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Catalog 5th International Salon Shadow 2018


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Catalog 5th International Salon Shadow 2018

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Catalog 5th International Salon Shadow 2018

  1. 1. 5th International Salon Shadow 5.InternacionalniSalonSenka Serbia PHOTO, 2018
  2. 2. About us We are gathered out, attracted by the game of light and shadows, as fragile as butterfly wings over the flame of a candle. We`ll never forget the magic kaleidoscope, such as bees never forget how to build honeycombs. Come together to experience the light, challenging the darkness.  Serbia PHOTO Association was established to achieve the following objectives: - affirmation and popularization of art and creative photography, to support and preserve Serbian cultural heritage, national history, customs and traditions, protecting the environment and natural beauty of Serbia through the medium of photography - creation, support, encouragement and continuous improvement of the medium of photography in Serbia, then its comprehensive promotion at home and abroad - we are co-operating with schools and professional associations in the country and abroad who are engaged in the medium of photography - we publish books and other publications in the field of photography media - we are organizing national and international photo exhibitions, under the patronage of domestic and international alliances, federations and associations
  3. 3. L180093 2018-394 PID/ND/PTD/PJD Recognition Shadow 2018 5th International Salon of Photography Peti Internacionalni Salon Fotografije Themes / Teme Srbija, Beograd, 2018 A/Street/Ulica B/Portrait/Portret C/Macro/Makro D/Shadow/Senka E/Open Color/Slobodna Kolor F/Open Monochrome/Slobodna Monohrom G/ Nature/Priroda H/ Birds/Ptice I/ Flowers/Cveće J/ Photo Travel/Foto Putovanje K/ Photojournalism/Photo Žurnalizam L/ Child/Dete 2018/066
  4. 4. L1800932018-394 2018/066
  5. 5. Serbia PHOTO Grand PRIX Award Normante Ribokaite, Lithuania Normante Ribokaite was born in Dusetos, in 1968. The artist is one of the photographers of the Dusetos Art Gallery group (Zarasai Region, Lithuania). The artist has participated in group shows held both in Lithuania and abroad. Awarded in the International Photography contests FIAP, PSA, MoL, IAAP, GPU, UPI: at Serbia, Makedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montene- gro, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Singapore, USA, Switzerland, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Egypt, Georgia, Finland, Turkey, Hungary, Rus- sia, Azerbaijan, Australia, Japan, India, Tanzania. The gold medal of San Francisco International Exhibition GALLERY PHOTOGRAPHICA - 2013 (USA). Awarded of the 1st Edition of the Romantic Landscape FIER Institute Initiatives 2013 (Australia). EX ARTE EQUINUS - 2013 Director’s Award (USA). Gold medal at the 71st, 74 st, 76st Japanese International Photography salon Competition (2011, 2014, 2016 ). The winner of Lithuania wildlife competition “Amber serpent” (2011, 2012, 2013). Awarded at the exhibition-competition „Earth Day“ (2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017 ) – Ute- na, Lithuania. Was also granted a diploma established by the Union of Lithuanian Art Photographers for her works displayed at the exhibition „Horse in Photography“ (2008, 2010 ) - Dusetos Gallery of Art, Lithuania. Since 2009 the artist has been a member of the club of photographers of nature Green Umbrella (Lithuania). Has organised nineteen personal photography exhibitions. Lives and creates in Dusetos ( Zarasai Region, Lithuania). Moreover, the photographer was granted the Honorary Diploma established by the National Photography Art Foundation for personal shows of artistic photography displayed successfully in Lithuania, in 2000-2006. A member of Photographic Association Master of Light (cMoL) BRONZE EXHIBITOR (BEPSS) THE PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY OF SINGAPORE author with the highest number of received photographs - 31
  6. 6. GRAND PRIX Salon Award for highest number of accepted photographs GRAND PRIX Salona za najveći broj primljenih fotografija Normante Ribokaite, Lithuania Theme A Street / Tema A Ulica PSA Gold Valerie Duncan, The Late Bus mono, United Kingdom GPU Gold Daniel LYBAERT, Op de stoeprand, Netherlands IAAP Gold LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, Lights and shadows, Spain Salon Gold Yonghong Jin, Cuban street 2, China PSA Silver Nenad Borojevic, Lonely 2, Serbia Salon Silver Vladimir Jovanovski, Baker from Kratovo, Macedonia PSA Bronze Yuhui Hu, Shop, China Salon Bronze Desheng Xu, Hair Cut Shop on the Street, China Special Chairman Choice Award OLE SUSZKIEWICZ, Bad Car, Denmark PSA Mention Tadeusz Mozalewski, Across the street 2, Poland PSA Mention Marina Krstic, Midning own business, Macedonia Salon Mention Leonid Goldin, Roses for loved ones, Israel Salon Mention Diana Junaković, Thin line between, Croatia Salon Mention Xiaoqing Chen, Come back, China Salon Mention PING LU, Grandpa s car repair shop, China Salon Mention Oleksandr Plokhotin, The stolen childhood, Ukraine Salon Mention Jianxun Wu, The old man and his dog, China
  7. 7. Theme B Portrait / Tema B Portret PSA Gold Ovi D. Pop, witchy, Romania Salon Gold James WAT, THE CUDDLING PRIEST, USA PSA Silver Cyril Boyd, Sir Gerald the brave, Northern Ireland GPU Silver Beimeng Liu, Tribal Symbol 9, China IAAP Silver Normante Ribokaite, 1967 and after 50 year, Lithuania Salon Silver OLE SUSZKIEWICZ, Naima Portrait, Denmark PSA Bronze Zhiyu Wu, Smoker 2, China Salon Bronze Xiaoqing Chen, With Big Eyes and Bushy eyebrows, China Special Chairman Choice Award Jinsheng Xiao, The African children22, China PSA Mention ALAIN MORATA, CORNEMUSE, France PSA Mention Ali Alfatal, roots of passion, Iraq Salon Mention Valerie Duncan, Anna Portrait mono, United Kingdom Salon Mention Oleg Kutskiy, Boatswain., Ukraine Salon Mention Yiliang Yang, Liangshan Man, China Salon Mention Kim-Pheng Sim, VIolet, Singapore Salon Mention Khaing Sandar Tin, Smoking Old Men 1, Singapore Salon Mention Jurong Yu, Life in Daliangshan 21, China
  8. 8. Theme C Macro / Tema C Makro PSA Gold Dre VAN MENSEL, Zwaluwstaart, Belgium Salon Gold YEOKKIAN KOH, Fly mating 2, Malaysia PSA Silver Tommy Teh, Gotcha 48, Malaysia Salon Silver pamela alexis Callista Javran, in Between, Indonesia PSA Bronze Valerie Duncan, Mouse and Bramble Flowers, United Kingdom IAAP Bronze Sandra Stoic, Beauty, Croatia Salon Bronze Paulo Guerra, Zinha, Brazil Special Chairman Choice Shannon Heng, Bird on Wire - Oncidium poikilostalix macro, Singapore PSA Mention MARC ANAGNOSTIDIS, Erythroma Viridulum 2, France PSA Mention Daniel LYBAERT, Lantaarntje op clematis, Netherlands GPU Mention Sara GABRIELS, New Life, Belgium Salon Mention Milan Zolnir, quaking grass, Slovenia Salon Mention Jingfen Tang, Exploration, China Salon Mention Normante Ribokaite, The Spider, Lithuania Salon Mention Pandula Bandara, Aiming, Sri Lanka Salon Mention HUEE LING NG, Team Work, Singapore Salon Mention Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Bee Euglossa imperialis, Saudi Arabia
  9. 9. Theme D Shadow / Tema D Senka PSA Gold Chin Leong Teo, Three Girls Sand Dune BW 2, Singapore Salon Gold Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia PSA Silver Igor Debevec, Fairyland V-1, Slovenia Salon Silver Vitaliy Podgurchenko, Valeriya, Russia PSA Bronze Gang Wang, Herding, China Salon Bronze Normante Ribokaite, Crows Greeting, Lithuania Special Chairman Choice Pandula Bandara, Playing with friends, Sri Lanka PSA Mention Desheng Xu, Little Host 1, China PSA Mention Marina Pavlin, Senka_2_Dancers, Slovenia GPU Mention Ruslan Bolgov, Shadowplay, Lithuania IAAP Mention, Hongbing Ye, Pray 4, China Salon Mention Peter Teuschel, Shadows, Germany Salon Mention RABIA BASHA, Three runners archery Athens BW, Israel Salon Mention Jianxun Wu, Diligent, China Salon Mention Oliver Merce, Stairs, Romania Salon Mention Yonghong Jin, Home, China Salon Mention SANJOY SENGUPTA, fort walk 2, India
  10. 10. Theme E Open Color / Tema E Slobodna Kolor PSA Gold Ovi D. Pop, dead or alive, Romania Salon Gold Ruslan Bolgov, The tale of two roses, Lithuania PSA Silver Igor Debevec, Fisherman on river II, Slovenia Salon Silver Pandula Bandara, Waiting, Sri Lanka PSA Bronze Iwona Czubek, Poppies, Poland Salon Bronze Kim-Pheng Sim, DO NOT DISTURD, Singapore Special Chairman Choice Normante Ribokaite, Upstairs 3, Lithuania PSA Mention Kai Lon Tang, Boxing 45, Macau PSA Mention Lingyun Mao, Kerligarfjoll Mt 11, USA GPU Mention Zhiyu Wu, Dinner, China IAAP Mention Jurong Yu, Life in Daliangshan 26, China Salon Mention Jeno Major, Tuscany, Romania Salon Mention Lung-Tsai Wang, Aka village19, Taiwan Salon Mention Chin Leong Teo, Blue Fishing Nets 3, Singapore Salon Mention Theo Streitfelder, Zebras, Austria Salon Mention OLE SUSZKIEWICZ, Late Driving, Denmark Salon Mention LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, Reflexes, Spain
  11. 11. Theme F Open Monochrome / Tema F Slobodna Monohrom PSA Gold LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, Effort, Spain Salon Gold OLE SUSZKIEWICZ, Upstairs 4, Denmark PSA Silver Igor Debevec, Acte Noir I, Slovenia Salon Silver Danlei Ye, The Nenets44, Canada PSA Bronze Cyril Boyd, Flop, Northern Ireland Salon Bronze Valerie Duncan, Roseanna mono, United Kingdom Special Chairman Choice ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, FACES, Brazil PSA Mention Robin Yong, Bathing the Cockerel, Australia PSA Mention Yiliang Yang, Liangshan Woman 2, China GPU Mention BASIL TITOV, HOBBY - 2, Belarus IAAP Mention PING LU, Fit, China Salon Mention Kai Lon Tang, Dream of Fire, Macau Salon Mention Chenglin Zheng, Await, China Salon Mention ASIT KUMAR RAY, INKLING, India Salon Mention Zhihui Shi, Hand-Made Dry Noodle, China Salon Mention Peter Teuschel, Aquilegia mono, Germany Salon Mention Dibiao Tao, Compnay, China
  12. 12. Theme G Nature / Tema G Priroda PSA Gold Valerie Duncan, Mouse Looking Down, United Kingdom Salon Gold Binyuan Li, Quiet 6, China GPU Gold Robin Yong, Grenouille, Australia PSA Silver Fengying Long, Tide of Birds, China Salon Silver Dre VAN MENSEL, Head Down, Belgium PSA Bronze Daniel LYBAERT, Verveling in ZwW, Netherlands Salon Bronze Jiajun Chai, Brown bear13, China Special Chairman Choice Paulo Guerra, Papa mosca, Brazil PSA Mention Lingyun Mao, Spray 6, USA PSA Mention Pamela alexis Callista Javran, Bird Feeding 4, Indonesia IAAP Mention PING LU, Wetland Elf English, China Salon Mention YEOKKIAN KOH, Funny mini flies, Malaysia Salon Mention Chenglin Zheng, Struggle, China Salon Mention ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, SANDFALL, Brazil Salon Mention Vasilis KAZEPIDIS, Frogs No 04, Greece Salon Mention Bob Devine, lion cub attacks, United Kingdom Salon Mention THOMAS VIJAYAN, Twilight, Canada
  13. 13. Theme H Birds / Tema H Ptice PSA Gold pamela alexis Callista Javran, Bird Feeding 5, Indonesia Salon Gold MIRANDA SIU, TIME FOR LUNCH, Canada PSA Silver Hamad Bouresli, Egrets Fight, Kuwait Salon Silver Bence Mate, Eye To Eye, Hungary PSA Bronze Normante Ribokaite, Loud, Lithuania Salon Bronze Ray Kilham, Hunting Common Turn, United Kingdom Special Chairman Choice Huifen Wang, Feeding, China PSA Mention Dibiao Tao, Have a Rest, China PSA Mention Gunther Riehle, emperor colony in snow storm 12, Germany GPU Menti James WAT, Its My Turn Mom, USA Salon Mention, Robert Cooper, Kingfisher with fish, England Salon Mention Vicki Moritz, Robin in rain, Australia Salon Mention Shiqing Tang, Strike out, China Salon Mention Liquan Sheng, Crane Dance 1, China Salon Mention Dre VAN MENSEL, Garrulus glandarius, Belgium Salon Mention Lingyun Mao, Sea Eagle 10, USA
