Storyboard 4 - School Rules


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This is a storyboard for a future podcast which will be created by Kyler Beidler and Allison Tubbs, students in Mrs. Till's first grade class.

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Storyboard 4 - School Rules

  1. 1. School Rules Podcast Mrs. Till’s First Grade
  2. 2. School Rules Podcast Specifics Font: Arial Size: 16 Visual: Video clips and photographs Audio: Opening/Closing Jingle with soft background music playing. Transition: fade in/ fade out Narrators: Kyler Beidler and Allison Tubbs Designer: Samantha Till
  3. 3. School Rules Frame 1: Introduction Audio: Opening Jingle Kyler: Hi, my name is Kyler Beidler. Allison: and I am Allison Tubbs. We are first grade students at Delwood Elementary. Kyler: In Mrs. Till’s first grade class, we have been learning about rules in our Social Studies unit. Allison: We have rules to follow at home. We have to follow School Rules….we have to follow rules everywhere! Kyler: Rules are important! Allison: Kyler and I are going to explain a few of the important rules we follow here at Delwood Elementary. This frame will contain a short video clip of Kyler Beidler and Allison Tubbs introducing themselves and explaining their podcast.
  4. 4. School Rules Frame 2: Audio: Kyler: Recess can be a very fun time. Allison: But we have to remember to follow the rules to keep everyone safe on the playground. Kyler: One rule we must follow here at Delwood is to walk down the hill when going to recess. Allison: If we don’t follow this rule, accidents may occur. Children could fall on the cement and get hurt. Kyler: So please, walk to recess! The graphic will contain an illustration of the recess area at school. It will depict children walking down the hill at recess. There will also be a picture of children running and falling to show the danger. There will be a short video clip of children walking down the hill at recess time.
  5. 5. School Rules Frame 3: Audio: Allison: I guess you need to be careful when you run at school. Save running for PE and on the playground! Because our next rule is, Always walk in the hallway. Kyler: Larry keeps our floors very clean and shiny, so of course they are slippery at times! Allison: Can you imagine if everyone in our school ran through the hallways Kyler? Kyler: Oh no, that would be a DISASTER! Everyone would be bumping into each other could get hurt. Allison: So remember to keep yourself and others safe and always, ALWAYS, walk in the hall! This frame will contain a short video clip of students following line basics, walking in the hallway. Another option is to have still photos of students walking in the hallways.
  6. 6. School Rules Frame 4: Audio: Kyler: There are many other important rules to follow while walking in the hallway Allison. Allison: Why yes there are Kyler! Our next rule is, Use quiet voices in the hallway. Kyler: Sometimes your teacher has important information to tell you. If you are talking too loud, you won’t be able to hear your teacher talking! Allison: And if everyone is talking loudly, it can get very noisy. Kyler: I know I will remember to use a quiet voice in the hallway. Thanks for sharing that important rule Allison! This frame will contain a short video clip of students walking through the hallways quietly whispering and students walking and talking loudly as the teacher tries to relay and important message to her students without success.
  7. 7. School Rules Frame 5 : Audio: Allison: You’re welcome Kyler, but there are still more important rules to tell our friends about to keep them safe at school! The next few rules are rules you should follow in the classroom. Kyler: The most important rule of all….Always do your best! Allison: It doesn’t matter which class you’re in. If you’re in Music, Media, PE, Art, or your own classroom….. Both: ALWAYS DO YOUR BEST! Kyler: You never know when your teacher is watching…..and haven’t you heard??? Teachers have eyes in the back of their heads! This frame will have photos of students working together and individually within the classroom. Photos could depict the general education classroom, Music, Media, PE, and/or Art. Classroom.
  8. 8. School Rules Frame 6: Audio: Allison: I guess that rule is important to remember considering our next rule is, Do your own work! Teachers know when you aren’t doing your own work. Kyler: Teachers want to know what YOU can do, not the person sitting next to you! Allison: And cheating can also get you a free pass to the principals office! Yikes! This frame will be photos of students concentrating on their own work and students cheating, then going to Principal Goodall’s office.
  9. 9. School Rules Frame 7: Audio: Kyler: Our last rule is an important rule to remember throughout your lifetime. Allison: No matter if you’re 3, 13, or 23, it’s important to remember to BE A GOOD FRIEND! Kyler: Being a good friend, means NO BULLYING! Good friends share with one another, take turns, and have fun together. Allison: I’m glad you and I are such good friends Kyler. I have many good friends here at Delwood. This frame will contain a short video clip of Delwood students playing well together and being good friends to one anther. Sign with NO BULLYIN ALLOWED!
  10. 10. School Rules Frame 8: Audio: Kyler: It’s very important to follow School Rules. They keep you and your friends safe. Allison: Thank you for listening to our podcast. Until next time, this is Allison Kyler: and Kyler, reporting from Mrs. Till’s first grade. Closing Jingle (fade out to a blank black screen) This frame will contain a short recap of rules and video clips that were shown throughout the podcast. Allison and Kyler will thank their listeners and welcome them back to join in their next podcast.