15 inbound lead generation tips for startups and Micro Businesses


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Right strategy and tips are key to get a head start. In the early basic steps can be done without much of professional help, and recommend you to try it even if you have a decent success online

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15 inbound lead generation tips for startups and Micro Businesses

  1. 1. 15 smart Inbound Lead generation tips for Startups and Micro businesses Authored by CTO at TobocBiz.com
  2. 2. Pick a Good Name for BusinessTip#1. Pick a name that does sync with your business. Needs to be simple, memorable and unambiguous. Either a “.com” or ".biz" or ".in" domain should be available, for the name you have chosen. Longer Names upto 15 characters are OK as wellTip #2.Get a Business Email, preferably on Google Apps, on your own domain - Why Google Apps? for now, just get it done, you will surely thank for this advice later! (Quick tip: If not opting for GoogleApps business account, get at-least Gmail account, it helps in having G+ profile, YouTube Account, Your contacts, leads, all managed centrally via a single account.)
  3. 3. Have a Website that works even on MobileTip #3.Put up a strong website. The goal is to put enough content on the site to get your pages indexed. Make sure to uses a decent content management system (CMS) and not Dreamweaver or FrontPage based site, but a Joomla, Drupal or WordPress. WordPress would be a good choice due to sheer number of paid and free themes available. Go for Cloud hosting, it is cheap, and it can grow when your business grow.Make sure your site is working on Mobile and all other devices, you should ideally opt for RWD+CMS+HTML5 website
  4. 4. Keyword StrategyTip#4 Decide at-least top 3 keywords Think about, what text a potential customer would enter in Google search box to find a business like yours, this will give you the perfect hint for the keywords to use. Please use at-least 3 or more words in your keyword e.g. „Best Digital Marketing firms in India”
  5. 5. Free Promotion and Branding tipsTip #5Create Company listing on directory portals. Look up for good b2b portals and local directories and list your company there. Also, ask your friends with websites and blogs, to link to your new site. Always tag your listing or content with your chosen KeywordsTip #6Setup a twitter account. Name of the twitter account should preferably match your companys domain name. Link to your twitter account from your website and to your website from your twitter account.
  6. 6. Promotion and Branding tipsTip#7 Add a business e-mail subscription. Allow interested people to sign-up to get an email about your product or service. A simple email sign-up form is sufficient.Tip#8. Get a nice logo plus branding colors and fonts . What looks just OK is not OK. So, please take professional help here.
  7. 7. Social Promotion TipsTip #9 Setup a FaceBook business page for your start-up. You may not get many fans in the early months. That‟s just fine for now. Just add a simple description of your Start-up, link back to your website, add photos of your business partners, videos if any. Do upload the logo created in step #8 Have a content that describes your business neatly written, and copy that text to Social Media accounts like LinkedIn
  8. 8. Social Promotion TipsTip #10Setup a blog. If you have a created a CMS powered website in step#3, it would have been easier to create a blog setup, but nevertheless, you can use one of the free hosting tools (like blogger.com), but not in their domain instead have it like blog.mynewsite.com but never make it mynewsite.blogspot.in. The reasons are many, dont bother for now, i will tell you the reasons later, but you can quickly refer my other blogs (visit www.smallbusinesswow.com if you need the answer right away) Remember the keywords chosen while posting content and preferably tag the posts using those keywords
  9. 9. More Social Promotion TipsTip #11Write a blog article describing your goal and challenges you are facing as your are setting up your start-up website, twitter account, blog etc...please put it up in your own language, and DO NOT copy! Being honest works,Tip#12 Update your LinkedIn profile. Mention your new Start-up companys vision, and add a link to your new website.Tip#13Get business cards printed. Please remember to keep the logo and branding picked in step#8 is maintained throughout.
  10. 10. Analyze what works : Re-Tip #14 StrategizeSetup Google Analytics (GA) for your website and see where the traffic is coming from, and from where it is not coming. How is it growing? What keywords people are using to find your site?Do spend daily at least 30mins on GA, this should become an addiction, hope you know what i mean. When you see the numbers picking up, you will get addicted for sure!Tip#15Device a Pull with Content Vs Push Advertisement Strategies.Genuine Pull Content with right Content strategy works in the long term. Push may be required for immediate results.
  11. 11. About meFor Professional Digital Marketing Services visit www.TobocBiz.comFor more such tips visit www.smallbusinesswow.comConnect with me: http://in.linkedin.com/in/sreejeshkmSreejesh K MCTO at Toboc International