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Integra Micro Software Services (P) Ltd. - Imaging Expertise


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Showcasing expertise of Integra Micro Software Services (P) Ltd. in Imaging Domain.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Integra Micro Software Services (P) Ltd. - Imaging Expertise

  1. 1. Integra Micro Software Services <br />Imaging Expertise<br />
  2. 2. Parent Company <br />Integra Micro Systems<br /><ul><li> Established in 1982
  3. 3. Over 20 copyrighted products
  4. 4. Established product presence in India
  5. 5. Headquarters in Bangalore with offices in major cities of India
  6. 6. Incubated companies in the technology space
  7. 7. Global customersin multiple industrial domains</li></ul>29-Oct-09<br />2<br />Integra Proprietary and Confidential<br />
  8. 8. Integra Worldwide<br />Maidenhead<br />New York<br />Bangalore<br />Los Angeles<br />Singapore<br />Tanzania<br />Botswana<br />Headquarters <br />Affiliates<br />Partners<br />29-Oct-09<br />3<br />Integra Proprietary and Confidential<br />
  9. 9. Integra Micro Software Services<br /> Founded in 2004<br /> Wholly owned subsidiary of Integra Micro Systems <br /> Development of high-technology products<br /> Unique blend of business and technology <br /> ISO 9001:2000 certified<br /> Global customers<br /> Development centre in Bangalore<br />29-Oct-09<br />4<br />Integra Proprietary and Confidential<br />
  10. 10. The Imaging Ecosystem<br />Store and Retrieve<br />Process<br />Content<br />Capture<br />Render<br />Paper Files<br />ScanorImport<br />Archive<br />Recognition<br />Internet Search and Retrieval<br />DMS / CMS<br />Forms<br />View<br />Correspondence<br />SurveillanceCamera<br />Email<br />EditingandEnhancement<br />Electronic Data<br />Fax<br />Fax<br />File Release and Database<br />Microfiche /<br />Rollfilm<br />Local Search and Retrieval<br />Validation<br />ApertureCard<br />Print<br />29-Oct-09<br />5<br />Integra Proprietary and Confidential<br />
  11. 11. Integra Imaging Background<br />Parent organization <br />Rich experience in developing products and solutions in Imaging domain <br />Established product presence in India with 15 products in the market <br />More than 500 person years of experience in Research and Product Development in the imaging domain<br />Prominent Banks and Financial institutions are its customers <br />Wide exposure to imaging domain <br />Image capture, editing, manipulation, storage, retrieval and rendering<br />Supporting market leaders in imaging domain for product development<br />Exposure to outsourced product engineering services <br />Product R&D<br />Product development and sustenance <br />Competence to understand spec and evolve products <br />Rich exposure in integrating third-party components and solutions <br />29-Oct-09<br />6<br />Integra Proprietary and Confidential<br />
  12. 12. Integra Imaging Milestones<br />Video Surveillance Solutions<br />SVS<br />Signature Verification System <br /> CTS<br />Cheque Truncation System<br />ScanFlo<br />Microfilm Scanner Software<br />iLINK/SDMS<br />iLINK Simple DMS<br />FIDO2001<br />Enhanced Document Management System<br /> iLINK/Linux<br />Linux Terminal Emulation Utility <br />iFastScan <br />Scanning Utility <br />IDEA APIs <br />Image Data Enhancement APIs<br />ScanCom/DOS<br />Imaging Utility for DOS Platform<br />ScanCom/ELID <br />ScanCom for Election ID Card<br />Credential<br />Image Database System<br />ScanCom <br />Text and Image Integration Utility<br />FIDO <br />Document Storage and Retrieval System <br />FIDO2000 <br />Document Management System <br /> iFastWinScan98<br />Windows Scanning Utility<br />2009<br />2007<br />1992<br />1994<br />1991<br />1996<br />2005<br />1995<br />1997<br />1998<br />1999<br />2002<br />2001<br />2003<br />29-Oct-09<br />7<br />Integra Proprietary and Confidential<br />
  13. 13. Integra Imaging Service Stack<br />Paper Docs, Forms, Microfilms, Microfiche etc. <br />Content <br />Mobile<br />Interface<br />Image Aspect Ratio Conversion, Scaling<br />Bit Depth, Image Resolution<br />Pixel Management<br />Product R&D<br />Black White, Gray Scale, True Color,<br />Palttized4 Image, Palettized8 Image<br />Color Management<br />Product development<br />Raster Image, Vector Image<br />TIFF, GIF, BMP, PCX, PNG<br />Image and File Formats<br />Product sustenance<br />DMS, CMS, Work flow management<br />Desktop Interface<br />LZW, G3, G4, JPEG, RLE<br />File Compression <br />Verification and Validation <br />Normal, Clear, Inverse, Resize, Rotate, Zooming, <br />Flipping, Scrolling, Highlighting, Thumbnail<br />Image Manipulation<br />Migration and porting<br />Crop, Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo, Info<br />Image Editing <br />Web<br />Interface<br />OCR, ICR, MICR, OMR, Barcode<br />Image Recognition <br />29-Oct-09<br />8<br />Integra Proprietary and Confidential<br />
