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http:://www.empowernetworktopteam.com - How Does Empower Network Compensation Plan Work? Can you make living out of it or is it just a scam? Read the secrets behind it. Report exposes all the secrets.

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Empower Network Compensation Plan Pdf

  1. 1. New Member CORE Checklist Welcome to the Empower Network!Print this worksheet off, and follow along with the assignments, as you gothrough each Fast Start Video. None of these steps is more important thananother; however, each one of them should be completed in the order listedin this checklist.Before you do anything - PLEASE setup your merchant account followingthe instructions in the first video. It will ensure you can start collecting 100%commissions as soon as possible.The SOLE PURPOSE of this Fast Start Series is to help you make a LOTmore money in your business, and have a MUCH easier life.If you commit to follow the 8 Core Commitments as outlined in these videos- I PROMISE you that it will change your life for the better. When you applythese steps in your business it will grow faster AND stronger than you everthought possible.Simply print off this document now, and check each box as you completethe relevant assignment.Print the document now.Getting Started Assignments: I have printed off this document, and have it in front of me. I am in front of my computer, ready to learn, take notes, and completethe ENTIRE fast start series in one sitting. I have watched the Quick Start Video, and am ready to get started withEmpower Network immediately. Copyright 2011 by Empower Network LLC
  2. 2. Core Commitment #1: Setup Your Merchant AccountThe first core commitment is to set up your Merchant Account, so you canhave your customers pay you directly into your bank account. Please, donot DO ANYTHING else before your merchant application issubmitted.We have a merchant agreement setup with the largest Credit CardProcessor in the world, First Data, where we can get 99.9% of youapproved quickly, whether you have good credit or not.This is the only ʻslightlyʼ complicated part of the Empower Networkset up process - and they get deposited into your bank account straightfrom your customerʼs credit card.Having a merchant account is required to get commissions, and the firsttime you have money deposited into your bank account - youʼll be amazedat how good it feels.This is the only ʻslightlyʼ complicated part of setting up your business - andthere is no way to short cut this step - the whole process, from set up togetting your account up and running will if you followthe instructions in the video and this document EXACTLY.Once you have your own merchant account - no one will ever be able tocontrol the amount of money you make again - nobody but YOU.NOTE: The first video is a complete tutorial that walks you throughthe entire merchant account set-up process. Copyright 2011 by Empower Network LLC
  3. 3. Simply go to this link:http://www.fdis-dfw.com/en and click the buttonthat says ʻGet Started Todayʼ that looks like this:Simply click the button, and looks like this: Copyright 2011 by Empower Network LLC
  4. 4. ***VERY IMPORTANT: The next page just looks tricky - please, read theparagraph at the top of the page before you do ANYTHING. Even though Ihad warning when I first filled this form out - I still didnʼt do it right.The page you should be on is an instruction page to follow along with asyou submit your application - you need to open the application link in a newwindow and follow along, screen by screen. The instruction page looks likean application, so it isnʼt perfectly clear unless you know that when you gothere - after that, the process is point and click. Open the link in a new tabthat says “CLICK HERE TO BEGIN APPLICATION” to open the actualapplication, it looks like this:After that - the process is literally point and click - the instruction page willtell you, screen by screen what answers to put in. Make sure to follow thesetup instructions for each page, and it will be up and running easy andfast! Remember - this is the only ʻslightly complicatedʼ part of setting up abusiness with us - everything else is pre-built into our system.Your merchant account can be automatically approved as soon as the nextbusiness day. It may take 2 or 3 BUSINESS DAYS. Check your email everyday (including your Spam folder!) for an approval email from First Data.That email contains the final instructions to activate your merchant account,and it usually takes less than 5 minutes - simply follow the instructions, and Copyright 2011 by Empower Network LLC
  5. 5. from that moment on, youʼll be able to use our order pages built into thesystem to deposit money into your bank account, instantly.IMPORTANT: While youʼre on the phone with Linkpoint verifying youraccount, have them guide you into your online store, and download yourPEM file - be sure to save this to your computer in a place youʼll be able tofind - thereʼs only one more step in activating your account.There is one final step to activating your merchant account - youʼll needyour store number and PEM file. You should have had LinkPoint guide youon the phone directly to downloading that file - if you havenʼt - call them,and have them walk you through it - it takes less than 2 minutes.Then, all you need to do, is upload your PEM file to the right place in themembers area, and insert your store number, and youʼre done!Hereʼs how to do it:First, login to the members area here: http://empowernetwork.com/Members/After youʼre logged in, youʼll be taken to the ʻMy Trainingʼ tab and thescreen should look like this: Copyright 2011 by Empower Network LLC
