Persistent's offerings for medical device manufacturers


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Persistent's offerings for medical device manufacturers

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Persistent's offerings for medical device manufacturers

  1. 1. Persistent’s Presentation for Medical Device Manufacturers© 2012 Persistent Systems Ltd
  2. 2. Persistent at a Glance 22 Years in Business The Practice Experience  Publically Listed 300+ Customers  U.S., APAC and Growth Company 3000+ Product releases in EMEA regions  $207.39 million last 5 years  6600+ Employees revenue for FY2012 10 of Top 20 Technology  ISO 27001 facilities companies in the world  24% CAGR in the are our customers last 5 years  ISO 9001:2008 Certified Nurture Zone for Ranked 5th in global 2011 Global Services Top 3 player in Top 2 player in Cloud leading Healthcare software 100 Leaders 100 Company Smartphone Computing R&D Service (India) Application – Zinnov Management – Global Services Media Providers – PWC, 2011 Development Consulting, 2011 – Zinnov Management – Forrester Research, Consulting, 2012 20112 © 2012 Persistent Systems Ltd
  3. 3. Persistent’s Offerings for Medical Device Manufacturers© 2012 Persistent Systems Ltd
  4. 4. Our Product Life-cycle Offerings Complete ownership of product engineering Embedded & Hardware Solutions Industrial & Mechanical Design Software Solutions4 © 2012 Persistent Systems Ltd
  5. 5. • Identification of working Principle • Concept Evolution and Spec Set-up • Functional Model Development • Material Selection • Architecture and Platform creation • Technology Analysis and Benchmarking Functional Design & Development • Design Brief • Basic Cost Reduction • Data mining Value • Function Specification Industrial • Product semantics Engineering Enhancements Design Services • Ideation • Performance Specification • Concept generation Enhancements • Concept Development Medical Device Product Development • Engineering Concept Modeling • Concept Evaluation and Spec Set-up• Mold Design (Injection & Blow Services Mechanical • Product Range (Variants) buildup Mold) Manufacturing Services Design & • Detail Engineering• Soft Tool Development Support Development • Concept Validation & Proofing• Mold Development & Tryouts • Tolerance Stack-up Analysis• Prototyping • DFM /DFA, DFMEA proven • 2D Engineering Drawing Creation • Design Documentation Embedded Quality & Hardware & Compliance Software • Complete Embedded system • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) product development • Mold Flow Solution • Portal Framework • Poly Flow Solution • Data Transfer tools5 • Hardware design & testing © 2012 Persistent Systems Ltd
  6. 6. FUNCTION DEVELOPMENT Embedded (MECHANICAL) Mechanical Identification of working principle Concept evolution and spec set-up Functional model development Identification and Function selection of working Development - Analytical model development principle and theory Product Architecture Virtual prototyping Principle proven Material selection Architecture and platform creation Technology analysis and benchmarking Analytical model Application based material development identification and selection6 © 2012 Persistent Systems Ltd
  7. 7. INDUSTRIAL DESIGNINGDesign Innovation services spans fromideation to Research Design conceptualization Industrial Design Ideation & Sketching Creating 3D Models  Design brief  Data mining  Product semantics  Ideation Existing Product Creating Photorealistic Analysis Renderings  Concept generation  Concept development DESIGN INNOVATION METHODOLOGY 7 © 2012 Persistent Systems Ltd
  8. 8. MECHANICAL DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT ENGINEERING DESIGN & DETAILING Engineering concept modeling Concept evaluation and spec Set-up Product range (variants) buildup Concept Modeling, Concept Evaluation Technical Specification Validation Detail engineering and Spec finalization Concept validation & proofing Tolerance stack-up analysis DFM /DFA, DFMEA proven 2D engineering drawing creation Design documentation Design Detailing, Interface Tolerance Analysis Defining8 © 2012 Persistent Systems Ltd