  14. 14. Integra Imaging Projects<br />Leading projects executed in Imaging domain <br />Microfiche and Rollfilm conversion utility development.<br />Development of Movie conversion utility with audio track recognition.<br />OCR package, incorporating advanced text and image editing features, scanner interface and conversion.<br />Software for capturing the text and image information and generating Identity cards for the Indian voters.<br />Para Banking Application based on OMR forms.<br />Development of Image processing algorithms.<br />Development of TWAIN-SANE interface driver.<br />Development of video surveillance solution.<br />Development of Barcode scanning and printing solution.<br />Development of document scanning utility.<br />Development of CD/DVD writing software.<br />Development of cheque truncation system and signature verification system.<br />Development of CD library management system and document management system.<br />Finger-print de-duplication solution.<br />29-Oct-09<br />9<br />Integra Proprietary and Confidential<br />
  15. 15. Integra Customers and Partners<br />Customers<br />Partners<br />29-Oct-09<br />10<br />Integra Proprietary and Confidential<br />
  16. 16. Engagement Models<br />Offshore contract<br /><ul><li>Fixed price and schedule contract
  17. 17. Clear and fixed specifications
  18. 18. Project management by Integra</li></ul>Offshore lab/dedicated center<br /><ul><li>Time based contract
  19. 19. Flexible specifications
  20. 20. Joint project management</li></ul>29-Oct-09<br />11<br />Integra Proprietary and Confidential<br />
  21. 21. What Integra Offers!<br />SystemIntegrators<br />Independent Software Vendors<br /><ul><li>Prototyping and POC development
  22. 22. Product engineering and enhancements
  23. 23. Product sustenance
  24. 24. Enhancement of product features using Integra’s Intellectual Property
  25. 25. Professional service engagements
  26. 26. Solution development
  27. 27. Integrating 3rd party components
  28. 28. Integrating applications
  29. 29. Custom application development</li></ul>29-Oct-09<br />12<br />Integra Proprietary and Confidential<br />
  30. 30. Tools and Utilities Exposure <br />Tools and Utilities<br />Imaging library: Accusoft Pegasus, IDEA, LEADTOOLS <br />Developer Kit: PixTran tools <br />OCR solutions: TeleForm, Abbyy<br />Video Surveillance: Zone Minder<br />Technologies<br />Windows: GDI+, WIA, AForge.Net<br />Linux: SANE driver, ImageMagick toolkit<br />3. Languages: C, C++, C#, PHP, Perl, Java <br />29-Oct-09<br />13<br />Integra Proprietary and Confidential<br />
  31. 31. ValueProposition<br />Experience in commercializing <br />products <br />Exposure to outsourced R&D<br />Product<br />Mindset<br />Competence<br />Existing IP<br />Focus<br />Dedicated project team in Imaging domain <br />Reusable components in niche areas <br />29-Oct-09<br />14<br />Integra Proprietary and Confidential<br />
  32. 32. Why Integra?<br />Imaging<br />Domain<br /><ul><li>Rich product development exposure
  33. 33. IP in niche areas
  34. 34. Exposure to large and threaded projects
  35. 35. Experience in contract R&D
  36. 36. Ability to conceive and build products
  37. 37. Commercializing and sustaining products </li></ul>Product<br />Engineering<br /><ul><li>Adept with third party component integration
  38. 38. Capability to provide tailored solutions
  39. 39. Relationship with products and solution providers </li></ul>Systems<br />Integration<br />29-Oct-09<br />15<br />Integra Proprietary and Confidential<br />
  40. 40. Case Studies<br />
  41. 41. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Software<br /><ul><li>Objective
  42. 42. Development of OCR software which would include support for Eastern languages.
  43. 43. Objective of the software was to scan and/or display scanned images in standard image formats perform character recognition.
  44. 44. Support manipulation of recognized data and save data according to the user’s requirement.
  45. 45. Solution Developed
  46. 46. Image display and editing features: rotation, cut/copy/paste.
  47. 47. Auto and manual marking of layouts.