  6. 6. Click on the ʻMy Accountʼ link at the top of the screen.It should load this screen:Scroll down, and youʼll see 2 fields to insert your MerchantInformation:Simply put your Store number in the first field (should be around 7 digits,and will have come in your welcome email) Copyright 2011 by Empower Network LLC
  7. 7. FINALLY:Click ʻChoose Fileʼ and navigate to where you saved your PEM file. Thefile should look something like 1234567.pem (or yourstorenumber.pem).After you have inserted the file scroll to the bottom of the screen and hit thebutton that says ʻUpdate Profileʼ.Bamb! Youʼre done - that is the most technical thing youʼll ever have to doat the Empower Network, and the whole process takes less than an hour.Make sure that you DO NOT go to the second video until this step iscompletely done. Your merchant account needs to be in place to get your100% commissions. Copyright 2011 by Empower Network LLC
  8. 8. Here is the Checklist to ensure your merchant account has beencompletely setup : Step One: I have gone to http://www.fdis-dfw.com/en/, and have completed the entire merchant application, following the instructions exactly. Step Two: I have received my Merchant Approval emails from First Data. If you donʼt get them for any reason by Noon ON THE THIRD BUSINESS DAY following your application - please call (877) 274-7915, and First Data will assist you with the status of your application. Step Three: I have called and activated my Merchant Account with the instructions received in my emails, and while I was on the phone, I had customer service help me login, and download my PEM file to a place on my computer that I remember. Step Four: I have logged in to http://empowernetwork.com/Members/ clicked on ʻMy Accountʼ, entered my store number in the appropriate field, and uploaded my PEM file and hit ʻUpdate ProfileʼThatʼs it! Congratulations, you can now proceed to the Second CoreCommitment. Your payment pages will now automatically work, and yourcustomers will be depositing payments right from their credit card intoYOUR bank account - weʼll do all the ʻhard sellingʼ you just need to followsteps 2-8 to get traffic and build your team. Please continue to Core Commitment #2: Blog Daily Copyright 2011 by Empower Network LLC
  9. 9. Core Commitment #2: Blog DailyThis is the second commitment of being a part of the Empower Network -blogging every day. As youʼll see, this is a lot simpler than setting up yourmerchant account.Our blogging system is built into WordPress - so if youʼre familiar withWordPress - you donʼt even really need to spend any time learninganything new here - just commit for the next six months, to write one new,unique blog post per day, and post it on your site.Thereʼs only one way to login to your blog on our site - first, you have tologin to the members are here:http://empowernetwork.com/Members/Second - when you login, you should see a big green buttonthat says ʻLogin & Start Bloggingʼ - it looks like this: Copyright 2011 by Empower Network LLC
  10. 10. When you hit that button - it will take you to your wordpress membersarea. There are two options to view the members area:1. The Normal WordPress Members area.2. The ʻSimple ViewʼSince this is targeted at people who donʼt understand WordPress - Iʼll focuson the Simple View.You can navigate back and forth between the two viewing methods byclicking the blue button on the upper right hand of the screen. Hereʼswhere the button is in the ʻsimple viewʼ:When you click the button, it will load a more complex interface designedfor people already familiar with blogging, it looks like this: Copyright 2011 by Empower Network LLC
  11. 11. This is the ʻadvancedʼ members view - which youʼll probably like better ifyouʼre a bit more familiar with WordPress. If you find yourself on thisscreen - just hit the button that says ʻActivate Easy Adminʼ to go to themore simple view.Hereʼs what you donʼt need to do to blog with the Empower Network:1. Customize a theme2. Install any plugins3. Learn how to ʻconvertʼ traffic better on your pages.Weʼll do all that for you - you just focus on blogging daily, and weʼll work ongetting you more sales, more money, and an easier life.Letʼs go back to the Easy View. Hit the button, and letʼs write your firstpost. Copyright 2011 by Empower Network LLC
  12. 12. Your screen should look like this:If you scroll your mouse over any of the question marks, youʼll get a popupdescription of what to do in each field - letʼs keep things REALLY simple,and I actually want you to write your first blog post - right now, about whyyou got involved in The Empower Network, and what your vision is with it -whether itʼs to recruit people into another business, or you just want tomake a six figure income here - whatever you want to do, wherever youwant to go - we have a place for YOU in the Empower Network, becausethis company was built to help YOU rise to the top.There are 4 important parts of a Blog Post - Iʼm going to briefly talkabout each of the 4 sections. Copyright 2011 by Empower Network LLC