  14. 14. Theme I Flowers / Tema I Cveće PSA Gold Pietro Bugli, Strelitzia, Italy Salon Gold James WAT, Together We make standard of Beauty, USA PSA Silver Tommy Teh, Water Lily 8, Malaysia Salon Silver MARC ANAGNOSTIDIS, Fushia Trio, France PSA Bronze Kornelia Dakovic Svajcer, Yelow and red, Serbia Salon Bronze Shannon Heng, Humming Bird - Galeandra chapadensis, Singapore Special Chairman Choice ALAIN MORATA, CLEMATIS, France PSA Mention Ira Nemeroff, Selby 016, USA PSA Mention Iwona Czubek, Geum, Poland GPU Mention Milan Zolnir, californian poppy, Slovenia Salon Mention Mofeed Abu Shalwa, bokeh Tulip Flower, Saudi Arabia Salon Mention Goran Kulezić, IMG_4372-bw, Serbia Salon Mention Yvonne Moule, Two lillies, Australia Salon Mention Peter Teuschel, Gentiana, Germany Salon Mention Pandula Bandara, Jungle Flower, Sri Lanka Salon Mention Chan Seng Tang, Flower 23, Macau
  15. 15. Theme J Travel / Tema J Putovanje PSA Gold Chin Leong Teo, Bajau Boy with Net 1, Singapore Salon Gold Igor Debevec, Kirkjufellsfoss II, Slovenia PSA Silver Lingyun Mao, Kerligarfjoll Mt 26, USA Salon Silver Mei Guo, impression of teahouse, China PSA Bronze Jurong Yu, Spectacular views in Xinjiang 18, China Salon Bronze Yiliang Yang, Buddhism 3, China Special Chairman Choice Yonghong Jin, Lunch Time, China PSA Mention Tomasz Okoniewski, abyss 2, Poland PSA Mention Pandula Bandara, After Work, Sri Lanka GPU Mention Lakshan Senevirathne, companionship, Sri Lanka IAAP Mention Gunther Riehle, adult and two chicks 102, Germany Salon Mention Desheng Xu, Believer 18, China Salon Mention Gang Wang, The shore, China Salon Mention Bob Devine, whos watching who, United Kingdom Salon Mention Alexey Suloev, Butterfly06, Russia Salon Mention Ovi D. Pop, Rainy Pray, Romania Salon Mention Yan Zhang tj, Return, China
  16. 16. Theme K Photojournalism / Tema K Fotožurnalizam PSA Gold Guy B. Samoyault, Long jump handi woman 245, France Salon Gold Almando Reggio, Ball 31, Italy PSA Silver IBRAHIM M IQBAL, struggle, Bangladesh Salon Silver Fengliang Zou, Trail Life 11, China PSA Bronze Yonghong Jin, Rural hostipal, China GPU Bronze Alexey Suloev, Сhildren of the tundra, Russia Salon Bronze Tomasz Okoniewski, Adas dog 2, Poland Special Chairman Choice Leonid Goldin, Rain for happiness, Israel PSA Mention Genadi Brodsky, Colloquy, Israel PSA Mention Binyuan Li, My toy, China IAAP Mention RABIA BASHA, Lebanon second War 2, Israel Salon Mention Xiaoqing Chen, Play chess, China Salon Mention Hongbing Ye, Life over brickyard, China Salon Mention ALAIN MORATA, INONDATIONS SALIES 2, France Salon Mention Chenglin Zheng, Life At Brick 3, China Salon Mention Solveig Wallenius, A Day of a Firefighter 1, Finland Salon Mention Xinmin Zhang, Hardworking, China
  17. 17. Theme L Child / Tema L Dete PSA Gold Vasilis KAZEPIDIS, La petite Larisa No 03, Greece Salon Gold LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, The equilibrist, Spain PSA Silver Xinxin Chen, Nenets child3, China Salon Silver Sau Fong Neo, Coconut Girl, Malaysia PSA Bronze Mei Guo, Mend, China Salon Bronze Jiajun Chai, Nenets child4, China Special Chairman Choice Lakshan Senevirathne, Curious, Sri Lanka PSA Mention Yuhua Wang, Akha11, China PSA Mention Cyril Boyd, Spear chucker, Northern Ireland GPU Mention James WAT, The Poor Side of Town-Nepal, USA Salon Mention Jinsheng Xiao, The African children28, China Salon Mention Klaus Schwinges, Kunstradfahren 9, Germany Salon Mention Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Childhood bold, Saudi Arabia Salon Mention Oleg Kutskiy, Slum childrens, Ukraine Salon Mention Oliver Merce, The Little Rebel, Romania Salon Mention Yuhui Hu, Sister and brothers, China
  18. 18. Serbia PHOTO / Srbija FOTO Jury / Žiri Borislav Milovanovic, EFIAP/g, PPSA, GPU CR3, Serbia Nenad Nikolic, AFIAP, Aphrodite GPU, Serbia Zoran Stojiljkovic, EFAIAP, Serbia
  19. 19. 19 STREET / ULICA THEME / TEMA A
  20. 20. 20 STREET/ULICA PSA Gold Valerie Duncan, United Kingdom, The Late Bus mono
  21. 21. 21 STREET/ULICA Daniel Lybaert, Netherlands, Op de stoeprand GPU Gold
  22. 22. 22 STREET/ULICA IAAP Gold Luis Leandro Serrano, Spain, Lights and shadows
  23. 23. 23 Yonghong Jin, China, Cuban street 2 STREET/ULICASalon Gold
  24. 24. 24 Nenad Borojevic, Serbia, Lonely 2 STREET/ULICA PSA Silver
  25. 25. 25 Vladimir Jovanovski, Macedonia, Baker from Kratovo STREET/ULICASalon Silver
  26. 26. 26 Yuhui Hu, China, Shop STREET/ULICA PSA Bronze
  27. 27. 27 Desheng Xu, China, Hair Cut Shop on the Street STREET/ULICASalon Bronze
  28. 28. 28 STREET/ULICA Ole Suszkiewic, Denmark, Bad Car Special Chairman Choice
  29. 29. 29 STREET/ULICA Tadeusz Mozalewski, Poland, Across the street 2 PSA Mention
  30. 30. 30 STREET/ULICA PSA Mention Marina Krstic, Macedonia, Mindin own business
  31. 31. 31 STREET/ULICA Ping Lu, China, Grandpa’s car repair shop Salon Mention
  32. 32. 32 STREET/ULICA Xiaoqing Chen, China, Come back Salon Mention
  33. 33. 33 STREET/ULICA Salon Mention Oleksandr Plokhotin, Ukraine, The stolen childhood
  34. 34. 34 STREET/ULICASalon Mention Jianxun Wu, China, The old man and his dog
  35. 35. 35 STREET/ULICA Salon Mention Leonid Goldin, Israel, Roses for loved ones
  36. 36. 36 STREET/ULICASalon Mention Diana Junakovic, Croatia, Thin line between
  38. 38. 38 PORTRAIT/PORTRET PSA Gold Ovi D Pop, Romania, Witchy
  39. 39. 39 PORTRAIT/PORTRETSalon Gold James Wat, USA, The Cuddling Priest
  40. 40. 40 PORTRAIT/PORTRET PSA Silver Cyril Boyd, Northern Ireland, Sir Gerald the brave
  41. 41. 41 PORTRAIT/PORTRET Beimeng Liu, China, Tribal Symbol 9 GPU Silver
  42. 42. 42 Normante Ribokaite, Lithuania, 1967 and after 50 year PORTRAIT/PORTRET IAAP Silver
  43. 43. 43 Ole Suszkiewicz, Denmark, Naima Portrait PORTRAIT/PORTRETSalon Silver
  44. 44. 44 Zhiyu Wu, China, Smoker 2 PORTRAIT/PORTRET PSA Bronze
  45. 45. 45 Xiaoqing Chen, China, With Big Eyes and Bushy eyebrows PORTRAIT/PORTRETSalon Bronze
  46. 46. 46 Jinsheng Xiao, China, The African children 22 PORTRAIT/PORTRET Special Chairman Choice
  47. 47. 47 Ali Alfatal, Iraq, Roots of passion PORTRAIT/PORTRETPSA Mention
  48. 48. 48 Alain Morata, France, CORNEMUSE PORTRAIT/PORTRET PSA Mention
  49. 49. 49 PORTRAIT/PORTRETSalon Mention Jurong Yu, China, Life in Daliangshan 21
  50. 50. 50 Oleg Kutskiy, Ukraine, Boatswain PORTRAIT/PORTRET Salon Mention
  51. 51. 51 Valerie Duncan, United Kingdom, Anna Portrait mono Salon Mention PORTRAIT/PORTRET
  52. 52. 52 Khaing Sandar Tin, Singapore, Smoking Old Men 1 PORTRAIT/PORTRET Salon Mention
  53. 53. 53 Salon Mention Kim Pheng Sim, Singapore, Violet PORTRAIT/PORTRET
  54. 54. 54 PORTRAIT/PORTRET Salon Mention Yiliang Yang, China, Liangshan Man
  55. 55. 55 MACRO /MAKRO THEME / TEMA C
  56. 56. 56 PSA GoldMACRO/MAKRO Dre Van Mensel, Belgium, Zwaluwstaart
  57. 57. 57 Yeokkian Koh, Malaysia, Fly mating 2 MACRO/MAKROSalon Gold
  58. 58. 58 Tommy Teh, Malaysia, Gotcha 48 MACRO/MAKRO PSA Silver
  59. 59. 59 Pamela Alexis Callista Javran, Indonesia, In Between MACRO/MAKROSalon Silver
  60. 60. 60 Valerie Duncan, United Kingdom, Mouse and Bramble Flowers MACRO/MAKRO PSA Bronze
  61. 61. 61 Sandra Stoic, Croatia, Beauty MACRO/MAKROIAAP Bronze
  62. 62. 62 MACRO/MAKRO Paulo Guerra, Brazil, Zinha Salon Bronze
  63. 63. 63 Shannon Heng, Singapore, Bird on Wire - Oncidium poikilostalix MACRO/MAKROSpecial Chairman Choice
  64. 64. 64 Marc Anagnostidis, France, Erythroma Viridulum 2 MACRO/MAKRO PSA Mention
  65. 65. 65 MACRO/MAKROPSA Mention Daniel Lybaert, Netherlands, C2 Lantaarntje op clematis
  66. 66. 66 MACRO/MAKRO GPU Mention Sara Gabriels, Belgium, New Life
  67. 67. 67 MACRO/MAKROSalon Mention Mofeed Abushalwa, Saudiarabia, Bee Euglossa imperialis
  68. 68. 68 MACRO/MAKRO Salon Mention Normante Ribokaite, Lithuania, The Spider
  69. 69. 69 MACRO/MAKROSalon Mention Huee Ling NG, Singapore, Team Work
  70. 70. 70 MACRO/MAKRO Salon Mention Pandula Bandara, Srilanka, Aiming
  71. 71. 71 MACRO/MAKROSalon Mention Milan Zolnir, Slovenia, Quaking grass
  72. 72. 72 MACRO/MAKRO Salon Mention Jingfen Tang, China, Exploration
  74. 74. 74 PSA Gold Chin Leong Teo, Singapore, Three Girls Sand Dune BW 2 SHADOW/SENKA
  75. 75. 75 Mofeed Abushalwa, Saudiarabia, Abu Dhabi SHADOW/SENKASalon Gold
  76. 76. 76 PSA Silver Igor Debevec, Slovenia, Fairyland V1 SHADOW/SENKA
  77. 77. 77 Vitaliy Podgurchenko, Russia, Valeriya SHADOW/SENKASalon Silver
  78. 78. 78 PSA Bronze Gang Wang, China, Herding SHADOW/SENKA
  79. 79. 79 Normante Ribokaite, Lithuania, Crows Greeting SHADOW/SENKASalon Bronze
  80. 80. 80 Pandula Bandara, Srilanka, Playing with friends Special Chairman ChoiceSHADOW/SENKA
  81. 81. 81 Desheng Xu, China, Little Host 1 SHADOW/SENKAPSA Mention
  82. 82. 82 Marina Pavlin, Slovenia, Dancers PSA MentionSHADOW/SENKA
  83. 83. 83 Ruslan Bolgov, Lithuania, SH Shadow play SHADOW/SENKAGPU Mention
  84. 84. 84 Hongbing Ye, China, Pray 4 IAAP MentionSHADOW/SENKA
  85. 85. 85 Salon Mention Yonghong Jin, China, Home SHADOW/SENKA
  86. 86. 86 Salon Mention Sanjoy Sengupta. India, Fort walk 2 SHADOW/SENKA
  87. 87. 87 Salon Mention Rabia Basha, Israel, Three runners archery Athens BW SHADOW/SENKA
  88. 88. 88 Salon Mention Peter Teuschel, Germany, Shadows SHADOW/SENKA
  89. 89. 89 Salon Mention Jianxun Wu, China, Diligent SHADOW/SENKA
  90. 90. 90 SHADOW/SENKA Salon Mention Oliver Merce, Romania, Stairs
  92. 92. 92 OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLOR PSA Gold Ovi D Pop, Romania, Dead or alive
  93. 93. 93 OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLOR Ruslan Bolgov, Lithuania, The tale of two roses Salon Gold
  94. 94. 94 Igor Debevec, Slovenia, Fisherman on river II OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLOR PSA Silver
  95. 95. 95 Pandula Bandara, Srilanka, Waiting OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLORSalon Silver
  96. 96. 96 Iwona Czubek, Poland, Poppies OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLOR PSA Bronze
  97. 97. 97 Kim-Pheng Sim, Singapore, Do Not Disturb OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLORSalon Bronze
  98. 98. 98 Normante Ribokaite, Lithuania, Upstairs 3 OPEN COLOR/S. KOLOR Special Chairman Choice
  99. 99. 99 Kai Lon Tang, Macau, Boxing 45 OPEN / SLOBODNA COLORPSA Mention
  100. 100. 100 OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLOR Lingyun Mao, USA, Kerligarfjoll Mt 11 PSA Mention
  101. 101. 101 Zhiyu Wu, China, Dinner OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLORGPU Mention
  102. 102. 102 OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLOR IAAP Mention Jurong Yu, China, Life in Daliangshan 26
  103. 103. 103 OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLORSalon Mention Theo Streitfelder, Austria, Zebras
  104. 104. 104 OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLOR Salon Mention Ole Suszkiewicz, Denmark, Late Driving
  105. 105. 105 OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLORSalon Mention Luis Leandro Serrano., Spain, E3 Reflexes
  106. 106. 106 OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLOR Salon Mention Lung-Tsai Wang, Taiwan, Aka village 19
  107. 107. 107 OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLORSalon Mention Chin Leong Teo, Singapore, Blue Fishing Nets 3