  9. 9. EMBEDDED SOFTWARE & HARDWARE SOFTWARE Porting RTOS over custom devices Usability engineering services Application development MMI customization and enhancement Product requirement System design evaluations specification Integration of apps, comps in eco system Verification & validation Multi platform firmware and Integration, validation against compliance software design standards9 © 2012 Persistent Systems Ltd
  10. 10. EMBEDDED SOFTWARE & HARDWARE HARDWARE Hardware schematic design, component selection, BOM Multi layer PCB layout, validation and Hardware schematic design Multi layer PCB Layout testing Electro-mechanical design, fabrication partners EMI, EMC etc. compliance testing against standards Electro-Mechanical Design Compliance testing against standards10 © 2012 Persistent Systems Ltd
  11. 11. DESIGN QUALITY & COMPLIANCE DESIGN VALIDATION – CAE FINITE ELMENT ANALYSIS Drop Test Analysis(FEA)  Pre-processing (meshing & model setup)  Structural analysis (linear & non linear)  Dynamic/impact analysis  Thermal analysis Pre-processing, Shell, Tetrahedron Snap Fit Clamp Fitment and Brick meshing of components Analysis Analysis  Modal and harmonic analysis and assembly.  Fatigue analysis  Process simulations (conveying system, blown formation, undercut ejection ) Static analysis, Modal analysis. Material , Contact and Geometry Nonlinear analysis. 11 © 2012 Persistent Systems Ltd
  12. 12. DESIGN QUALITY & COMPLIANCEDESIGN VALIDATION – CAE MOLD FLOW SIMULATION Filling Analysis Packing Analysis Cooling Analysis Core Shift Analysis Mold flow Analysis Residual Stress Analysis Warpage Analysis Product Optimization POLY FLOW SIMULATION Vacuum forming simulations Filling Analysis12 © 2012 Persistent Systems Ltd
  13. 13. MANUFACTURING SUPPORTMANUFACTURING SERVICES Mold design (injection & blow mold) Soft tool development support Mold development & try-outs Design and Development of Injection and Blow molds Prototyping High quality CNC Rapid prototyping development Short run production from machined parts by SLS, SLA, FDM silicon rubber molds, small qty with good dimensional stability13 © 2012 Persistent Systems Ltd
  14. 14. VALUE ENGINEERING SERVICES Basic Cost Reduction: Performance Specification: Function Specification: Life Time Study Product Review Analysis VALUE ENGINEERING Disassembly & Teardown study  Performance study of  Capturing the product product life for evaluating review comments and SERVICES  Systematic disassembly successive life time before mapping ‘Voice of  Comparative analysis failure Customer tree’ Basic cost reduction from competitor  Quantify the problem and  Study BOM, identify CAFB Benchmarking identify alternate solutions Function specification components and features  Competitor Analysis for for major cost Functional Benchmarking Value Analysis effectiveness  Product features Performance specification Competitor Analysis functional analysis and DFA/DFM  Comparison study of own & cost comparison  Evaluate assembly competitor’s product on technology process  Evaluate manufacturing System Parameters ease Optimization  BOM optimization  Optimization of system  Modular approach for parameters based on assembly cost benefits product performance  Optimization design studies Cost Analysis  Costing of existing product  Identify critical cost parameters  Propose alternative cost effective solution14 © 2012 Persistent Systems Ltd
  15. 15. Advantage Persistent • Through concurrent engineering under one roof DESIGN OPTIMIZATION • 400+ engineers working across multiple embedded• Validated design for weight, alternate REDUCED VAST systems, RTOS and platforms. material. DEVELOPMENT EXPERIENCE & • Expertise in end to end product and solutions• Well defined structures for process AND EXPERTISE PRODUCTION development starting from product requirement improvement, reduced cost of quality COSTS definition, complete product hardware and assurance software development, certification, launch till end of life support. REDUCED DEVELOPMENT TIME • Through lesser iterations (detailed design for functional integrity & simplicity in 15 tooling) © 2012 Persistent Systems Ltd
  16. 16. Contact Us Sebastien RATTIER R&D Manager for instrumentation Persistent Systems France SAS + www.persistentsys.com16© 2012 Persistent Systems Ltd © 2012 Persistent Systems Ltd