  13. 13. Remember - the part that makes this whole system work is a MASSIVEgroup of people posting QUALITY content each day.If you blog daily - every day, for the next six months - it will take you aboutan hour each evening to do, and there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that willcreate a more sustainable business online than just consistently focusingon getting better, and better at blogging.The best part? There really isnʼt anything technical about it with us - itʼseasy, and all you have to do is......be consistent.Most people in the internet marketing niche think that they should only blogabout their ʻtopicʼ and Iʼll tell you from experience - thatʼs full of it. Peoplewant to know about you, your passions, your ideas, and what makes youtick.One time, I wrote a post ranting about the Government on my personalblog, and it brought in over 250 leads in a couple of days because itsparked interest in a whole group of people that donʼt usually visit my site.Write about whatever you want, and youʼll get better - just do it, daily.So here are the 4 important parts of a blog post:(itʼs important to blog EVERY DAY, 7 days a week, feel free to write aboutwhatever the heck you want - youʼll get better, and inner circle membersare going to have access to a course called ʻBlogging Basicsʼ that weʼreworking on right now...)1. The Title: This is easy - just write what your post is about - make it a short sentence. Your first one could be as easy as “Why I got involved in The Empower Network” or “My Ultimate Plan To Get Money” - leave the quotations out of it.2. The Body: Just write a 500-700 word article. Mix up the body with short paragraphs, quotes, and feel free to pop a video in there from Copyright 2011 by Empower Network LLC
  14. 14. YouTube that helps you illustrate your point, or gives you some inspiration. If you ever take content from someone elseʼs blog posts or articles - make sure to reference the source and post a link to the original authorʼs article. If you want some good examples of Blog Posts, you can visit the corporate blog that myself, David Sharpe, and other good writers in the Empower Network will be posting to every single day. You can visit that blog here: http://empowernetwork.com3. The Call To Action: The ʻcall to actionʼ is the part of your article where you tell your visitors what they should do next. Depending on your post - this could be in the middle of your post, what I prefer to do is put it in a P.S. line. Essentially - you want people clicking on the images on your blog to the capture pages, and then watching the video presentation to sell them on the basic $25 Empower Network membership. I like to put that in the P.S. line, because after 2 years of blogging and getting millions of visitors per month on my personal site, Iʼve noticed that if I put a call to action in the middle of a post, that people donʼt comment, because they donʼt want their friends to see something ʻsalesyʼ. I also notice I get higher conversions if I make it more subtle - because better content attracts more repeat readers.4. The Tags: This is in the lower right of the posting area, and most people who are new miss it, and donʼt put any tags in. Basically, tags are just one or two word groups that describe what a post is about, and they help sort information from Search Engines. Honestly, theyʼre less important than they used to be - just write 5-7 groups about what your post is about, and weʼll get more involved in how to do it better in the ʻblogging basicsʼ course in the Inner Circle membership.If youʼre writing a post about the Empower Network, for example, it mightlook like this:empower network, join, make money, blog daily, online marketing, easyWhile that may be overly simplistic - I really want you to just have enoughinfo to write your first post and get started for the next 30 days. Copyright 2011 by Empower Network LLC
  15. 15. Really, there are no special ʻtricksʼ to know when youʼre getting started -good, quality original information attracts traffic like bees to honey, you justneed to be consistent.So hereʼs what I want you to do:Login to http://empowernetwork.com/Members/ - click on ʻLogin and StartBloggingʼ in the members area, and write your first post.Hereʼs the checklist: I understand how to login to my Empower Network blog. I understand how to navigate between the ʻEasyʼ and ʻAdvancedʻ blogging area I have written a short, descriptive title to my first blog post. I have written a 500-700 word blog post about ʻWhyʼ I got into the Empower Network. I have included a ʻCall to Actionʼ in my article. I have included 5-7 ʻtagsʼ in my post, and have published it.Publish your post by hitting this button: Copyright 2011 by Empower Network LLC