  108. 108. 108 OPEN COLOR/SLOBODNA KOLOR Salon Mention Jeno Major, Romania, Tuscany
  110. 110. 110 OPEN MONOCHROME PSA Gold Luis Leandro Serrano, Spain, F2 Effort
  111. 111. 111 OPEN MONOCHROMESalon Gold Ole Suszkiewicz, Denmark, Upstairs 4
  112. 112. 112 PSA SilverOPEN MONOCHROME Igor Debevec, Slovenia, Acte Noir I
  113. 113. 113 OPEN MONOCHROME Danlei Ye, Canada, The Nenets 44 Salon Silver
  114. 114. 114 OPEN MONOCHROME Cyril Boyd, Northern Ireland, Flop PSA Bronze
  115. 115. 115 OPEN MONOCHROME ValerieDuncan, United Kingdom, Roseanna mono Salon Bronze
  116. 116. 116 OPEN MONOCHROME Roberto Soares Gomes, Brazil, FACES Special Chairman Choice
  117. 117. 117 OPEN MONOCHROME Yiliang Yang, China, Liangshan Woman 2 PSA Mention
  118. 118. 118 Robin Yong, Australia, Bathing the Cockerel OPEN MONOCHROME PSA Mention
  119. 119. 119 Basil Titov, Belarus, HOBBY 2 OPEN MONOCHROMEGPU Mention
  120. 120. 120 Ping Lu, China, Fit OPEN MONOCHROME IAAP Mention
  121. 121. 121 OPEN MONOCHROMESalon Mention Peter Teuschel, Germany, Aquilegia mono
  122. 122. 122 OPEN MONOCHROME Salon Mention Dibiao Tao, China, Company
  123. 123. 123 OPEN MONOCHROMESalon Mention Zhihui Shi, China, Hand Made Dry Noodle
  124. 124. 124 OPEN MONOCHROME Salon Mention Kai Lon Tang, Macau, Dream of Fire
  125. 125. 125 OPEN MONOCHROMESalon Mention Chenglin Zheng, China, Await
  126. 126. 126 OPEN MONOCHROME Salon Mention Asit Kumar Ray, India, INKLING
  128. 128. 128 PSA GoldNATURE/PRIRODA Valerie Duncan, United Kingdom, Mouse Looking Down
  129. 129. 129 NATURE/PRIRODA Binyuan Li, China, Quiet 6 Salon Gold
  130. 130. 130 Robin Yong, Australia, Grenouille GPU GoldNATURE/PRIRODA
  131. 131. 131 Fengying Long, China, Tide of Birds NATURE/PRIRODAPSA Silver
  132. 132. 132 Dre Van Mensel, Belgium, Head Down NATURE/PRIRODA Salon Silver
  133. 133. 133 PSA Bronze Daniel Lybaert, Netherlands, G2 Verveling in ZwW NATURE/PRIRODA
  134. 134. 134 Jiajun Chai, Chinam, Brown bear 13 NATURE/PRIRODA Salon Bronze
  135. 135. 135 Paulo Guerra, Brazil, Papa mosca NATURE/PRIRODASpecial Chairman Choice
  136. 136. 136 PSA MentionNATURE/PRIRODA Lingyun Mao, USA, Spray 6
  137. 137. 137 PSA Mention NATURE/PRIRODA Pamela Alexis Callista Javran, Indonesia, Bird Feeding 4
  138. 138. 138 NATURE/PRIRODA IAAP Mention Ping Lu, China, Wetland Elf English
  139. 139. 139 Salon Mention NATURE/PRIRODA Roberto Soares Gomes, Brazil, SANDFALL
  140. 140. 140 NATURE/PRIRODA Salon Mention Vasilis Kazepidis, Greece, Frogs No 04
  141. 141. 141 Salon Mention NATURE/PRIRODA Yeokkian Koh, Malaysia, Funny mini flies
  142. 142. 142 Salon MentionNATURE/PRIRODA Thomas Vijayan, Canada, Twilightlis
  143. 143. 143 Salon Mention NATURE/PRIRODA Chenglin Zheng, China, Struggle
  144. 144. 144 NATURE/PRIRODA Salon Mention Bob Devine, United Kingdom, Lion cub attacks
  145. 145. 145 BIRDS/PTICE THEME / TEMA H
  146. 146. 146 PSA GoldBIRDS/PTICE Pamela Alexis Callista Javran, Indonesia, Bird Feeding 5
  147. 147. 147 BIRDS/PTICE Miranda Siu, Canada, TIME FOR LUNCH Salon Gold
  148. 148. 148 Hamad Bouresli, Kuwait, Egrests fight PSA SilverBIRDS/PTICE
  149. 149. 149 Bence Mate, Hungary, Eye To Eye Salon Silver BIRDS/PTICE
  150. 150. 150 Normante Ribokaite, Lithuania, Loud PSA BronzeBIRDS/PTICE
  151. 151. 151 Ray Kilham, United Kingdom, Hunting Common Turn Salon Bronze BIRDS/PTICE
  152. 152. 152 BIRDS/PTICE Special Chairman Choice Huifen Wang, China, Feeding
  153. 153. 153 PSA Mention Gunther Riehle, Germany, Emperor colony in snow storm 12 BIRDS/PTICE
  154. 154. 154 Dibiao Tao, China, Have a Rest BIRDS/PTICE PSA Mention
  155. 155. 155 BIRDS/PTICEGPU Mention James Wat, USA, Its My Turn Mom
  156. 156. 156 Dre Van Mensel, Belgium, Garrulus glandarius BIRDS/PTICE Salon Mention
  157. 157. 157 BIRDS/PTICE Liquan Sheng, China, Crane Dance 1 Salon Mention
  158. 158. 158 Salon MentionBIRDS/PTICE Shiqing Tang, China, Strike out
  159. 159. 159 Salon Mention BIRDS/PTICE Vicki Moritz, Australia, Robin in rain
  160. 160. 160 Salon MentionBIRDS/PTICE Lingyun Mao, USA, Sea Eagle 10
  161. 161. 161 Salon Mention BIRDS/PTICE Robert Cooper, England, Kingfisher with fish
  162. 162. 162
  163. 163. 163 FLOWERS/CVEĆE THEME / TEMA I
  164. 164. 164 PSA GoldFLOWERS/CVEĆE Pietro Bugli, Italy, Strelitzia
  165. 165. 165 FLOWERS/CVEĆE James Wat, USA, Together We make standard of Beauty Salon Gold
  166. 166. 166 Tommy Teh, Malaysia, Water Lily 8 FLOWERS/CVEĆE PSA Silver
  167. 167. 167 Marc Anagnostidis, France, Fushia Trio FLOWERS/CVEĆESalon Silver
  168. 168. 168 Kornelia Dakovic Svajcer, Serbia, Yelow and red FLOWERS/CVEĆE PSA Bronze
  169. 169. 169 Shannon Heng, Singapore, Humming Bird Galeandra chapadensis FLOWERS/CVEĆESalon Bronze
  170. 170. 170 Alain Morata, France, CLEMATIS FLOWERS/CVEĆE Special Chairman Choice
  171. 171. 171 Ira Nemeroff, USA, Selby 016 PSA Mention FLOWERS/CVEĆE
  172. 172. 172 FLOWERS/CVEĆE PSA Mention Iwona Czubek, Poland, Geum
  173. 173. 173 Milan Zolnir, Slovenia, Californian poppy GPU Mention FLOWERS/CVEĆE
  174. 174. 174 FLOWERS/CVEĆE Salon Mention Peter Teuschel, Germany, Gentiana
  175. 175. 175 Salon Mention FLOWERS/CVEĆE Yvonne Moule, Australia, Two lilies
  176. 176. 176 Salon MentionFLOWERS/CVEĆE Chan Seng Tang, Macau, Flower 23
  177. 177. 177 Salon Mention FLOWERS/CVEĆE Pandula Bandara, Srilanka, Jungle Flower
  178. 178. 178 Salon MentionFLOWERS/CVEĆE Goran Kulezic, Serbia, IMG4372bw
  179. 179. 179 Salon Mention FLOWERS/CVEĆE Mofeed Abushalwa, Saudiarabia, Bokeh Tulip Flower
  180. 180. 180
  182. 182. 182 PSA Gold Chin Leong Teo, Singapore, Bajau Boy with Net 1 TRAVEL/PUTOVANJE
  183. 183. 183 Igor Debevec, Slovenia, Kirkjufellsfoss II Salon Gold TRAVEL/PUTOVANJE
  184. 184. 184 PSA Silver Lingyun Mao, USA, Kerligarfjoll Mt 26 s TRAVEL/PUTOVANJE
  185. 185. 185 Mei Guo, China, Impression of teahouse Salon Silver TRAVEL/PUTOVANJE
  186. 186. 186 Jurong Yu, Chinam, Spectacular views in Xinjiang 18 PSA BronzeTRAVEL/PUTOVANJE
  187. 187. 187 Yiliang Yang, China, Buddhism 3 Salon Bronze TRAVEL/PUTOVANJE
  188. 188. 188 Yonghong Jin, China, Lunch Time Special Chairman ChoiceTRAVEL/PUTOVANJE
  189. 189. 189 Tomasz Okoniewski, Poland, Abyss 2 PSA Mention TRAVEL/PUTOVANJE
  190. 190. 190 PSA Mention Pandula Bandara, Srilanka, After Work TRAVEL/PUTOVANJE
  191. 191. 191 Lakshan Senevirathne, Srilanka, Companionship GPU Mention TRAVEL/PUTOVANJE
  192. 192. 192 Gunther Riehle, Germany, Adult and two chicks 102 IAAP MentionTRAVEL/PUTOVANJE
  193. 193. 193 Salon Mention Yan Zhang tj, China, Return TRAVEL/PUTOVANJE
  194. 194. 194 Salon Mention Bob Devine, United Kingdom, Whos watching who TRAVEL/PUTOVANJE
  195. 195. 195 Salon Mention Gang Wang, China, The shore TRAVEL/PUTOVANJE
  196. 196. 196 Salon MentionTRAVEL/PUTOVANJE Desheng Xu, China, Believer 18
  197. 197. 197 Salon Mention TRAVEL/PUTOVANJE Alexey Suloev, Russia, Butterfly 06
  198. 198. 198 TRAVEL/PUTOVANJE Salon Mention Ovi D Pop, Romania, Rainy Pray
  200. 200. 200 PSA GoldPHOTOJOURNALISM Guy B Samoyault, France, Long jump handi woman 245
  201. 201. 201 PHOTOJOURNALISM Almando Reggio, Italy, Ball 31 Salon Gold
  202. 202. 202 PSA Silver Ibrahimm Iqbal, Banglades, Struggle PHOTOJOURNALISM
  203. 203. 203 Fengliang Zou, China, Trail Life 11 PHOTOJOURNALISMSalon Silver
  204. 204. 204 PSA Bronze Yonghong Jin, China, Rural hospital PHOTOJOURNALISM
  205. 205. 205 Alexey Suloev, Russia, Children of the tundra PHOTOJOURNALISMGPU Bronze
  206. 206. 206 Tomasz Okoniewski, Poland, Adas dog 2 PHOTOJOURNALISM Salon Bronze
  207. 207. 207 Special Chairman Choice Leonid Goldin, Israel, Rain for happiness PHOTOJOURNALISM
  208. 208. 208 PSA MentionPHOTOJOURNALISM Genadi Brodsky, Israel, Colloquy
  209. 209. 209 Binyuan Li, China, My toy PHOTOJOURNALISMPSA Mention
  210. 210. 210 IAAP MentionPHOTOJOURNALISM Rabia Basha, Israel, Lebanon second War 2
  211. 211. 211 PHOTOJOURNALISMSalon Mention Chenglin Zheng, China, Life At Brick 3
  212. 212. 212 Salon MentionPHOTOJOURNALISM Hongbing Ye, China, Life over brickyard
  213. 213. 213 PHOTOJOURNALISMSalon Mention Xiaoqing Chen, China, Play chess
  214. 214. 214 Salon MentionPHOTOJOURNALISM Solveig Wallenius, Finland, A Day of a Firefighter 1
  215. 215. 215 PHOTOJOURNALISMSalon Mention Alain Morata, France, INONDATIONS SALIES 2
  216. 216. 216 PHOTOJOURNALISM Salon Mention Xinmin Zhang, China, Hard working
  217. 217. 217 CHILD / DETE THEME / TEMA L
  218. 218. 218 PSA GoldCHILD/DETE Vasilis Kazepidis, Greece, La petite Larisa No 03
  219. 219. 219 Luis Leandro Serrano, Spain, L1 The equilibrist Salon Gold CHILD/DETE
  220. 220. 220 PSA Silver Xinxin Chen, China, Nenets child 3 CHILD/DETE
  221. 221. 221 Sau Fong Neo, Malaysia, Coconut Girl Salon Silver CHILD/DETE
  222. 222. 222 PSA Bronze Mei Guo, China, Mend CHILD/DETE
  223. 223. 223 Jiajun Chai, China, Nenets child 4 Salon Bronze CHILD/DETE
  224. 224. 224 Special Chairman Choice Lakshan Senevirathne, Srilanka, Curious CHILD/DETE
  225. 225. 225 Yuhua Wang, China, Akha 11 PSA Mention CHILD/DETE
  226. 226. 226 PSA Mention Cyril Boyd, Northern Ireland, Spear chucker CHILD/DETE
  227. 227. 227 James Wat, USA, The Poor Side of Town Nepal GPU Mention CHILD/DETE
  228. 228. 228 Salon Mention Jinsheng Xiao, China, The African children 28 CHILD/DETE
  229. 229. 229 Salon Mention Klaus Schwinges, Germany, Kunstradfahren 9 CHILD/DETE
  230. 230. 230 Salon Mention Yuhui Hu, China, Sister and brothers CHILD/DETE
  231. 231. 231 Salon Mention Oliver Merce, Romania, The Little Rebel CHILD/DETE
  232. 232. 232 Salon Mention Oleg Kutskiy, Ukraine, Slum childrens CHILD/DETE
  233. 233. 233 Salon Mention Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Saudiarabia, Childhood bold CHILD/DETE
  234. 234. 234 Yiliang Yang, Grandmother 3 Yiliang Yang, Return 2 Yonghong Jin, Cuban street 2 Yuhua Wang, Cuba45 Yuhua Wang, Cuba54 Yuhui Hu, Afternoon Yuhui Hu, Delicious Yuhui Hu, Shop Croatia Diana Junaković, Darwin Diana Junaković, Hard Times Diana Junaković, Lonely Diana Junaković, Thin line between Rajko Đedović, The next generation of generations Denmark OLE SUSZKIEWICZ, Bad Car OLE SUSZKIEWICZ, Copenhagen Pride OLE SUSZKIEWICZ, Cuba Street Germany Jerry Louis Ruff, Love - or not Jerry Louis Ruff, Tourists in Prague Klaus Schwinges, Die Prinzessin Klaus Schwinges, Die Welt entdecken Klaus Schwinges, Hier bin ich Peter Teuschel, A lovely place Wolfgang Schweden, After work 1 Greece Vasilis KAZEPIDIS, In the local flea market Hong Kong Wolfgang Lin, Train Station Hungary Vida Joseph, selfi India AVIJIT MALIK, CHILD PLAY AVIJIT MALIK, FRAME AVIJIT MALIK, TWO FRIENDS SANJOY SENGUPTA, fruitseller at old quarter SANJOY SENGUPTA, Onion Seller 7 SANJOY SENGUPTA, pre-Iftaar SUBRATA BHATTACHERJEE, THE MONK AND THE GIRL SUBRATA BHATTACHERJEE, VIGILANCE SUBRATA BHATTACHERJEE, WOMAN WITH UMBRELLA Israel amir lavon, amir lavon, Power to the people Genadi Brodsky, Trading. Leonid Goldin, BE SEEN BY MILLIONS Leonid Goldin, For the Morning Prayer Leonid Goldin, Roses for loved ones Leonid Goldin, Women’s Pain RABIA BASHA, Guitar player on the street RABIA BASHA, Sitting standing walking BW RABIA BASHA, Top mans 3 Italy Marcello MARIELLA, Legs Pietro Bugli, Walking in Gdansk 1 Pietro Bugli, Walking in Gdansk 2 Pietro Bugli, Walking in Gdansk 3 Pietro Bugli, Walking in Gdansk 4 Lithuania Normante Ribokaite, Balloon 18 Normante Ribokaite, Meeting Normante Ribokaite, Through the street Macedonia Marina Krstic, Midning own business Marina Krstic, Wall Theme A/ Street Australia Mathew Sze, Courier Mathew Sze, Looking Up Robin