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Those winter sundays by robert hayden


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Published in: Education
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Those winter sundays by robert hayden

  2. 2. ROBERT HAYDEN Biography • Born in 1913 • American poet • Essayist • Educator • Written political poetry including a sequence on the vietnam war Picture
  3. 3. Organization of the Poem • Consists of three stanzas • The first stanza, Lines(1-5) • - Focused upon the suffering of Father. • -The father sacrifices himself to get up early in the morning, and warm the home for his family. _Ends with a very powerful line,”No one ever thanked him”
  4. 4. Organization of the poem • The second stanza,(6-9) • - once warmth is achieved,the father calls his • son to rise and get dressed. • -mentions “chronic angers”in the house-hold.
  5. 5. Organization of the Poem The third stanza . [10-14] -Begins with the image of distance as a continuation of the last line of the second stanza[speaking indifferently to him] -Speaker admits his ignorance over the simple love for his father […..what did I know of loves austere and lonely offices?]
  6. 6. Imagery • Cracked hands • Implies the rough labour that the father do • Sunday • Typically is a day of Rest…shows that the father got up early
  7. 7. Imagery Sunday to do things for the family Fire - shows a contrast with blue black cold. -shows a sense of liveliness and anger as well.
  8. 8. Those winter sundays • Review • -the poem is about filial ingratitude and parental devotion. • -this devotion is only realised when the children grow into maturity. • -parental love and affection are expressed through simple and gentle acts of care and kindness such as kindling the fire polishing the shoes without expecting others to thank him.
  9. 9. THANK YOU