  16. 16. Thatʼs it! Now, I want you to sign this personal commitment, to post ATLEAST one new blog entry per day, for the next 100 days:“I, _______________, am committing today, (date) ________________,that for the next 100 days, I am going to spend one hour posting a unique,high quality article to my personal blog on the http://empowernetwork.comwebsite. My hundred day challenge ends on _____________________(100 days from today).Signature___________________ Core Commitment #3: Market DailyThis is where you can really get creative. Iʼm going to teach you the coreconcept of how I was able to build a business so quickly, without spendinga dime of my own money, only re-investing a small percentage of my profitsback into marketing.Iʼm going to give you some advice here - and you donʼt have to listen, I justwanted to pass along something that one of my mentors told me. He said:“If you want to be RICH, then take 20% of ALL the money you make, andre-invest it back into marketing... It doesnʼt matter what budget you startwith - what matters is that you commit, RIGHT NOW, to always do this inyour business...”So hereʼs what Iʼm going to encourage you to do - if you make $100 in theEmpower Network - re-invest $20 back into some kind of marketing - be okwith making mistakes. Try stupid stuff with it. If you make $1000, re-invest$200. If you make $10,000, re-invest $2,000. Copyright 2011 by Empower Network LLC
  17. 17. Hereʼs the key:Your marketing wonʼt suck forever.Eventually, youʼll get really, really good at turning one dollar invested intomarketing into five dollars in revenue.If you can do that consistently - do you really care how much you spend?Youʼll want to spend as much as you can, as fast as you can, when youʼregood.Thatʼs all Iʼm going to say about marketing. Commit that starting right now,youʼll take one hour per day and solely focus on marketing your businessand getting it in front of new people.Try everything - and hereʼs the rule:If something doesnʼt bring in as much as you spend on the front end, after3-5 attempts:Stop it, and try something new.Most people fail at marketing because they just keep doing the same stuffthat doesnʼt work any better in a year than it does now.Test things - find your niche, and in a year, itʼs unbelievable where youʼll be.One hour per day, and 20% of your revenue, and youʼll be unstoppable in ayear.How do I know? Because I did it.For those of you who have become a member of the Inner Circle, and havepurchased the Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive, youʼll learn more aboutmarketing than you thought possible.Learn, do, teach - thatʼs the formula for marketing greatness. Copyright 2011 by Empower Network LLC
  18. 18. You need to aim to have every dollar spent bring in three - but until youʼrethere, feel free to test, experiment, track, and improve your results.Imagine being able to spend $20,000 per month on marketing. How fast doyou think you can grow your business? It really is unlimited.That would make most people feel ʻnotʼ comfortable - but you realize, thatyouʼre not spending $20,000 per month out of your own pocket - youʼre re-investing that money from revenue - when you realize that, youʼre thinkinglike a real entrepreneur.The Checklist: I have watched the 3rd fast start video, and understand the concept ofʻDaily Marketingʼ in my business. I commit to spend one hour per day, and 20% of my business incomein increasing and ʻscalingʼ my marketing campaigns, until Iʼm earning theincome that I want to earn, and then Iʼll re-evaluate it from there. Core Commitment #4: New Member CoachingThis is one of the simplest and most direct commitments.Simply call your new members who get started, and make sure they gothrough this training.Make sure that they have been through the Fast Start Training, andunderstand the value of upgrading to whatever package is appropriate tothem.ALL of your new members should buy the Inner Circle membership if at allpossible.The better your communication is with new members when they are justgetting started - the longer theyʼll stay around, the more money theyʼllmake, the more pass up sales theyʼll generate for you, and the moreʻresidualʼ your income will become. Copyright 2011 by Empower Network LLC
  19. 19. Hereʼs the cool part though - if you call your new Members, about 80% ofthem will upgrade to the Inner Circle Membership, which will increase yourresidual income by five times, per member that upgrades.The thing that makes it easy to upgrade people, is when they realize that ifsomeone they sponsored upgrades beyond the level they personally are atand as a result they donʼt get the 100% commission from that productsimply because they donʼt own it themselves.You will need to have purchased the upgrades in order to get paid on themwhen someone you bring in upgrades. If not, the commission will pass upto the next qualifying person above you that has purchased the upgrade.This goes for the $100 upgrade as well as the $500 upgrade and any otherupgrades or products that will be introduced later.This gives you the incentive to upgrade your personally sponsored peopleby having a conversation with them about this and letting them know thatitʼs perfectly okay to stay at the lower level but the upgrade commissionswill not be available to