriel, Centre for Addiction and Mental HealthJason.guriel@camh.caShawna Reibling, Twitter: @MobilizeShawnasreibling@wlu.caMichael Johnny, York University mjohnny@yorku.caContact Us