Yong, Cuban Color Street Robin Yong, Havana Street Scene Robin Yong, The Gondola Ride Robin Yong, The Time of the Night Vicki Moritz, Paris street singers Vicki Moritz, tokyo market figures Austria Theo Streitfelder, BusStop Bangladesh IBRAHIM M IQBAL, the angry bull Belarus BASIL TITOV, TOWN - BASIL TITOV Brazil ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, LA CYCLISTE ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, NUNS Canada Danlei Ye, Morocco19 Danlei Ye, Morocco22 MIRANDA SIU, IMITATING ANCIENT WORK Phillip Kwan, Monk at Hall China Aihua Cao, Chat 1 Aihua Cao, Fish Market Binyuan Li, Busy Trafic Binyuan Li, Children of DaliangMountain 1 Chenglin Zheng, People in blue town 13 Desheng Xu, Hair Cut Shop on the Street Desheng Xu, Meet Desheng Xu, Road 5 Deying Huang, Childhood 1 Deying Huang, Each Performs its Own Functions Deying Huang, Shower Deying Huang, Vendor Gang Wang, Return Gang Wang, Waiting For Guests Haiyan Huang, Life23 Haiyan Huang, Life50 Hongbing Ye, Different Happy Hongbing Ye, Strength Jiajun Chai, Laos20 Jianxun Wu, Childhood Time Jianxun Wu, Crowded Market Jianxun Wu, The old man and his dog Jurong Yu, Firecrackers at master Han- dan6 Jurong Yu, Life in Daliangshan 7 PING LU, Grandpa s car repair shop PING LU, Old Sisters PING LU, Partner Siyuan Huang, Childhood in mountain 1 Siyuan Huang, Homeless 1 Wen Zhong, Small stalls Xiaolian Zhang, Alone Xiaolian Zhang, Red Festival Xiaolian Zhang, waited Xiaoqing Chen, Come back Xiaoqing Chen, Have A Rest Xinmin Zhang, In Rain Xinxin Chen, Laos24 Yan Zhang tj, Countryside Life Yan Zhang tj, Peolpe Live in Southern Anhui Yan Zhang tj, Railway Life Yi WAN, laneway 4 Vladimir Jovanovski, Baker from Kratovo Vladimir Jovanovski, With the thoughts Zaklina Stefanovska, Andrej running Netherlands Daniel LYBAERT, Brugs kantklossen Daniel LYBAERT, Met paard en kar Daniel LYBAERT, Op de stoeprand Poland Tadeusz Mozalewski, Across the street 2 Tadeusz Mozalewski, Morning haste Tomasz Okoniewski, duel of champions 2 Tomasz Okoniewski, in city run 1 Tomasz Okoniewski, two plans, two stories Tomasz Okoniewski, window talks Romania Oliver Merce, Age Specific Oliver Merce, Sacred vs Profane Oliver Merce, Street Colors Russia Dmitry Chastikov, Trieste girls Dmitry Chastikov, Vitsebsk Staircase Serbia Aleksa Stojkovic, after the rain 2 Goran Kulezić, IMG_4516 Nenad Borojevic, C’est la vie Nenad Borojevic, Follower 3 Nenad Borojevic, Lonely 2 Nenad Borojevic, Stunned Singapore Chin Foo See, Monobike C2 Khaing Sandar Tin, Greeting Smile Khaing Sandar Tin, Walking in the street 4 Zee Kek HENG, Porter Slovenia Igor Debevec, Night Hong Kong Igor Debevec, Salsa Spain LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, Birds eye view LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, Crosswalk LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, Lights and shadows Sri Lanka Lakshan Senevirathne, Lakshan Senevirathne, mother and child Lakshan Senevirathne, versatile mother Pandula Bandara, Blessing Pandula Bandara, Look at the Cameramen Pandula Bandara, Making Food Taiwan Lung-Tsai Wang, Beehive Fireworks Festival 1 Lung-Tsai Wang, Hot metal fire dragon3 Ukraine Oleg Semiokhin, City gossips Oleg Semiokhin, Tournament Oleksandr Plokhotin, Common life in Chile Oleksandr Plokhotin, The stolen childhood United Kingdom Michael Duke, Morning Break Valerie Duncan, An Evening in Digbeth Valerie Duncan, Ladies of Huangang Valerie Duncan, The Late Bus mono USA James WAT, I Cant See But I can braid James WAT, The Entertainer James D Smith, 53 Plymouth CUBA HEY 495_2081 James D Smith, Carcel Street Ven- dors_7894 James D Smith, Havana Street_2117 James D Smith, New Battery_9093 Wales colin price, blue suede shoes colin price, breaking all the rules colin price, celebrating love colin price, friendship Theme B/ Portrait Australia Robin Yong, Harmony in Time Robin Yong, Il Solenne Ingresso Robin Yong, The Grandmaster Yvonne Moule, Two schoolboys Austria Theo Streitfelder, In Trauer Theo Streitfelder, Nachdenklich Bangladesh IBRAHIM M IQBAL, crucified IBRAHIM M IQBAL, life and wheels Belgium Nicoll Francis, Red Hat 3 Sara GABRIELS, Meisje met strooien hoed Sara GABRIELS, Shining eyes Sara GABRIELS, The face of a Sadhu Canada Phillip Kwan, Helen 55 China Aihua Cao, The old woman Beimeng Liu, African Tribal People 4 Beimeng Liu, Sadness Beimeng Liu, Tribal Symbol 16 Beimeng Liu, Tribal Symbol 9 Desheng Xu, camel businessman 2 Desheng Xu, Little happiness Desheng Xu, Tribal Child 1 Deying Huang, Innocent 2 Deying Huang, Serious Dibiao Tao, Kid Fengliang Zou, For living Fengliang Zou, Thoughtful Fengying Long, Ethiopia girl24 Fengying Long, Omo River Valley53 Gang Wang, Senior Gang Wang, Wach Gang Wang, Years 2 Guixiang Huang, frica Daily Life 4 Guixiang Huang, Kid 2 Guixiang Huang, Primal Honor 3 Haiqiu Gao, Ascetic monk Haiqiu Gao, On the Class Haiyan Huang, The Nenets52 Hongbing Ye, Monks Hongbing Ye, Mursi Tribe Jianxun Wu, Old Woman Jianxun Wu, Sisters 1 Jianxun Wu, Young Boy in Tribe Jing Li, African boy Jinsheng Xiao, Ethiopia34 Jinsheng Xiao, Omo River Valley27 Jinsheng Xiao, The African children22 Jinyi Zhang, Group Photo Jinyi Zhang, Old man Jinyi Zhang, The Lonely Old man Jinyi Zhang, Tribal Face 2 Jurong Yu, Life in Daliangshan 19 Jurong Yu, Life in Daliangshan 21 LI WANG, Cold eye LI WANG, stare up at Mei Guo, innocence12
  235. 235. 235 AVIJIT MALIK, OLD MAN AVIJIT MALIK, PURULIA BOY SANJOY SENGUPTA, The Artwork SUBRATA BHATTACHERJEE, GRACEFUL TEEN SUNIEL MARATHE, DELIGHTFUL PRAJAK- TA BW SUNIEL MARATHE, MAHI 4 SUNIEL MARATHE, NIKITA 1 SUNIEL MARATHE, TRADITIONAL LOOK Indonesia pamela alexis Callista Javran, Baliem Boy pamela alexis Callista Javran, Marius the dani tribe I pamela alexis Callista Javran, Tatapan Kosong anak Baliem Iraq ali alfatal, behind the mustache ali alfatal, dazed and confused ali alfatal, roots of passion ali alfatal, the wicked Israel Genadi Brodsky, Barrow boy. Genadi Brodsky, Coca-Cola. Genadi Brodsky, Look Karin. Genadi Brodsky, Strong. Rachel Algom, glance Rachel Algom, her blue eyes Rachel Algom, intensity Lithuania Normante Ribokaite, 1967 and after 50 year Normante Ribokaite, Husband with wife Normante Ribokaite, With a smile Ruslan Bolgov, Born to be real Ruslan Bolgov, Emilija Macedonia Marina Krstic, Irreconcilable Vladimir Jovanovski, Pippi Vladimir Jovanovski, Woman with the yellow scarf Netherlands Daniel LYBAERT, Jesse en Justin Daniel LYBAERT, Jesse met hoed Daniel LYBAERT, Kleine zeerover 2 in ZwW Daniel LYBAERT, Mono Contpiep Northern Ireland Cyril Boyd, Sir Gerald the brave Cyril Boyd, Star Maiden Cyril Boyd, The Look Cyril Boyd, The thinker Norway Gudem Roy, Pantomime Poland Tomasz Okoniewski, Alex land III Tomasz Okoniewski, Jasmina 1 Tomasz Okoniewski, three shepherds 1 Romania Ovi D. Pop, Chen Ovi D. Pop, green Ovi D. Pop, raluca Ovi D. Pop, witchy Saudi Arabia Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Fabrics seller Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Indian teacher Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Moments old man1 Mofeed Abu Shalwa, sad old man Serbia Aleksa Stojkovic, father Aleksa Stojkovic, Singer Kornelia Dakovic Svajcer, Granny in a chair Mei Guo, Mood for love1 Min Li, Good friends 4 Min Li, Inside window Min Li, Tribal portrait 7 Min Li, Years 5 PING LU, Tibetan Aunt Tieqiang Li, Lama 4 Tieqiang Li, Power of Belief 2 Tieqiang Li, Smoke Tieqiang Li, Tribal imprint 17 Wen Zhong, Eyes Wen Zhong, Maiden Wen Zhong, Smile Xiaoguang Cao, Mursi Tribe Xiaoguang Cao, Tribe kids 10 Xiaoguang Cao, Tribe mothers 15 Xiaoguang Cao, Years 1 Xiaolian Zhang, Tribal Kids 1 Xiaoqing Chen, Man Xiaoqing Chen, Old Woman 3 Xiaoqing Chen, With Big Eyes and Bushy eyebrows Xiaoqing Chen, With Big Eyes and Bushy eyebrows Yan Zhang tj, Arms Yi WAN, enlisted man 8 Yiliang Yang, Aged Woman Yiliang Yang, Liangshan Man Yiliang Yang, Years 2 Yonghong Jin, African Boy Yonghong Jin, Good Brothers Yonghong Jin, Smoking Yu Wang, Little girl Yu Wang, Old lady 2 Yu Wang, Tribal boy Yu Wang, Vendor 2 Yuanlin Tang, Fear Yuanlin Tang, Good friend Yuanlin Tang, Liangshan woman Yuhui Hu, Drink water Yuhui Hu, Good friend Yuhui Hu, Old woman Zhihui Shi, Child In Daliangshan Zhiyu Wu, Cool Zhiyu Wu, Mother and Son 1 Zhiyu Wu, Smoker Zhiyu Wu, Smoker 2 Croatia Diana Junaković, Sad Day Cyprus George Petrou, Memories George Petrou, Spring Lady Denmark OLE SUSZKIEWICZ, Carnival Lady OLE SUSZKIEWICZ, Cecilie 2 OLE SUSZKIEWICZ, Maima on Way OLE SUSZKIEWICZ, Naima Portrait Finland Solveig Wallenius, No Solveig Wallenius, Santa Solveig Wallenius, Smile France ALAIN MORATA, CORNEMUSE ALAIN MORATA, EDINBURGH 16 NB Germany Wolfgang Schweden, Mo 2 Hong Kong Loretta Yat Wong, Eight generals5 Loretta Yat Wong, Minorities of Taiwan10 Loretta Yat Wong, The Nenets21 India ASIT KUMAR RAY, GENERATION GAP-1 Singapore Khaing Sandar Tin, A Patriarch 1 Khaing Sandar Tin, Smoking Old Men 1 Kim-Pheng Sim, ANGRY WITH ME Kim-Pheng Sim, BEAUTY SHEILA Kim-Pheng Sim, MONICA ANGRY Kim-Pheng Sim, VIolet Slovenia Igor Debevec, Wisdom Marina Pavlin, Portret_1_Ayoung man with a cap Marina Pavlin, Portret_4_A Yao woman Sri Lanka Pandula Bandara, Feeling the Rain Drops of Raining Pandula Bandara, Meditation with Violin Pandula Bandara, Painting Pandula Bandara, Young and Fresh Ukraine Oleg Kutskiy, Boatswain. Oleg Kutskiy, Busker... United Kingdom Michael Duke, Fiona Valerie Duncan, Amelia mono Valerie Duncan, Anna Portrait mono Valerie Duncan, Boxer mono Valerie Duncan, Derk mono USA James WAT, Girl in costume of Ching Dynasty James WAT, The Beauty behind mask James WAT, THE CUDDLING PRIEST- James D Smith, Renaissance Quasimo- do_7356 Vietnam Tien Dat Dao, I WANT Tien Dat Dao, OLD LOVE No 2 Theme C/ Macro Belgium Dre VAN MENSEL, Closed Wings Dre VAN MENSEL, Rood Behaard Dre VAN MENSEL, Vrouwelijke Koning- innepage Dre VAN MENSEL, Zwaluwstaart Sara GABRIELS, Duo in sunrise Sara GABRIELS, Marbled white Sara GABRIELS, New Life Sara GABRIELS, Ruddy Darter Brazil Paulo Guerra, Asa de vidro Paulo Guerra, Zinha China Jingfen Tang, Exploration Croatia Sandra Stoic, Beauty Sandra Stoic, Morning climbing Sandra Stoic, Purple and green Sandra Stoic, Purple trio France MARC ANAGNOSTIDIS, Erythroma Viridulum 2 MARC ANAGNOSTIDIS, Portrait Ischnura Germany Peter Teuschel, Staring out India ASIM KUMAR CHAUDHURI, COMPOUND EYE OF A HOUSE FLY ASIM KUMAR CHAUDHURI, HOUSE FLY MATING ASIM KUMAR CHAUDHURI, trapped Indonesia pamela alexis Callista Javran, in Between Lithuania Normante Ribokaite, The Spider Macedonia Ivana Jovanovska Kuzmanovska, wild flower Malaysia Tommy Teh, Gotcha 48 Tommy Teh, Gotcha 49 Tommy Teh, Lets Rock Tommy Teh, Stacking 4 YEOKKIAN KOH, Couple 780 YEOKKIAN KOH, Delicious 896 YEOKKIAN KOH, Fly mating 2 YEOKKIAN KOH, Tasty Netherlands Daniel LYBAERT, Borage Daniel LYBAERT, Lantaarntje in de regen Daniel LYBAERT, Lantaarntje op clematis Daniel LYBAERT, Rotweer Saudi Arabia Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Bee Euglossa imperialis Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Darwin’s Beetle Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Red dragonfly2 Serbia Aleksa Stojkovic, flower Singapore HUEE LING NG, Batam Tiger Bugs HUEE LING NG, Team Work Shannon Heng, Bird on Wire - Oncidium poikilostalix macro Shannon Heng, Dragonflies - Lepanthes calodictyon macro Slovakia Ladislav Pollak, Modlivka Slovenia Milan Zolnir, quaking grass Sri Lanka Pandula Bandara, Aiming Pandula Bandara, Lighted Spider Pandula Bandara, Spiderman United Kingdom Valerie Duncan, Harvest Mouse on Poppy Seedhead Valerie Duncan, Mouse and Bramble Flowers Valerie Duncan, One Red Eye Tree Frog Valerie Duncan, Red Eye Tree Frog Climbing USA Brian Grant, Ceraunus Blue 02 Theme D/ Shadow Australia Robin Yong, The Bellboy Bangladesh IBRAHIM M IQBAL, fisherman Belgium Nicoll Francis, Cimetiere Americain 3 Nicoll Francis, Shadow Dance 7 Nicoll Francis, Silhouette 9 Brazil ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, SALTO ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, WORKER WITH SHADOW China Aihua Cao, Borrow the light 1
