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Keyword Research - Long Tail Keywords In Seo


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Trizeon, a global provider of SEO services provides the best keyword research services to increase the visibility of your website on the web and rank high.

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Keyword Research - Long Tail Keywords In Seo

  1. 1. Long Tail Keywords in SEO
  2. 2. Popular and high-volume keywords are known to draw more traffic to a website. They are the most preferred by any website owner. With more and more webmasters looking for such key words, a huge completion arose for them. Consequently, it has become very difficult to optimize a website for such keywords.
  3. 3. Long tail keywords have emerged as an effective and valuable alternative for popular and high-volume keywords. They are basically the extensions of the popular keyword phrases with the addition of relevant words or phrases.
  4. 4. The greatest advantage of using long tail keywords is that very few sites of the same niche have same key words, so optimizing a website for such keywords becomes easier. Also, multi-word phrases tend to be easier to rank high than single or double keyword phrases.
  5. 5. For new entrants to the web world, long tail keywords provide a better option as they are less competitive and easier to optimize. Long tail keywords are highly specific and focused search phrases that usually contain three to five words.
  6. 6. <ul><li>Due to their high specific nature, they draw quality traffic. Long tail keywords may attract a small amount of traffic when compared to popular keywords but the conversion rate is very high. </li></ul>
  7. 7. From SEO perspective, long tail keywords significantly reduce the cost per lead and greatly increase the conversion rates. For more information logon to