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Digital identity16may13shorter


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This digital identity presentation was presented at Staff Development Day, May 16, 2013, Wilfrid Laurier University. Audience: staff, social media beginners.

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Digital identity16may13shorter

  1. 1. Digital Identity: Whodo you want to beonline?Shawna ReiblingKnoweldge mobilization officer, ORSStaff development day May 16, 2013
  2. 2. Social MediaIllustration by W. B. Jones• Relationship• A cycle of knowledgeexchange• Searching, sharing• PossibilitiesBlogsTwitterPodcastingVideoFlickrYouTubeFacebookDigital Presence• Who you are online• What are your ideas• Possibilities
  3. 3. Digital IdentityDigital identity… a set of data that uniquelydescribes a person or a thing and containsinformation about the subjects relationships toother entities.
  4. 4. 1. Explain what you do.1. Write down what you hear.2. Report back.
  5. 5. Who am I online?‘When you’re promoting brand YOU, everything you do –and everything you choose not to do – communicates thevalue and character of your brand’(Tom Peters, 1997, The brand called you)
  6. 6. Questions to consider• Do I need a online presence?• Am I ready to be digitally social?• What is my online presence?• Am I starting from scratch?• Precautions & opportunities …
  7. 7. Questions to consider beforejoining social media• Who am I trying to reach?• What do I want people to know aboutme?• How much time can I spend online?
  8. 8. Your Social Identity• What does your email address sayabout you?• What does your online name say aboutyou?• What do you want youronline identity to be?• Is this for professional orpersonal use?@MrsKutcher
  9. 9. Why am I craftinga digital identity?• Knowledge mobilization: Moving researchknowledge into active service• Feedback on ideas• What are others in your field working on today?• Real-time conversation and network exchange• Resource sharing• Immediate awareness of information• Conferences? Contacts? Partnerships?• Event promotion?
  10. 10. Why am I craftinga digital identity?
  11. 11. • What words would your co-workers use todescribe you?Your Digital Identity
  12. 12. Di gi t al I dent i t yExampl es
  13. 13. Consistent identity message
  14. 14. Identity: Personal
  15. 15. Identity: Personal
  16. 16. Identity: Personal
  17. 17. Identity: Professional
  18. 18. Identity: Professional
  19. 19. Identity: ProfessionalRuleofThree
  20. 20. Identity: Work
  21. 21. Identity: Work
  22. 22. Identity: Work
  23. 23. Identity: Work
  24. 24. Identity: Work
  25. 25. Examples
  26. 26. • How do you describe what youdo at work:– At a cocktail party– When you meet a co-worker– To your refereesYour Digital Identity
  27. 27. Di gi t al I dent i t ySet up
  28. 28. Choosing an IdentityChecklist• What name do you currently use?(ifany)• For Twitter: choose something short• Do you use mobile devices? Is it easyto type?• Can you get a persistent alias
  29. 29. Web Identity at Laurier•• Ask ITS• i.e.•
  30. 30. Privacy Settings• Set them up well• They change• Test them regularly
  31. 31. Help Others Find You• Be consistent• Claim your space• Be recognizable• Start walking!• Profiles• ePortfolio• Blog• DomainsPhoto credit:
  32. 32. Ask others & Talk about it Add to email signatureAdd to Business cardsWrite it on your name tagShare your user names
  33. 33. A video summary
  34. 34. What is my online presence?Am I starting from scratch?Homework: Open a webbrowser and find yourselfusing one of these tools
  35. 35. Contact meWeb: sreibling@wlu.caTwitter:@LaurierResearch