  236. 236. 236 Peter Teuschel, Shadows Wolfgang Schweden, Pattern Four India SANJOY SENGUPTA, fort walk 2 Israel RABIA BASHA, Three runners archery Athens BW Lithuania Normante Ribokaite, Crows Greeting Normante Ribokaite, Dance with Crows 1 Normante Ribokaite, Magical reality 3 Normante Ribokaite, Pathfinder Ruslan Bolgov, Shadowplay Ruslan Bolgov, Shadows of the feelings Ruslan Bolgov, White dots Macedonia Ivana Jovanovska Kuzmanovska, run Ivana Jovanovska Kuzmanovska, shadow Marina Krstic, In doubt Marina Krstic, V 98 Vladimir Jovanovski, Beam Vladimir Jovanovski, Morning tornado Vladimir Jovanovski, New toy Vladimir Jovanovski, One Romania Jeno Major, Ancestral Jeno Major, fields Jeno Major, long shadows Oliver Merce, Stairs Ovi D. Pop, Baltic morning Russia Vitaliy Podgurchenko, Valeriya Saudi Arabia Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Abu Dhabi Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Abu Dhabi Mosque Serbia Nenad Borojevic, Follower 2 Singapore Chin Leong Teo, Farmer and Buffaloes Colour Chin Leong Teo, Fishermen at Dawn Chin Leong Teo, Three Girls Sand Dune BW 2 Chin Leong Teo, Two Girls Sand Dune 1 Slovenia Igor Debevec, Autumn mornings II Igor Debevec, Bar Igor Debevec, Fairyland V-1 Igor Debevec, Silence Marina Pavlin, Senka_2_Dancers Sri Lanka Pandula Bandara, Dry and Hot Pandula Bandara, Its Play Time Pandula Bandara, Kids Pandula Bandara, Playing with friends Ukraine Oleg Semiokhin, night terror Oleg Semiokhin, Valerie United Kingdom Michael Duke, Lamp and shadow USA Ira Nemeroff, NYC 32 James WAT, Me And My Shadow James WAT, Where is the fildler James D Smith, Havana Shadow Walk- er_1511 James D Smith, Tempe Ped Bridge_2106 Theme E/Open Color Australia Mathew Sze, Ballet Dancer No.200 Aihua Cao, Old woman 1 Aihua Cao, Silence Beimeng Liu, Family Beimeng Liu, Iran Girl 2 Binyuan Li, Secret Area 9 Chenglin Zheng, Between shadow and light 1 Chenglin Zheng, Shadow at dusk Chenglin Zheng, Sunset Light Desheng Xu, Buddhism 2 Desheng Xu, Little Host 1 Desheng Xu, Workshop Deying Huang, Family Temperture Deying Huang, Think Fengliang Zou, Camel shadow 2 Fengliang Zou, Desert beauties 2 Fengliang Zou, Figure Fengliang Zou, Overhaul Gang Wang, Herding Gang Wang, Shadow Haiqiu Gao, Peeling corn Haiyan Huang, Shoes stand2 Haiyan Huang, Small lama6 Hongbing Ye, Pray 4 Hongbing Ye, Tribal Child 3 Jianxun Wu, Diligent Jianxun Wu, household Jing Li, Pious Jinyi Zhang, The Past Time Liangbin Qu, Enjoy the sunshine Liangbin Qu, Way Mei Guo, Starry Sky Mei Guo, Starry Sky Min Li, Happy Childhood Min Li, Homeland 7 Min Li, Return 2 PING LU, Prairie light PING LU, The scenery of the northern Tibet Tieqiang Li, Charming 2 Wen Zhong, Herd back Xiaoguang Cao, Pray 1 Xiaoqing Chen, Desert camels Xiaoqing Chen, Running child in the sunset Xinmin Zhang, Afterlight scene Xinmin Zhang, Pious Heart 2 Xinxin Chen, Aka village22 Yan Zhang tj, Play Yiliang Yang, Buddhism 4 Yonghong Jin, Home Yu Wang, Airport Lounge Yu Wang, Pursuit of light Yu Wang, Street glimpse 7 Zhihui Shi, Braking Zhiyu Wu, Camels 6 Zhiyu Wu, City on water 1 Croatia Diana Junaković, Catch Me Diana Junaković, Shadows And Lines Cyprus George Petrou, Shadows Germany Klaus Schwinges, Daemon Klaus Schwinges, Komm zu mir SW Klaus Schwinges, Schatten 3 Klaus Schwinges, Schatten 5 Klaus Strehlke, Bruegge nostalgic Klaus Strehlke, Licht und Schatten Peter Teuschel, Guitar player Peter Teuschel, In the cloister Peter Teuschel, Into the light Mathew Sze, Through The Tunnel Robin Yong, Chim Chim Cher-ee Robin Yong, Honor and Roses Robin Yong, i Bagnanti di Senigalia Trace ORourke, Hobart Sunrise Trace ORourke, Milawa Morning Trace ORourke, Southern Cross Station Trace ORourke, Three Leaves Vicki Moritz, Li river morning Vicki Moritz, Sunset KL towers Yvonne Moule, Petal cluster Yvonne Moule, Shell light Austria Theo Streitfelder, Haendler-3 Theo Streitfelder, Top Theo Streitfelder, Zebras Brazil ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, BEAUTY ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, BUCOLIC Canada Danlei Ye, Sichuan teahouse5 MIRANDA SIU, TRIANGLES Phillip Kwan, Speed Skate 63 Phillip Kwan, Wheelchair BB Dribble THOMAS VIJAYAN, Bearded Seal THOMAS VIJAYAN, Deadly Look THOMAS VIJAYAN, Harbour Seal Iceberg THOMAS VIJAYAN, Lion Matting China Aihua Cao, Time to return Beimeng Liu, Oiled paper umbrella workshop 3 Beimeng Liu, Who come back Desheng Xu, Brother and Sister Desheng Xu, Mothers Desheng Xu, Son of tribe 1 Desheng Xu, Talk Deying Huang, Grandpa and Grandson Deying Huang, Rhyme 4 Dibiao Tao, Line Fengying Long, Omo River Valley45 Fengying Long, Omo River Valley50 Gang Wang, Lasso horses in the snow Guixiang Huang, Fixing HANJU ZHU, Elvish Shyde HANJU ZHU, lifelike HANJU ZHU, The infinite dream Hongbing Ye, Absorbed Huifen Wang, Feeding Huifen Wang, Share JIAN LIU, Half of Moon on the Way Jing Li, Elegant and quiet Jing Li, Illusion 6 Jinsheng Xiao, Omo River Valley78 Jinsheng Xiao, The African children46 Jinsheng Xiao, The African children8 Jurong Yu, Dance to light2 Jurong Yu, Life in Daliangshan 26 Jurong Yu, Lijiang River in Guilin 3 Mei Guo, innocence 8 Mei Guo, Protection 2 PING LU, Above heaven Tianming Zhang, Long Distance Tianming Zhang, Stunts Tieqiang Li, Mermaid Tieqiang Li, Monk 1 Xinxin Chen, Aquaculture fence11 Xinxin Chen, Nenets child9 Xinxin Chen, The Nenets23 Yan Zhang tj, Harvest Season 2 Yan Zhang tj, Keep Waiting 3 Yan Zhang tj, The Way Go Home Yan Zhang tj, Woman Come back Yi WAN, Call It A Day 16 Yu Wang, Believer 3 Yu Wang, In class 3 Yu Wang, Woman Yuhua Wang, Cuba10 Yunsheng He, The Idyll Yunsheng He, The Red Rose Zhiyu Wu, Compete 1 Zhiyu Wu, Dinner Zhiyu Wu, Wrangler 1 Zhiyu Wu, Xiapu Scenery Denmark OLE SUSZKIEWICZ, Blue Hour OLE SUSZKIEWICZ, Fairy OLE SUSZKIEWICZ, Late Driving OLE SUSZKIEWICZ, Sea Painting Finland Solveig Wallenius, Corner France Guy B. Samoyault, Dans le ciel de Lorraine Guy B. Samoyault, Ladakh mountains 17 Serge VALLON, Flyboard Tigne 2 Serge VALLON, Reflet Mottets Germany gunther riehle, flying gunther riehle, king penguins on beach hi 111 gunther riehle, sparring elephant seal pups 1 Jerry Louis Ruff, CocaCola Jerry Louis Ruff, Contact to the Others Jerry Louis Ruff, Wendeltreppe Klaus Schwinges, Tiger & Turtle in flames 2 Greece Vasilis KAZEPIDIS, Omonia Station Vasilis KAZEPIDIS, Stories from red lips No 01 Vasilis KAZEPIDIS, Stories from red lips No 11 Hong Kong Koon Nam CHEUNG, arthog 01 Koon Nam CHEUNG, Honey Buzzard 35 Koon Nam CHEUNG, Jackal Wolfgang Lin, Pinky Lotus in Blue Wolfgang Lin, Sparkling India ASIM KUMAR CHAUDHURI, STRANGER ASIT KUMAR RAY, GOLDEN SAND ASIT KUMAR RAY, LONG JOURNEY AVIJIT MALIK, PLANING AVIJIT MALIK, SHREYA AVIJIT MALIK, YELLOW LADY PROSENJIT DAS, FUN TIME PROSENJIT DAS, RURAL ART SUNIEL MARATHE, ENGAGING EYE SUNIEL MARATHE, RADIANT RED Indonesia pamela alexis Callista Javran, Scituato Lighthouse facing west_Pamela_ Boston Aug2018 pamela alexis Callista Javran, Situ Gunung Empty pamela alexis Callista Javran, situ- gunung on sunrise pamela alexis Callista Javran, Tradisi Menjemur Batik Israel Leonid Goldin, Booker
  237. 237. 237 Kim-Pheng Sim, DO NOT DISTURD Kim-Pheng Sim, MONICA WHAT HAPPEN Kim-Pheng Sim, MY HAIR MYO WIN, A Family At Night MYO WIN, Horseman And Starry Night MYO WIN, Over The Mountains MYO WIN, Power Of Horse Slovenia Igor Debevec, Autumn mornings Igor Debevec, Bad Land IV Igor Debevec, Fisherman on river II Igor Debevec, Twins Marina Pavlin, Slobodna kolor_1_Harpa Marina Pavlin, Slobodna kolor_2_ A Shepherd girl Marina Pavlin, Slobodna kolor_4_Salt pans Spain LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, Eva with veil LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, Pedestrian LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, Reflexes Sri Lanka Pandula Bandara, Fallen Heros Never been Alone Pandula Bandara, Heat Pandula Bandara, Silent Walk Pandula Bandara, Waiting R H Samarakone, Devil Dancing 5 R H Samarakone, Good Bye R H Samarakone, Tired Taiwan Lung-Tsai Wang, Aka village19 Lung-Tsai Wang, Japanese White-eye6 Lung-Tsai Wang, kingfisher5 Ukraine Oleksandr Plokhotin, Dreamer Oleksandr Plokhotin, Out of rules Oleksandr Plokhotin, The mistress of the spheres United Kingdom Valerie Duncan, Making Potions Valerie Duncan, Miss Matilda Valerie Duncan, Play a Sad Song Valerie Duncan, Ready for the Next Fight USA Ira Nemeroff, Newport 137 James WAT, A FRUITFUL HEFT OF CATCH James WAT, THE MISTY LADY James D Smith, Garbage Truck Es- cort_9359 Lingyun Mao, Ice Flower 2 Lingyun Mao, Kerligarfjoll Mt 11 Lingyun Mao, Spray 3 Norman Johnson, Ball en Route Randy Carr, Shut him up Randy Carr, Tattooed Warrior Vietnam Tien Dat Dao, FOUR EYES Tien Dat Dao, SOLITARY No 3 Tien Dat Dao, THE TURNING POINT No 3 Tien Dat Dao, WAITING AND HOPE Wales colin price, canalside walk colin price, love heart Theme F/ Open Monochrome Australia Mathew Sze, Ben Robin Yong, Bathing the Cockerel Robin Yong, Kecak Dancing - The Ramayana Leonid Goldin, Give back Leonid Goldin, SINGER Rachel Algom, Compressing the view Italy Walter Gaberthuel, Herbststimmung Walter Gaberthuel, Ice-rain Walter Gaberthuel, Laughing Grand- mother Lithuania Normante Ribokaite, Pears Cock and funeral Normante Ribokaite, Upstairs 3 Ruslan Bolgov, Fashion geometry Ruslan Bolgov, Sailing the fields of gold Ruslan Bolgov, The tale of two roses Ruslan Bolgov, TVSet Macau Chan Seng Tang, Boxing 16 CHI LUN HO, the dawn Kai Lon Tang, Anonymous Love Kai Lon Tang, Boxing 45 Kai Lon Tang, Classical Chinese Dance 10 Kai Lon Tang, Portal Door Macedonia Marina Krstic, Conection Marina Krstic, Field of bowls Marina Krstic, Mad Zaklina Stefanovska, memorial Zaklina Stefanovska, Spiral Malaysia Sau Fong Neo, Erhu ballet Tommy Teh, Gotcha 21 Tommy Teh, Happy Meal 174 Tommy Teh, Splash 11 YEOKKIAN KOH, Happy meal 348 YEOKKIAN KOH, Joy 996 YEOKKIAN KOH, Love of robber fly 8 YEOKKIAN KOH, Tasty 480 Northern Ireland Cyril Boyd, Crash Ball Cyril Boyd, Crunch Cyril Boyd, The Trench Norway Gudem Roy, In The Green Room Gudem Roy, Poncho Gudem Roy, Solitude In Decay Gudem Roy, The Blue Dress Poland Iwona Czubek, Poppies Iwona Czubek, Still life with currant Iwona Czubek, Still life with garlic Iwona Czubek, Still life yellow violet Romania Jeno Major, Archaic Jeno Major, Tuscany Ovi D. Pop, chess Ovi D. Pop, dead or alive Ovi D. Pop, deeper underground Ovi D. Pop, The Red Bridge Russia Alexey Suloev, Water in Iceland Serbia Pantelija Ilic, Milica 06 Singapore Chin Leong Teo, Blue Fishing Nets 3 Cho Mar Htun, A horseman at twilight Cho Mar Htun, Thai dance HUEE LING NG, Boys and Goose HUEE LING NG, First Cast Khaing Sandar Tin, Belly Dancer 11 Khaing Sandar Tin, The Day Begins Kim-Pheng Sim, BELINDA AND NET Monkey Chant Robin Yong, Maiko San Robin Yong, Sisters Trace ORourke, Altona Trace ORourke, South Wharf Reflection Yvonne Moule, Agapanthus Austria Theo Streitfelder, Fiaker Baron Theo Streitfelder, Gepard Theo Streitfelder, Politik Bangladesh IBRAHIM M IQBAL, grandma IBRAHIM