Cloud Computing


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It will give you the basic idea about Cloud computing.

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Cloud Computing

  1. 1. Cloud Computing the era started….. Srinivasula Reddy G
  2. 2. ? Let us learn..In June 2009, a study conducted by VersionOnefound that41% of senior IT professionalsactually dont know what cloud computing is andtwo-thirds of senior finance professionals areconfused by this concept
  3. 3. Outline What is Cloud Computing ? History Why Cloud Computing? VIRTUALIZATION Services Provided by Cloud Computing Service Providers of Cloud Computing Cloud Architecture Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing
  4. 4. Cloud computing is a general term foranything that involves delivering hostedservices over the Internet - whatis.comIt is a paradigm in which information ispermanently stored in servers on theInternet and cached temporarily on clientsthat include desktops, netbooks, entertainment centres etc - IEEE
  5. 5. Cloud….!▪ “Cloud” is simply a metaphor for the internet▪ Users do not have or need knowledge, control, ownership in the computer infrastructure▪ Users simply rent or access the software, paying only for what they use
  6. 6. History In 1960’s, John McCarthy, "computation may someday be organized as a public utility” Idea that revolutionized Cloud Computing:  Utility computing by Amazon  Grid computing “In some ways, the cloud is a natural next step from the grid-utility model,” said Frank Gens, an analyst at the research firm IDC
  7. 7. Problems lead to CLOUD
  8. 8. Requirements
  9. 9. Doubt in trending..
  10. 10. Why Cloud Computing ?
  11. 11. But..,
  12. 12. Precisely…. Organization Operations InfrastructureImprove Productivity Improve Reduce & Innovation Efficiency Cost
  13. 13. Two categories..
  14. 14. Explained as..
  15. 15. Real time Application
  16. 16. Positives Server Consolidation Dynamic Load Balancing Disaster Recovery Virtual Desktops Reduction in cost of infrastructure Reduce power utilization cost (GREENCOMPUTING) Virtualization – The Cloud Computing Enabler
  17. 17. Negatives Magnified physical failures Degraded performance New skills Complex root cause analysis New management tools
  18. 18. Services Provided by CloudApplication Platform Infrastructure
  19. 19. Software as a Service Defined as service-on-demand, where a provider will license software tailored Infrastructure providers can allow customers’ to run applications off their infrastructure, but transparent to the end user Greater computing while saving Cost, Space, Power Consumption, Facility
  20. 20. Platform as a Service Provides all the facilities necessary to support the complete process of building and delivering web applications and services, all available over the internet Infrastructure providers can transparently alter the platforms for their customers’ unique needs Google App Engine, SalesForce platform
  21. 21. Infrastructure as a Service Defined as delivery of computer infrastructure as a service Infrastructure providers can dynamically allocate resources for service providers Allows cost savings for the service providers, since they do not need to operate their own datacenter Amazon’s EC2, GoGrid
  22. 22. Major ServiceProviders for CLOUD
  23. 23. “GoogleBurst ““ Elastic 101” Cloud Compute Cloud “Amazon EC2” “Azure” IBM also made upcomputing capacity in a Network resizable  Provides offers “private” cloud ofservices of millions computing cheap  Internet-scale cloud computing and servers, hosted in Microsoft data staggering platform that would store centers services using IBM blue services software. cloud Instead ofthehelpincluding numerousand the amounts of data, required to obtain copies Designed putting information out on Reduces to timedevelopers quickly and of the world wide web manage, and distribute internetcreate, deploy, companies data center easily it makes space from weeks to boot new server the Makes search faster, helping ferret out into its own cloud. applications on blocked off web services and This cloud is the minutes billions from the developers of queries in a capacityof answers internet using firewalls. fraction Allows to pay only for athat they actually use second
  24. 24. Public PrivateDeployment models Hybrid Community
  25. 25. Strong Points Reduced Hardware equipment for end users Instant Software Updates Accessibility Less Expensive Better Collaboration Pay for what you use Flexible Need not invest on multiple licensing
  26. 26. Weak points Security Issues Internet connection Location of Servers Time for Transition Speed
  27. 27. I conclude that… The SUPER COMPUTER is SKY in the
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  30. 30. THANK U