OFM SOA Suite 11g - Quick Start Guide


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Complete guide with step-by-step instructions to create a BPEL application using JDeveloper 11g, deploy and test the BPEL application on OFM SOA Suite 11g

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OFM SOA Suite 11g - Quick Start Guide

  1. 1. Step-by-Step Instructions to Install, Build, and Deploy SOA Solution in OFM 11g R1 Sreeni Setty
  2. 2. Link to download: http://www.oracle.com/technology/software/products/middleware/htdocs/fmw_11_ download.html  Core Components ◦ Web Logic Server 10.3.3 ◦ SOA Suite ◦ JDeveloper ◦ Database ◦ RCU  Other Components ◦ OER
  3. 3. Refer to the document listed in the below link for step-by-step guide to install and configure the SOA Suite 11g http://www.slideshare.net/sreenisetty/ofm-soa- suite-11gr1-installation-demonstration
  4. 4. • Start up JDeveloper 11g • Select File > New to bring up the wizard to create a new application • From General > Applications, choose SOA Application.
  5. 5. • Application Name: MyFirstApplication • Directory: C:My11gSOAMyFirstApplication • Application Package Prefix: soademo
  6. 6. • Project Name: HelloWorld • Directory: C:My11gSOAMyFirstApplicationHelloWorld • Project Technologies: SOA (make sure SOA is selected)
  7. 7. • Composite Name: HelloWorld • Composite Template: Composite with BPEL
  8. 8. • Name: hello • Namespace: default • Template: Synchronous BPEL Process • Service Name: hello_client • Expose as a SOAP Service (check box): Checked • Input & Output: default
  9. 9. The wizard brings to BPEL Editor in JDeveloper. In the next steps, add BPEL activity to the flow to append “Hello” to the input value and return the appended value.
  10. 10. Drag and Drop the Assign Activity from the component palette between receiveInput and replyOutput
  11. 11. Double click the Assign activity to bring up the properties window. Click on the + dropdown button and select the Copy Operation
  12. 12. Use the XPath Expression Builder to append “Hello” to the inputVariable. Add concat string function to expression builder, drill down under BPEL Variables and drag to map input string. BPEL Variables>Variables>Process>Variables>inputVariable>payload>client:process>client:in put
  13. 13. Copy the XPath expression to the outputVariable Variables>Process>Variables>outputVariable>payload>client:processResponse >client:result
  14. 14. The final output of Assign activity should look similar as below Change the name of the Assign activity under General tab
  15. 15. Save the workspace and compile the project.
  16. 16. Verify the log message for compilation status.
  17. 17. File Menu > New > Connections > Application Server Connection This starts the connection creation wizard
  18. 18. Connection Name: MyWebLogic_soa_domain Connection Type: WebLogic 10.3
  19. 19. User Name: <Administrator User for the WebLogic Server> Password: <password for the WLS Administrator)
  20. 20. WebLogic Host Name: localhost Port: 7001 WebLogic Domain: soa_domain
  21. 21. WebLogic Host Name: <host name> Port: 7001 (default) WebLogic Domain: <soa domain name>
  22. 22. Test the connection
  23. 23. Right click on the project and select the Deploy option. This starts the deployment wizard
  24. 24. Select to deploy to Application Server
  25. 25. Enter the Revision ID for the deployment
  26. 26. Select the Application Server Connection that was previously created.
  27. 27. Select the SOA Server to deploy
  28. 28. Review the selection and deploy
  29. 29. Review the deployment status in the log
  30. 30. Login to Enterprise Manager, and navigate to Farm_soa_domain > SOA > soa-infra (soa_server1) > HelloWorld deployment. Click on the Test tab to perform a web service test
  31. 31. Enter a input string and press Test Web Service button (The Test feature also allows to perform a stress test)
  32. 32. Web Service Test interface displays the output on the screen.
  33. 33. Response > View Message Flow Trace, and view the Audit Trail, and the Flow
  34. 34. Login to the Oracle SOA Platform on WebLogic, and select the link to run a Web Service Test (example: http://wisfh1001.emrsn.org:8001/soa-infra/)
  35. 35. Enter a input string and press Invoke the Web Service button
  36. 36. View the test output in a formatted XML
  37. 37. http://www.linkedin.com/in/sreenisetty