M IQBAL, return IBRAHIM M IQBAL, suicide Belarus BASIL TITOV, HATS - BASIL TITOV BASIL TITOV, HOBBY - 2 - BASIL TITOV BASIL TITOV, REFLECTION - BASIL TITOV. Brazil ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, FACES ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, GRID ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, PERTRAN- SICAO Canada Danlei Ye, The Nenets campsite5 Danlei Ye, The Nenets25 Danlei Ye, The Nenets44 Danlei Ye, Xiapu13 Phillip Kwan, Polar Stand BW THOMAS VIJAYAN, Mirror Images THOMAS VIJAYAN, Pride Of Africa China Aihua Cao, Walk alone Beimeng Liu, Belief 5 Beimeng Liu, Shadow Binyuan Li, Childhood at Seaside 2 Binyuan Li, Washing Chenglin Zheng, Await Chenglin Zheng, Farewell 2 Chenglin Zheng, Run Desheng Xu, Mother Love Desheng Xu, To Get Warm Deying Huang, Depend on Each Other Dibiao Tao, Buddy Dibiao Tao, Compnay Dibiao Tao, Horizon Fengliang Zou, Musha 13 Fengying Long, Inner Mongolia15 Gang Wang, Go to the sea Haiqiu Gao, Have a Rest Haiqiu Gao, Interesting Haiyan Huang, Small shopkeeper3 HANJU ZHU, Charmed HANJU ZHU, Dancing power HANJU ZHU, Tenderness figure Hongbing Ye, Harvest season 5 Hongbing Ye, Life In the teahouse 2 Hongbing Ye, Mom’s Love Jiajun Chai, Akha6 Jianxun Wu, Brickyard 2 Jing Li, Senior 2 Jingfen Tang, Old teahouse Jingfen Tang, Slow life Jinsheng Xiao, Semporna5 Jinyi Zhang, Home Jinyi Zhang, Bird’s Wise Jurong Yu, Life in Daliangshan 23 LI WANG, Dry noodles LI WANG, Line of rhyme LI WANG, Small river LI WANG, The morning mist Liquan Sheng, Reading Mei Guo, Totem of Tribe 3 Min Li, Stone church 29 PING LU, Catch a spring fog PING LU, Fit PING LU, Kung fu dancing water2 Siyuan Huang, Ferry 3 Tianming Zhang, Mother love Tianming Zhang, The Last Smithy Tieqiang Li, The Hope of Mountains 9 Xiaoguang Cao, Believers in Rock Church 2 Xiaoguang Cao, Dressing Xiaoguang Cao, Dressing Xiaoqing Chen, Crowded Train 3 Xiaoqing Chen, The way to home Xinmin Zhang, The path Xuehai Lu, Dance girl Yan Zhang tj, Come back Yan Zhang tj, Difficile true 1 Yan Zhang tj, Return 2 Yan Zhang tj, Tribal Child 4 Yiliang Yang, Home 3 Yiliang Yang, Liangshan Woman 2 Yiliang Yang, Pious Believer 4 Yonghong Jin, Highly Praise Yonghong Jin, Stare Yonghong Jin, virtual and real Yu Wang, Pious 1 Yuhua Wang, Akha22 Yuhui Hu, Return Yuhui Hu, Sleepy Yunsheng He, The Position Zhihui Shi, Chain Smoker 2 Zhihui Shi, Hand-Made Dry Noodle Zhihui Shi, Tea Art 3 Zhiyu Wu, Camels 11 Zhiyu Wu, Run Zhiyu Wu, Way to home 2 Croatia Diana Junaković, Geometry Sandra Stoic, Alone Cyprus George Petrou, walking in the night Denmark OLE SUSZKIEWICZ, Evening Runner OLE SUSZKIEWICZ, Girl with Cross OLE SUSZKIEWICZ, Tree of Life OLE SUSZKIEWICZ, Upstairs 4 England Robert Cooper, Leopard stare Robert Cooper, Resting Leopard Robert Cooper, Smiling Crocodile France Guy B. Samoyault, Reflets de St Cado bw Guy B. Samoyault, Toscana 151 BW Serge VALLON, Grand escalier colimaçon Serge VALLON, Sièges quart de rond Germany Jerry Louis Ruff, Rosenkranz SW Jerry Louis Ruff, Winter in Eisenheim Klaus Schwinges, Lanz Bulldog 14 SW Klaus Strehlke, Kubus-1276 Klaus Strehlke, Kubus-1290 Peter Teuschel, Aquilegia mono Peter Teuschel, Blues mating mono Hong Kong Loretta Yat Wong, Akha2 Loretta Yat Wong, The Nenets18 Wolfgang Lin, Moving Hungary Vida Joseph, dawn attack Vida Joseph, dog India
  238. 238. 238 ASIM KUMAR CHAUDHURI, DESIRE ASIT KUMAR RAY, INKLING ASIT KUMAR RAY, LOOSEN UP-1 ASIT KUMAR RAY, SO SWEET AVIJIT MALIK, GRANDPA AVIJIT MALIK, POTTER WHEEL AVIJIT MALIK, RITUAL TIME Giridharan V Vijay, cape Giridharan V Vijay, mom around Giridharan V Vijay, stripes Giridharan V Vijay, the king SUBRATA BHATTACHERJEE, BEAUTIFUL EYES SUBRATA BHATTACHERJEE, PLEASING EXPRESSION SUBRATA BHATTACHERJEE, WHITE ROSE 1 SUNIEL MARATHE, CAMEL RIDE ON DESERT SUNIEL MARATHE, DAZZLING PRAJAKTA SUNIEL MARATHE, NUDE CONCEPT 5 BW SUNIEL MARATHE, ROMANTIC PRAJAKTA BW Indonesia pamela alexis Callista Javran, Checking the nett pamela alexis Callista Javran, Maine Light- house Iraq ali alfatal, the pain Israel Leonid Goldin, Night duty RABIA BASHA, And God created woman BW RABIA BASHA, Figure and the power cord BW Italy Pietro Bugli, Checkerboard on the sea Pietro Bugli, December 19 at Ardenza Pietro Bugli, To the sea of winter 4 Pietro Bugli, Urban forms 10 Lithuania Alferdas Motiejunas, Silence 01 Normante Ribokaite, Chair talk 11 Normante Ribokaite, With Pumpkin Normante Ribokaite, Woman with Pumpkin 183 Ruslan Bolgov, Moet Ruslan Bolgov, Thrown out Macau CHI LUN HO, morning walk CHI LUN HO, the tride track Kai Lon Tang, Dream of Fire Kai Lon Tang, Emma Kai Lon Tang, Indian Magic Kai Lon Tang, Move and Still 16 Northern Ireland Cyril Boyd, Flop Cyril Boyd, Going for gold Cyril Boyd, I wonder Cyril Boyd, Thunderdome Norway Gudem Roy, Cautiousness Gudem Roy, Pure Romania Jeno Major, Endless Jeno Major, The Chat Ovi D. Pop, amazone girl Ovi D. Pop, evolution Ovi D. Pop, kisses in 3 Russia Dmitry Chastikov, Generations Vitaliy Podgurchenko, children in the window Serbia Aleksa Stojkovic, monk Kornelia Dakovic Svajcer, A shepherd Theo Streitfelder, Hallo Belgium Dre VAN MENSEL, Bruine Bidsprinkhaan Met Prooi Dre VAN MENSEL, Head Down Dre VAN MENSEL, Parende Bruine Bid- sprinkhaan Dre VAN MENSEL, Second Generation Loyens Francois, Cubs where are you Sara GABRIELS, Dry Flower Sara GABRIELS, Klein geaderd witje Sara GABRIELS, Morning has broken Sara GABRIELS, Yellow Flower Brazil Paulo Campana, Ariranha Paulo Guerra, Black Hawk with fish Paulo Guerra, Cocoi Paulo Guerra, Papa mosca ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, BEACH 1 ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, DESERTO ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, ROCHA ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, SANDFALL Canada Phillip Kwan, G2-Aurora Over Devil’s Teeth 15 Phillip Kwan, Polar Waltz THOMAS VIJAYAN, Peek A Boo THOMAS VIJAYAN, Polar Friends THOMAS VIJAYAN, Twilight China Binyuan Li, Close Binyuan Li, Quiet 6 Chenglin Zheng, Alone 2 Chenglin Zheng, Giraff 5 Chenglin Zheng, Leopard 6 Chenglin Zheng, Struggle Desheng Xu, Sunrise Deying Huang, Expression of love Deying Huang, Snuggle 1 Deying Huang, The Veins of the Earth Dibiao Tao, Elephant Fengying Long, Tide of Birds Haiqiu Gao, Giraffe Haiqiu Gao, Hole Haiqiu Gao, Little lion Hongbing Ye, fly high Hongbing Ye, Homeland Hongbing Ye, sandy desert 3 Huifen Wang, Looking for Jiajun Chai, Brown bear13 Jiajun Chai, Brown bear2 Jiajun Chai, Brown bear31 Jiajun Chai, Brown bear4 Jianxun Wu, duel Jianxun Wu, No End in Sight Jianxun Wu, No End in Sight Jing Li, Sunset Liquan Sheng, Birds 1 Min Li, Polar Elves Min Li, Polar lights 2 PING LU, ALI TURIN PING LU, Magic light and shadow PING LU, Qinghai-tibet plateau PING LU, Wetland Elf English Shiqing Tang, Hope Tieqiang Li, The Polar Elve 3 Tieqiang Li, The Polar Elve 9 Tieqiang Li, The Polar Elve10 Tieqiang Li, The Polar Elves 1 Xiaoguang Cao, Understand Xiaoqing Chen, Copulatory Giraffe Xiaoqing Chen, Love 1 Kornelia Dakovic Svajcer, A street player Singapore Chin Leong Teo, Bajau Family BW 1 Chin Leong Teo, Salt Making BW 1 Khaing Sandar Tin, Gallop 1 M Kim-Pheng Sim, KITTY HAVING MAGIC Kim-Pheng Sim, LOVELY MELISA Kim-Pheng Sim, MARY Kim-Pheng Sim, MY SECOND KICK Zee Kek HENG, Twin reflection Zee Kek HENG, Uncertain Slovenia Igor Debevec, Abandoned places 2018-I Igor Debevec, Acte Noir I Igor Debevec, Big brother is watching you Igor Debevec, Twins II Spain LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, Contamination LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, Effort LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, Radiance LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, The shell Sri Lanka Pandula Bandara, Guitarist Pandula Bandara, Waves of Dancing R H Samarakone, Rhythmic R H Samarakone, Steaming Rice R H Samarakone, The Landing Taiwan Lung-Tsai Wang, Aka village6 Lung-Tsai Wang, Japanese White-eye30 United Kingdom Valerie Duncan, Roseanna mono Valerie Duncan, The Card School bw Valerie Duncan, The Egg Seller mono Valerie Duncan, Tillie bw USA Ira Nemeroff, IMG_0289 James WAT, Rockerfeller embraced by St Patrick James WAT, Hard Workng Knife-Smith James WAT, Let the Bell Toss - Nepal Lingyun Mao, Four Airplanes BW Lingyun Mao, Kerligarfjoll Mt 23 BW Norman Johnson, A Belly Slide Norman Johnson, Jumping for the Ball Randy Carr, Millennial Randy Carr, Nose Job Randy Carr, Performing to the crowd Randy Carr, RAGE Vietnam Tien Dat Dao, THE SILKS OF CANDY Wales colin price, a view from the Shard colin price, emerging from the steam colin price, lovers of light Theme G/ Nature Australia Robin Yong, Earless Monitor Lizard Robin Yong, Grenouille Robin Yong, Two Frogs Together Trace ORourke, Cement Creek I Trace ORourke, Nelson River Trace ORourke, Ryuzu Falls Vicki Moritz, No escape Vicki Moritz, SM reflected Austria Theo Streitfelder, Adlerkopf Theo Streitfelder, Endstation Theo Streitfelder, Flamingogroup Xinmin Zhang, Clean and Clear Xinmin Zhang, Mother and Son 2 Xuehai Lu, Mobyus arch Xuehai Lu, Reflection Yuhui Hu, Stare Croatia Diana Junaković, Paradise Cyprus George Petrou, Chantara Waterfalls George Petrou, Kalidonia George Petrou, Millomeris Waterfall France MARC ANAGNOSTIDIS, Anthocharis Et Filicaria 3 MARC ANAGNOSTIDIS, Couple Mantes Orchidee MARC ANAGNOSTIDIS, Mantes Et Plantain MARC ANAGNOSTIDIS, Taurica Male Germany gunther riehle, adult and young 200 gunther riehle, emperor colony in snow storm 19 gunther riehle, emperor colony in snow storm 29 gunther riehle, emperor colony snowed in 1 Klaus Schwinges, Im Flug Klaus Schwinges, Libelle 2 Peter Teuschel, Crab Peter Teuschel, The hidden death Wolfgang Schweden, Kanarengirlitz 5 Greece Vasilis KAZEPIDIS, Frogs No 04 Hong Kong Koon Nam CHEUNG, African Fish Eagle Drinking Koon Nam CHEUNG, Warthog Drinking Koon Nam CHEUNG, White-backed Vulture 02 Hungary Bence Mate, Curves India ASIM KUMAR CHAUDHURI, Calotes catch- es a dragon fly 2A Giridharan V Vijay, king and queen Giridharan V Vijay, life and death in masai mara Indonesia pamela alexis Callista Javran, Bird Feeding 4 pamela alexis Callista Javran, Gren Turtle Kuwait Hamad Bouresli, Eagle Attack Hamad Bouresli, EyesE Contact Hamad Bouresli, Face 2 Face Lithuania Normante Ribokaite, In the fog with ducks 3 Normante Ribokaite, Morning Mist 15 Malaysia Tommy Teh, Gotcha 42 Tommy Teh, Gotcha 50 Tommy Teh, Happy Meal 199 YEOKKIAN KOH, Couple 918 YEOKKIAN KOH, Delicious 8 YEOKKIAN KOH, Funny mini flies YEOKKIAN KOH, Tasty 404 Netherlands Daniel LYBAERT, Gorillaportret Daniel LYBAERT, Verveling in ZwW Daniel LYBAERT, Wat kom je doen