  48. 48. Display OCR result in Text mode, with text-editing features. The text mode display could be viewed as draft text or with layout.
  49. 49. Scanned image and OCR text results could be saved as BMP, TIF, SFD, PCX, GIF, JPG.
  50. 50. Save OCR result displayed on text pane in - TXT, RTF, HTML, MS-Word, MS-Excel and Ichitaro formats, along with proprietary formats such as OKQ and OKT.
  51. 51. Support data transfer to WORD, EXCEL, MIFES, ICHITARO and WORLDNET using DDE/OLE automation.
  52. 52. Provide scanner interface, printing and print preview options.
  53. 53. Support image Preview of all documents opened.
  54. 54. Pre-processing phase cleanses noise that may exist on the scanned image. </li></ul>29-Oct-09<br />17<br />Integra Proprietary and Confidential<br />
  55. 55. OKREADER software architecture<br />Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software (Contd.)<br /><ul><li>Solution Integrated
  56. 56. Spell-check the text generated post recognition phase to identify misspelled words, which could be due to mis-recognition or a genuine error in the original document.
  57. 57. Integrated FineReader OCR Engine from ABBYY for English characters, and Sumitomo developed engine for Japanese characters.
  58. 58. Benefit to customer:
  59. 59. Development time was reduced as Integra had sound exposure to OCR/ICR technologies
  60. 60. Customer achieved cost saving as Integra’s imaging API “IDEA” was bundled along
  61. 61. The product went to become a successful OCR solution in APAC region
  62. 62. Technologies
  63. 63. MS Windows
  64. 64. C/C++, Win32, VC++/MFC</li></ul>29-Oct-09<br />18<br />Integra Proprietary and Confidential<br />
  65. 65. ScanFlo Microfilm Scanner Software<br /><ul><li>Objective
  66. 66. The project involved development of software for microfilm scanning.
  67. 67. Software that drives Microfilm scanner system to scan microfilms and perform image processing and digitize the image.  
  68. 68. System consisted of base scanner integrated into a PC and a microfilm module which could be Aperture Card module, Microfiche module, or Roll Film module.
  69. 69. Solution
  70. 70. Enhanced GUI - an intuitive graphical user interface giving “point and click” control to simplify scanner & image processing settings.
  71. 71. Support for image edge detection, contrast levels, gamma correction, IDC (Image Density Compensation for the enhancement of bi-tonal image), scaling, cropping and deskew, and spatial filtering with convolution filters 3x3, 5x5, and 7x7.
  72. 72. Problems such as poor contrast, fuzzy images, thin images, noisy images, dark images, and background noise could be processed easily.
  73. 73. Support for BMP, CALS, GIF, TIFF (Bi-tonal, Uncompressed, Group3 and Group4 CCIT formats), JPEG, PCX, DCX, and PDF file formats to store the scanned images.
  74. 74. Detection of blips in the image to index the pages.
  75. 75. ScanFlo could detect and locate individual frames within the microfilm. </li></ul>29-Oct-09<br />19<br />Integra Proprietary and Confidential<br />
  76. 76. ScanFlo Microfilm Scanner Software (Contd.)<br /><ul><li>Solution
  77. 77. Supports instant visual feedback (WYSWYG- What you see is what you get) based on parameter settings which ensures proper framing and eliminates expensive re-scanning of poor quality film.
  78. 78. ScanFlo scanner software could be set up to perform many steps during the conversion process without operator involvement.
  79. 79. Part of the solution development involved rewriting/modifying Windows driver to control lamp and motor movements of the module, image capture layer with PC2CamLink interface connecting CCD camera board, image processing operations for bi-tonal, 4 bit, 8 bit and 12 bit images, and enhancements to the GUI interfaces.
  80. 80. Benefits for the customer:
  81. 81. Customer was able to successfully outsource complete product development activity
  82. 82. Integra was able to over come technological challenges related to high speed scanning and customer became a leader in the segment
  83. 83. Variants of the product helped the customer address different market segments
  84. 84. Technologies
  85. 85. MS-Windows
  86. 86. C/C++, Win32, DDK, VC++/MFC</li></ul>29-Oct-09<br />20<br />Integra Proprietary and Confidential<br />
  87. 87. ScanFlo Microfilm Scanner Software (Contd.)<br />29-Oct-09<br />21<br />Integra Proprietary and Confidential<br />
  88. 88. Thank You<br />IntegraMicro Software Services (P) Ltd.<br />#4, Bellary Road, 12th KM, Jakkur<br />Bangalore – 560064, Karnataka, India<br />Phone: +91-80-28565801-05<br />Fax: +91-80-28565800<br />Email:<br />URL:<br />