them. And if they donʼt upgrade thatʼs ok becauseanyone they bring in at the higher upgraded level will pass to you for the100% commission.Just in case you donʼt want to miss out on any higher commissionopportunities the links to purchase these core upgrades are listed below. Core Commitment #5: Tune Into “The Empower Hour” Every WeekEvery Monday night at 9pm Eastern Standard Time (6pm PST) we will behosting “The Empower Hour” where weʼll train and coach you on howto build your business with Empower Network and what the topproducers are doing to get big results.All new products and upgrades introduced to the system will be introducedin real time on these webinars and the initial offerings will be live on thosewebinars.This means YOU MUST be on these calls when this happens because ifyou are not on these calls and you do not upgrade before someone in your Copyright 2011 by Empower Network LLC
  20. 20. organization below you then you miss out on the 100% commissionopportunity from those people.The “Empower Hour” will also give you the chance to hear all themost important updates and training before anyone else. Core Commitment #6: Listen To A Daily AudioDaily audio training is absolutely transformative. Most people think that theydonʼt have time to listen to an audio training every day amidst their busylives. However, if you realize that your audio time can “fill in the gaps”and “be done while doing other things” then youʼll realize that youreally do have plenty of time everyday to listen to an audio training.This kind of task can be done while driving in the car, cleaning yourhouse, or doing some mundane repetitive task like jogging or workingout. The “brainless” tasks that you do everyday can become anopportunity to improve your education, your skill sets and yourquality of life.Why listen to audio training you ask? You actually have the chance tolisten to influential people and you get to learn how they speak. You beginto understand the science of how they present their teachings to anaudience. Not only do you learn what they are teaching you but you beginto understand language patterns, as well as using the right tone of voice atthe right time. You learn how to “paint a picture” or a metaphor that relatesto all people from all walks of life. This is truly the way that you learn toinfluence an audience of people and ESPECIALLY the following of peoplethat you will create.ALSO: Every Video or Webinar Training posted in the Empower Networkwill have a downloadable audio version in MP3 format for you to transfer towhatever music device you have, whether itʼs an ipod or you burn it to a CDto listen to in your car. You will first want to watch the videos and webinarand then listen to the audios from it over and over so as to not forget whatyou have learned and really drill home some of the concepts and teachingsthat didnʼt “click” with you the first time around. Copyright 2011 by Empower Network LLC
  21. 21. Every Day in every way you will get better and better – if you listen to anaudio training ever day. Core Commitment #7: Read Daily “Leaders Are Readers” “There is absolutely no way to increase your income quicker than reading 30 minutes a day” ~John C MaxwellObviously the best way to learn writing skills for your blog is to read booksand learn from the best writers. When you can read what the leaders andteachers write, you can then learn how they write and incorporate that intoyour writing.Now we donʼt expect you to read from a book every 30 minutes. Weactually only ask that you read something for 15 minutes every day. Intodayʼs technological world and the advent of the internet, we can readblogs from other bloggers inside of the Empower Network as well as otherwell known experts in the internet marketing industry.Get comfortable reading an article a day by someone else in the industry.The most asked question by bloggers is “what should I blog about”? Theeasiest way to get ideas on what to write about is to read what others arewriting about from multiple sources and then formulate your own informedopinion of the subject matter. Then writing an article is easy. But thewheels need to be turning in your brain to have the creative juices flowingin order to create good quality content. Copyright 2011 by Empower Network LLC
  22. 22. Core Commitment #8: Attend All EventsThe events are where everything comes together. There is something thatyou canʼt get sitting in front of your computer. There is something thatsolidifies in your mind about what is happening and you begin tounderstand the power of being in the same room with producers who aremaking more money per month than most people in a year. The personalinteraction with the teachers and leaders in the Empower Network isexceptionally important.The difference between most events and Empower Network events are thatour events are not geared to be a “pitch fest” like most events. These areall geared around training and content that actually help accelerate yourbusiness by 6 months at the minimum.You will have 90 Days to plan to be at a live event. You will have adequatetime to prepare so that you can make it without any scheduling conflicts. Copyright 2011 by Empower Network LLC