  239. 239. 239 Daniel LYBAERT, Zilverreiger op rots Russia Alexey Suloev, Athabasca Falls Serbia Nenad Borojevic, Bathtubs Singapore Cho Mar Htun, Plumed basilisk Cho Mar Htun, Sibling love HUEE LING NG, Happy Hipo Khaing Sandar Tin, The Face MYO WIN, Bite the hand MYO WIN, Bromo Crater Shannon Heng, Share Khan India Sri Lanka Pandula Bandara, Family Pandula Bandara, Its my Catch Pandula Bandara, Too Close Ukraine Oleg Semiokhin, Creek Oleg Semiokhin, Crimean canyon Oleg Semiokhin, sunset United Kingdom bob devine, cheetah with wet cubs bob devine, lion cub attacks bob devine, lioness with cub 1 bob devine, zebra crossing Ray Kilham, Rutting stags Valerie Duncan, Climbing Tiger Leg Frog Valerie Duncan, Curious Harvest Mouse Valerie Duncan, Mouse Looking Down Valerie Duncan, Tree Frog Duo USA Lingyun Mao, Arctic Sunset 2 Lingyun Mao, Ice Seal 2 Lingyun Mao, Spray 6 Lingyun Mao, Walrus in Arctic 4 Norman Johnson, Cubs Following Mom Norman Johnson, Staying Close to Mom Norman Johnson, The Lunge Theme H/ Birds Australia Vicki Moritz, Robin in rain Belgium Dre VAN MENSEL, Garrulus glandarius Dre VAN MENSEL, Kleine Prooi Dre VAN MENSEL, Kuifmees Dre VAN MENSEL, Vers Voedsel Brazil Paulo Campana, indigestible breakfast Paulo Campana, Tutuca Paulo Guerra, Black collared Paulo Guerra, Brasilianus Paulo Guerra, Mourisca Paulo Guerra, Rupornis Canada MIRANDA SIU, SWINGING MIRANDA SIU, TIME FOR LUNCH MIRANDA SIU, YUMMY THOMAS VIJAYAN, Flying Colors THOMAS VIJAYAN, Frozen Moment China Binyuan Li, Quiet 9 Chengjun Yu, Homeland Chenglin Zheng, Flamingo 3 Chenglin Zheng, Sing Happily 2 Deying Huang, Leisurely Dibiao Tao, Alcedo atthis bengalensis Dibiao Tao, Alcedo atthis bengalensis 1 Dibiao Tao, Alcedo atthis bengalensis 2 Dibiao Tao, Have a Rest Fengying Long, Paradise Flycatcher3 Fengying Long, Whiskered Yuhina2 Fengying Long, White-tailed Eagle4 Guixiang Huang, flamingo Haiqiu Gao, Chorus 1 Haiqiu Gao, Flying 1 Huifen Wang, Delicious Meal Huifen Wang, Feeding Huifen Wang, Leiothrix Huifen Wang, Race Each Other Jianxun Wu, Flamingos by the sea Jianxun Wu, Formation Jing Li, Express Love Jing Li, Go home Jing Li, Habitat 3 Jingfen Tang, Company Liquan Sheng, Catch Liquan Sheng, Crane Dance 1 Liquan Sheng, My food 1 Shiqing Tang, Come on Shiqing Tang, Dairy Fairy Shiqing Tang, Lock the target Shiqing Tang, Strike out Xiaoguang Cao, Yelling Xiaoqing Chen, Fly 2 Xiaoqing Chen, Follow Xiaoqing Chen, Low flying 1 Xiaoqing Chen, Move Xinmin Zhang, Homeland 2 Xinmin Zhang, Play Water Xinxin Chen, Flamingo of Mexico8 Yiliang Yang, Coexist England Robert Cooper, Kingfisher with fish Germany gunther riehle, emperor colony in snow storm 12 gunther riehle, emperor colony in snow storm 5 gunther riehle, king penguins on beach hi 110 Jerry Louis Ruff, Dont mess with me Jerry Louis Ruff, Griesgraemig Geselle Hong Kong Koon Nam CHEUNG, African Fish Eagle 05 Koon Nam CHEUNG, Flying Just Above Water Hungary Bence Mate, Eye To Eye India Giridharan V Vijay, bleak future-african white backed vulture Giridharan V Vijay, grey crowned crane-threatened Giridharan V Vijay, secretary bird with frog catch SUNIEL MARATHE, DELAYED LANDING SUNIEL MARATHE, FIGHT IN AIR SUNIEL MARATHE, ITS ALL MINE SUNIEL MARATHE, LET ME GO Indonesia pamela alexis Callista Javran, Bird feeding 15 pamela alexis Callista Javran, Bird Feeding 18 pamela alexis Callista Javran, Bird Feeding 5 pamela alexis Callista Javran, Bird Feeding 7 Kuwait Hamad Bouresli, Egrets Fight Hamad Bouresli, Egrets Fight 2 Hamad Bouresli, Grebes Hamad Bouresli, Hidden Eye Lithuania Normante Ribokaite, EARLY MORNING Normante Ribokaite, Loud Normante Ribokaite, Loud 1 Macedonia Vladimir Jovanovski, Crow watch Vladimir Jovanovski, Crоw flight Serbia Kornelia Dakovic Svajcer, Angry look Singapore Cho Mar Htun, Sharing Cho Mar Htun, Taking a bath 2 Cho Mar Htun, Waiting for mom HUEE LING NG, Kruger, Lilac Breasted Roller Thailand wei fu, catch010 wei fu, pink wei fu, sunbird 033 wei fu, sunbird 044 Ukraine Oleksandr Plokhotin, One-eyed eagle United Kingdom bob devine, blue tit finds meal bob devine, herons air dance bob devine, hoopoe with lizard bob devine, osprey catches fish Ray Kilham, Hunting Ray Kilham, Hunting Common Turn Ray Kilham, Kingfisher water trails Valerie Duncan, Dalmatian Pelican Fight USA Brian Grant, Loggerhead Shrike 47 Brian Grant, Standing Great Blue Heron 67 Holly Kirkland Clouser, Brothers Morning Preen Holly Kirkland Clouser, Face Feather Helper James WAT, A Devine Moment Of Time James WAT, Its My Turn Mom James WAT, My Catch Of The Day James WAT, Who is Calling My Name Lingyun Mao, Africa Eagle 6 Lingyun Mao, African Bird Lingyun Mao, Red Crane Landing Lingyun Mao, Sea Eagle 10 Theme I / Flowers Australia Yvonne Moule, Two lillies Brazil Paulo Guerra, flor da marambaia Paulo Guerra, Trio beleza China Jingfen Tang, In early puberty France ALAIN MORATA, CLEMATIS MARC ANAGNOSTIDIS, Bourrache Rose MARC ANAGNOSTIDIS, Fushia Trio MARC ANAGNOSTIDIS, Soldanella Alpina Germany Klaus Strehlke, Passionsblume-3158 Peter Teuschel, cool cap Peter Teuschel, Cosmea Peter Teuschel, Gentiana India ASIM KUMAR CHAUDHURI, Dandelions ASIM KUMAR CHAUDHURI, Hibiscus flower reflection Israel Michael Bar-On, Orchid Italy Pietro Bugli, Passion flowers 11 Pietro Bugli, Passion flowers 12 Pietro Bugli, Strelitzia Lithuania Normante Ribokaite, Spring flower Normante Ribokaite, Spring flowers Macau Chan Seng Tang, Flower 20 Chan Seng Tang, Flower 23 Malaysia Tommy Teh, Water Lily 6 Tommy Teh, Water Lily 8 Tommy Teh, Water Lily 9 Poland Iwona Czubek, Bleeding heart Iwona Czubek, Geum Saudi Arabia Mofeed Abu Shalwa, bokeh Flower1 Mofeed Abu Shalwa, bokeh Tulip Flower Serbia Goran Kulezić, IMG_3563 Goran Kulezić, IMG_3942 Goran Kulezić, IMG_4023-bw-panagor Goran Kulezić, IMG_4372-bw Kornelia Dakovic Svajcer, White flower Kornelia Dakovic Svajcer, Yelow and red Singapore Khaing Sandar Tin, Nectar Khaing Sandar Tin, Pollen Kim-Pheng Sim, LOTUS WITH GREEN LEAVE Kim-Pheng Sim, MAGENTA CONEFLOWER Shannon Heng, Humming Bird - Galean- dra chapadensis Shannon Heng, Lightness of Being - White chrysanthemum Shannon Heng, Mother and Child Slovenia Milan Zolnir, californian poppy Milan Zolnir, flax Milan Zolnir, linden flower Sri Lanka Pandula Bandara, Jungle Flower Pandula Bandara, Morning Bloomer United Kingdom bob devine, poppy USA Ira Nemeroff, Bruges 270 Ira Nemeroff, Hibiscus Bud 26 Ira Nemeroff, Huntington 47 Ira Nemeroff, Selby 016 James WAT, A BUNDLE OF BEAUTIES James WAT, Roses Are Red My Love James WAT, The Angel And The Beast James WAT, Together We make standard of Beauty Theme J / Travel Australia Mathew Sze, Ballon Festival Robin Yong, Thinking of you Day and Night Trace ORourke, Transit Vicki Moritz, SM its snowing
  240. 240. 240 LI WANG, partner LI WANG, work Liangbin Qu, Shunt Liquan Sheng, Ice land 1 Liquan Sheng, My fashion Liquan Sheng, Nature works 4 Mei Guo, Ethiopian tribes2 Mei Guo, impression of teahouse Mei Guo, Selling stock 2 Min Li, Buddha Place 4 Min Li, Homeland 3 Min Li, Stare Min Li, Tribal imprint 3 PING LU, Camel shadow on the beach PING LU, Duotian scenery PING LU, Kung fu dancing water Siyuan Huang, Bodhisattva 2 Siyuan Huang, Head Kungfu Siyuan Huang, Street Tieqiang Li, Refugee Camp Wen Zhong, In the snow Wen Zhong, Surf-cast Xiaoguang Cao, grazing 27 Xiaoguang Cao, Shanxi Waist Drum 6 Xiaoguang Cao, Floating Market 23 Xiaolian Zhang, Decorate Xiaolian Zhang, Run 4 Xiaolian Zhang, Study Xiaoqing Chen, Boisterous 3 Xiaoqing Chen, Starry sky 2 Xiaoqing Chen, Fishing 11 Xiaoqing Chen, Fullloaded Xinmin Zhang, Afterlight scene 1 Xinxin Chen, Bangladesh old man6 Xinxin Chen, Tajik little boy6 Xinxin Chen, The Nenets17 Yan Zhang tj, Floating Market 4 Yan Zhang tj, Handicraftsman In Iran 22 Yan Zhang tj, Return Yan Zhang tj, Rice Milling Yiliang Yang, Buddhism 3 Yiliang Yang, Drive into Yiliang Yang, Old man Yiliang Yang, Tribe life Yonghong Jin, Lunch Time Yonghong Jin, Phoenix - Western histor- ical city 3 Yonghong Jin, Shave 1 Yu Wang, Hang upside down Yu Wang, Happy face Yu Wang, In class 1 Yu Wang, Shopkeeper 1 Yuanlin Tang, Memory Yuanlin Tang, Old teahouse Yuhua Wang, Akha7 Yuhui Hu, The Great Wall Yunsheng He, Landscape Between Moun- tains And Rivers Yunsheng He, Miao Mountain Pearls Zhihui Shi, Old Teahouse 1 Zhiyu Wu, Fishing Cyprus George Petrou, San Giorgio Maggiore Island France Serge VALLON, Moustaches blanches Germany gunther riehle, adult and two chicks 102 gunther riehle, colony ss 300 gunther riehle, emperor penguin colony iss 15 gunther riehle, huddle plus one Austria Theo Streitfelder, Lebensweg Bangladesh IBRAHIM M IQBAL, journey IBRAHIM M IQBAL, photo exhibition Belgium Sara GABRIELS, Hairdresser Sara GABRIELS, Rijnhaven Sara GABRIELS, Stairway to Heaven Sara GABRIELS, The Leie in Ghent Canada Danlei Ye, Xiapu28 MIRANDA SIU, CANYONLANDS MIRANDA SIU, RED BARN IN WHEAT- FIELD MIRANDA SIU, SPRING WHEAT MIRANDA SIU, THE KITE FLYER Phillip Kwan, Boys with Geese 11 Phillip Kwan, J4-Hunt’s Mesa at Sunset China Aihua Cao, Fishermen 2 Beimeng Liu, African Tribal People 6 Beimeng Liu, Xiapu Impression 6 Binyuan Li, About net Binyuan Li, Desert camels 13 Chengjun Yu, Way Chengjun Yu, About Sertar Chenglin Zheng, Camel team 6 Chenglin Zheng, Town at night 1 Desheng Xu, Ascetic Monk Desheng Xu, Believer 18 Deying Huang, Freedom Deying Huang, Pair work Dibiao Tao, Africa Impression 2 Dibiao Tao, carnival Dibiao Tao, Make Warm Dibiao Tao, Plateau Love 2 Fengying Long, Omo River Valley18 Fengying Long, Omo River Valley22 Fengying Long, painting on face56 Gang Wang, The shore Guixiang Huang, Blue town 1 Guixiang Huang, Water trading market 2 Haiqiu Gao, Maze 1 Haiqiu Gao, Pious 9 Haiqiu Gao, Temple Haiqiu Gao, The children of the sea 9 Haiyan Huang, Nenets boy11 Haiyan Huang, The Nenets57 Hongbing Ye, Floating Market 1 Hongbing Ye, Place for buddha1 Hongbing Ye, Primitive life 2 Hongbing Ye, To Buddha 2 Huifen Wang, Buddha Country Huifen Wang, Tribal landscape JIAN LIU, Daily rise JIAN LIU, Mountain city Chaoxu Jing Li, Fishing life Jingfen Tang, Return Jingfen Tang, Running horses Jinsheng Xiao, Ethiopia31 Jinsheng Xiao, Omo River Valley93 Jinsheng Xiao, The African children57 Jinyi Zhang, Tribe kids Jinyi Zhang, Tribe mother Jurong Yu, Spectacular views in Xinjiang 18 Jurong Yu, Traditional industry18 Jurong Yu, Traditional teahouse 3 Jurong Yu, Working4 LI WANG, Fire spark LI WANG, Hot workshop Jerry Louis Ruff, Little Paris Klaus Schwinges, Leuchtturm Greece Vasilis KAZEPIDIS, Towers of Papigo Astraka No 01 Hong Kong Loretta Yat Wong, The Nenets campsite21 Wolfgang Lin, Central at Night India ASIM KUMAR CHAUDHURI, JAISALMER TOWN FROM FORT Indonesia pamela alexis Callista Javran, Seafan Hanging pamela alexis Callista Javran, The Horse- man waiting pamela alexis Callista Javran, Twiglight in Manhattan Iraq ali alfatal, meditation in the unknown ali alfatal, the devoutes Israel RABIA BASHA, Both farmers and horse RABIA BASHA, Colorful hotel Turkey RABIA BASHA, Sheikh line to coffee Italy Walter Gaberthuel, Evening light Lithuania Normante Ribokaite, Fishermans path Normante Ribokaite, Fishing 3 Normante Ribokaite, Morning Mist 12 Macedonia Marina Krstic, Paralel universe Marina Krstic, Singing in the rain Vladimir Jovanovski, Galicnik house Vladimir Jovanovski, Kooperacija Skack- ovce Zaklina Stefanovska, Fibonacci Zaklina Stefanovska, Roman swallow Malaysia YEOKKIAN KOH, Seaweed farm YEOKKIAN KOH, seaweed farming YEOKKIAN KOH, Tree Poland Tomasz Okoniewski, abyss 2 Tomasz Okoniewski, Adas dog Tomasz Okoniewski, family laundry 2 Tomasz Okoniewski, sheep will wait Romania Jeno Major, Cornatel Jeno Major, Paltinis Jeno Major, Solitude Jeno Major, St.Thomas Ovi D. Pop, different worlds Ovi D. Pop, facing the storm Ovi D. Pop, Rainy Pray Ovi D. Pop, walking home Russia Alexey Suloev, Butterfly06 Alexey Suloev, Legendary Patagonia Serbia Nenad Borojevic, Smoked Singapore Chin Leong Teo, Bajau Boy with Net 1 Chin Leong Teo, Bajau Girl with Baby Chin Leong Teo, Children Happy Jump 2 Chin Leong Teo, Colourful Joss Sticks Cho Mar Htun, Horse racing Cho Mar Htun, Smoking Bromo Cho Mar Htun, The view from the top of Bromo HUEE LING NG, Golden Maze - Xiapu, China Khaing Sandar Tin, Gallop Khaing Sandar Tin, Towards a direction Khaing Sandar Tin, Warmly Family MYO WIN, Baby And Father MYO WIN, Horse Road Slovenia Igor Debevec, Fisherman on the lake I Igor Debevec, Kirkjufellsfoss II Igor Debevec, Shepherds Igor Debevec, Two doors Marina Pavlin, Putovanje_1_ Planina lake Marina Pavlin, Putovanje_2_A red church Sri Lanka Lakshan Senevirathne, companionship Lakshan Senevirathne, Life is heavy Lakshan Senevirathne, siblings love Lakshan Senevirathne, sister’s love Pandula Bandara, After Work Pandula Bandara, Back to Jungle for Meditation Pandula Bandara, Devoted Monk at Cave Temple Taiwan Lung-Tsai Wang, Aka village14 Lung-Tsai Wang, Aka village16 Lung-Tsai Wang, Aka women14 Lung-Tsai Wang, Laos14 United Kingdom bob devine, elephant samburu bob devine, lioness in ndutu bob devine, walking down the road bob devine, whos watching who USA James WAT, NEW SKYLINE OF HONG- KONG James WAT, SAGRADA FAMILIA-BARCE- LONA James D Smith, Havana Propped Up_8010 James D Smith, Splash_2094 Lingyun Mao, Hiking at Landmannalaugar Mt 2 Lingyun Mao, Hiking at Landmannalaugar Mt 8 Lingyun Mao, kayaking at Iceland Glacier 4 Lingyun Mao, Kerligarfjoll Mt 26 Vietnam Tien Dat Dao, ALONE No 3 Tien Dat Dao, MORNING ON TUYEN LAM LAKE No 2 Wales colin price, Florence skyline Theme K / Photojournalism Australia Robin Yong, At Home in Gangtey Austria Theo Streitfelder, Crossing Together Bangladesh IBRAHIM M IQBAL, icu IBRAHIM M IQBAL, saline or life IBRAHIM M IQBAL, skeleton IBRAHIM M IQBAL, struggle Belarus BASIL TITOV, COMPETITION - BASIL TITOV3 BASIL TITOV, DANCE - BASIL TITOV BASIL TITOV, OWN LOOK - BASIL TITOV BASIL TITOV, VIVAT ! - BASIL TITOV
  241. 241. 241 Belgium Loyens Francois, Armee de l aire 11 Loyens Francois, Armee de l aire 8 Nicoll Francis, Autour de la table 2 Nicoll Francis, Bertignac Canada Danlei Ye, Huian women36 Danlei Ye, Sichuan teahouse10 Danlei Ye, The Nenets35 Phillip Kwan, Wheelchair Argentina China Aihua Cao, Air operations Aihua Cao, For life Aihua Cao, Train day Binyuan Li, My toy Binyuan Li, Rest Binyuan Li, Work Chenglin Zheng, Feeding 2 Chenglin Zheng, Life At Brick 3 Chenglin Zheng, Performance For living Fengliang Zou, Brickyard 1 Fengliang Zou, Crowded Train 4 Fengliang Zou, Trail Life 11 Fengying Long, Omo River Valley8 Fengying Long, The Japanese geisha3 Guixiang Huang, Stone Pit Guixiang Huang, Stone Pit 6 Guixiang Huang, Stone Pit 9 Guixiang Huang, Wharf Haiqiu Gao, Homework Correcting 1 Haiqiu Gao, Work Haiyan Huang, Akha9 Hongbing Ye, Lunch Hongbing Ye, Life over brickyard Jiajun Chai, Bangladesh5 Jianxun Wu, Busy 2 Jing Li, Work 4 Jinsheng Xiao, Omo River Valley42 Jinsheng Xiao, Omo River Valley6 Jinsheng Xiao, Omo River Valley90 Jinsheng Xiao, Omo River Valley95 Jurong Yu, Pottery burning3 LI WANG, Begging LI WANG, Concerted action LI WANG, The blacksmith Liangbin Qu, Fix Liangbin Qu, Sparks Mei Guo, Brickyard life 6 Mei Guo, Life Among the rack 14 Min Li, Return 4 Min Li, Return 5 Min Li, Water PING LU, One hundred ships struggle first Siyuan Huang, Cook Siyuan Huang, Curious Siyuan Huang, Filter Siyuan Huang, Landfill Tianming Zhang, Snowfall Tianming Zhang, Subway site Tieqiang Li, Home Xiaoguang Cao, Running bulls competition 8 Xiaolian Zhang, Crowded Train 2 Xiaoqing Chen, Drink water Xiaoqing Chen, Music Xiaoqing Chen, Play chess Xinmin Zhang, Hardworking Xinmin Zhang, The moment Xinxin Chen, Grab from arms2 Xinxin Chen, In the rain12 Yi WAN, Festive Lantern Festival 14 Yiliang Yang, Home Yiliang Yang, Home 1 Yonghong Jin, Crowded train 3 Yonghong Jin, Crowded train 4 Yonghong Jin, Happy shoeblack Yonghong Jin, Rural hostipal Yuanlin Tang, Haircut Yuanlin Tang, Repair Yuanlin Tang, Stall Yunsheng He, Big Pot Dishes Yunsheng He, Garbages Finland Solveig Wallenius, A Day of a Firefighter 1 Solveig Wallenius, Butcher France ALAIN MORATA, INONDATIONS SALIES 2 Guy B. Samoyault, Fosbury flop challenge Guy B. Samoyault, La force est en lui Guy B. Samoyault, Long jump handi woman 245 Serge VALLON, Coude contre coude Germany Klaus Strehlke, Movement (2) Greece Vasilis KAZEPIDIS, After the survey Vasilis KAZEPIDIS, Pilgrimage of epitaph No5 Vasilis KAZEPIDIS, Womens water polo U20 No 03 Vasilis KAZEPIDIS, Womens water polo U20 No 04 Hong Kong Loretta Yat Wong, Akha woman1 Loretta Yat Wong, Akha woman4 Loretta Yat Wong, Akha15 Loretta Yat Wong, The Nenets campsite24 Israel Genadi Brodsky, Argument. Genadi Brodsky, Colloquy. Genadi Brodsky, I live, i’m here. Genadi Brodsky, On the sidelines of life. Leonid Goldin, Modern Men Leonid Goldin, Rain for happiness RABIA BASHA, Firefighting aircraft 7 RABIA BASHA, Lebanon second War RABIA BASHA, Lebanon second War 2 RABIA BASHA, Smoke grenade and solder BW Italy Almando Reggio, Ball 18 Almando Reggio, Ball 31 Almando Reggio, Bang bang Almando Reggio, Water games Walter Gaberthuel, Group in White Walter Gaberthuel, Swimming Start Walter Gaberthuel, Triple Group Lithuania Normante Ribokaite, NYC 1811 Macau Chan Seng Tang, Boxing 33 Chan Seng Tang, Boxing 34 Chan Seng Tang, Tackle 3 Chan Seng Tang, Tackle 6 Kai Lon Tang, Boxing Punches 12 Kai Lon Tang, Boxing Punches 2 Kai Lon Tang, Break Through 11 Kai Lon Tang, Heavy Tackle 10 Macedonia Vladimir Jovanovski, Hungarian portrait Vladimir Jovanovski, Subway love Zaklina Stefanovska, Manastir Zica Zaklina Stefanovska, Waiting for... Malaysia Sau Fong Neo, Homeless Netherlands Rudi Fonteijne, Touwtrekken Poland Tomasz Okoniewski, Adas dog 2 Tomasz Okoniewski, beginning work Tomasz Okoniewski, professionals 2 Tomasz Okoniewski, smile always helps Romania Oliver Merce, A Road of Death Oliver Merce, The Survivors Ovi D. Pop, the birth Russia Alexey Suloev, A reindeer herder with her son Alexey Suloev, Chess player Alexey Suloev, Treat Alexey Suloev, Сhildren of the tundra Saudi Arabia Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Mercy Serbia Kornelia Dakovic Svajcer, In the sky Singapore Chin Foo See, Hanoi Street Scene C4 Zee Kek HENG, Galloping horses at sunrise Zee Kek HENG, Push you Slovenia Igor Debevec, Good Land XII Igor Debevec, Hard work Igor Debevec, Seller II Igor Debevec, Strugar Sri Lanka Pandula Bandara, Its Team work Thailand wei fu, bite wei fu, block ball wei fu, watch your head wei fu, weep for King Ukraine Oleg Kutskiy, Confrontation Oleg Kutskiy, Fire... Oleg Kutskiy, On the breakthrough United Kingdom Valerie Duncan, Balancing Act mono Valerie Duncan, Bringing Home the Sheep bw Valerie Duncan, C2 Canoe Slalom 16801 mono Valerie Duncan, Harlequins Win the Ball mono USA Ira Nemeroff, NYC 28 James WAT, Bambo I tied Stronger than Steel James WAT, The Best is Yet To Come Lingyun Mao, Five Airplanes Randy Carr, Performing to the crowd Randy Carr, Up Hill Job Theme L / Child Australia Robin Yong, Daughter of the Dragon Robin Yong, Hamar Tribe Children Robin Yong, Hello My Darling! Robin Yong, Hidden Smiles Austria Theo Streitfelder, Schuelermeisterschaft Bangladesh IBRAHIM M IQBAL, after the strom IBRAHIM M IQBAL, the little buddha IBRAHIM M IQBAL, the passionate shepherd Belgium Nicoll Francis, Brother and Sister Brazil ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, BOY’S KITE ROBERTO SOARES GOMES, CHILDHOOD 1 Canada Danlei Ye, Nenets child5 China Aihua Cao, A family Aihua Cao, After class Aihua Cao, Burden Aihua Cao, Do homework Chenglin Zheng, Bangladesh Train 24 Chenglin Zheng, Street Soccer 1 Chenglin Zheng, Street Soccer 3 Fengying Long, Omo River Valley41 Fengying Long, The African children3 Haiqiu Gao, Life Haiqiu Gao, Life 1 Haiyan Huang, children of Namibia13 Haiyan Huang, Girl1 Haiyan Huang, Little brothers Haiyan Huang, Siblings2 Jiajun Chai, Nenets child4 Jiajun Chai, The Nenets54 Jiajun Chai, The Nenets57 Jinsheng Xiao, The African children28 Jinsheng Xiao, The African children37 Mei Guo, Climbing Mei Guo, Life Among the rack 17 Mei Guo, Live Along Track Mei Guo, Mend Tieqiang Li, Fishing Tieqiang Li, Household in Mountains 3 Tieqiang Li, Household in Mountains 4 Tieqiang Li, Play Football 8 Xiaoguang Cao, Eyes of the kid 2 Xiaoguang Cao, Feeding Xiaoguang Cao, Tribe mothers 16 Xiaoguang Cao, Water trading 1 Xinmin Zhang, Child 2 Xinmin Zhang, Life over track 2 Xinxin Chen, Nenets child3 Xinxin Chen, Rolling Wheels Xinxin Chen, Small shopkeeper Yi WAN, Eileen Yi WAN, Have a class 2 Yi WAN, Sisters 7 Yuanlin Tang, Brothers Yuanlin Tang, Child Yuanlin Tang, Sister’s back Yuhua Wang, Akha11 Yuhua Wang, Akha24 Yuhua Wang, Akha26 Yuhui Hu, Eat Yuhui Hu, Farming Yuhui Hu, Sister and brothers Yuhui Hu, Tacit understanding Croatia Diana Junaković, Wondering Cyprus George Petrou, Mime France Guy B. Samoyault, L’apprentie Guy B. Samoyault, Pauvre enfant nomade Guy B. Samoyault, Tenzin Germany Klaus Schwinges, Kunstradfahren 9 Klaus Schwinges, Nachwuchs Klaus Schwinges, Querfloeten SW Klaus Strehlke, Cathar Greece Vasilis KAZEPIDIS, Holding a candle Vasilis KAZEPIDIS, La petite Larisa No 03 Hong Kong Loretta Yat Wong, Akha21
  242. 242. 242 Spain LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, Charm LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, The equilibrist LUIS LEANDRO SERRANO, The nursery Sri Lanka Lakshan Senevirathne, Curious Lakshan Senevirathne, Innocent Lakshan Senevirathne, Left Alone Pandula Bandara, Paper Boats Ukraine Oleg Kutskiy, Lesson of singing Oleg Kutskiy, Slum childrens Oleg Semiokhin, Tamara USA James WAT, The Poor Side of Town-Nepal Randy Carr, Sing and Dance Loretta Yat Wong, Akha25 Loretta Yat Wong, Laos17 Loretta Yat Wong, Laos4 India ASIM KUMAR CHAUDHURI, RUN ASIT KUMAR RAY, WAITING FOR NEXT DAY ASIT KUMAR RAY, YOUNGSTER-1 SANJOY SENGUPTA, camels and myself 3 SANJOY SENGUPTA, stilt fishing alone SANJOY SENGUPTA, the inle school kid Indonesia pamela alexis Callista Javran, Dani tribe kids 3 pamela alexis Callista Javran, Dani tribe Kids On the window_Pamela_Baliem August2018 Iraq ali alfatal, ancestral ali alfatal, The old child Israel Genadi Brodsky, The Chess Queen. RABIA BASHA, Three small children sheikhs RABIA BASHA, Two small children sheikhs 2 BW Rachel Algom, caring water Lithuania Alferdas Motiejunas, I will manage this Normante Ribokaite, Agota 1 Normante Ribokaite, Curiosities Normante Ribokaite, Relaxation with music Normante Ribokaite, Wait for your dance Macau Chan Seng Tang, Catch Up 12 Chan Seng Tang, Catch Up 5 Chan Seng Tang, Kid Rugby 30 Chan Seng Tang, Kid Rugby 4 Kai Lon Tang, Blocking Tactics 11 Kai Lon Tang, Blocking Tactics 12 Kai Lon Tang, Boy Runner Kai Lon Tang, Strong Defense Zone 5 Macedonia Zaklina Stefanovska, Over the fence Malaysia Sau Fong Neo, Child labour Sau Fong Neo, Coconut Girl Netherlands Rudi Fonteijne, Dikke banden race Northern Ireland Cyril Boyd, Eyes on the prize Cyril Boyd, Junior Hammer Cyril Boyd, Spear chucker Romania Oliver Merce, The Embrace Oliver Merce, The End of Childhood Oliver Merce, The Little Rebel Saudi Arabia Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Childhood bold Mofeed Abu Shalwa, The rural girl Mofeed Abu Shalwa, Victim of war Serbia Nenad Borojevic, Catch the birds Nenad Borojevic, The Winner Nenad Borojevic, This is mine Singapore HUEE LING NG, Kumpong Boys & Goose Slovenia Igor Debevec, Show on TV Marina Pavlin, Dete_2_In doubt Marina Pavlin, Dete_3_A Girl with a Blue Hat
  243. 243. 243
  244. 244. 244
  245. 245. 245
  246. 246. 246
  247. 247. 247
  248. 248. 248
  249. 249. 249 5th International Salon Shadow 2018 Peti Internacionalni Salon Senka 2018 Salon Chairman / Predsednik Salona Ljiljana Vrzić Organizer / Organizator Serbia PHOTO / Srbija FOTO Publisher / Izdavač Serbia PHOTO / Srbija FOTO Organizing Committee / Organizacioni odbor Ljiljana Vrzić Nenad Nikolić Aleksandar Cvijanović Cover photo / Fotografija na naslovnoj strani © Ovi D Pop, Romania, Dead or alive Design / Dizajn Ljiljana Vrzić Nenad Nikolić Beograd, 2018
  250. 250. 250 Serbia PHOTO / Srbija FOTO