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IT Enabled Audit Tools


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A slide show on IT Enabled Audit Tools

Published in: Technology, Education
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IT Enabled Audit Tools

  1. 1. IT Enabled Audit Tools CA S. Rathinagiri Erode Branch SIRC of ICAI 28/07/2012
  2. 2. Information TechnologyThe basics Information → Data → Information Use of computers Nature of Business Data Text Data Spatial Data Independence of Data
  3. 3. AuditTraditional Way (Around Computers – Black Box) Financial Opinion Audit Operational/Process Audit Compliance AuditHybrid/Integrated (Through Computers – White Box)Fully IT related (With Computers – Tool Box?)
  4. 4. Impact of IT
  5. 5. What is changed?Nature of Data?Procedures?Controls?Risks/Threats/Vulnerabilities/Errors/Frauds?Volume?Form?Mode? Technology?
  6. 6. Advantages of IT Enabled AuditEffectivenessSpeedSimplicityControl over the auditAvoidance of monotonous and redundant jobRelianceAudit Templates
  7. 7. Problems/LimitationsComputers are supposed to solve problems but many times they ARE the problems.Less integration of the systems turns out to MORE problemsNot cost effectiveDocumentationIT knowledge of auditors/staffProblems in test data and year change over.
  8. 8. Audit ToolsApplication Software Regular Reports/Special Reports/Exceptional Reports etc.,Electronic Spreadsheet SoftwareAudit Tools Software like ACL (Audit Command Language) IDEA (Interactive Data Extraction and Analysis)OLAP, BI, Data mining Tools
  9. 9. Features of Audit ToolsETLCreating a Trail of Audit TrailsElectronic Working PapersTest Data creationSeveral Scientific methods of SamplingAging analysis of data
  10. 10. Features of Audit Tools – Contd.Finding of Exceptional Data Identifying Gaps DuplicatesSummarising and stratifying (arrange/index/sort) dataGraphical representation of dataExport of results
  11. 11. Approach to IT auditUpdating IT knowledge Manual/Help available with the software Googling/Yahooing Forums Various other resources like slideshares, e-books etc.,
  12. 12. Approach to IT Audit – cont.Usage of tools available Spreadsheet (Excel/Openoffice/Libre Calc) Formulas Functions Macros Data Import and analysing facilities Sorting Filtering Pivot Tables
  13. 13. Approach to IT Audit – contd. Goal Seeking Scenarios Charts Dependencies and Precedents Sub-totalDatabase Software (Access/Base/SQL software) Summarise, Sort, Filter, Compare, Join Simple English like Language ETL
  14. 14. Novel Approach – Data Mining ToolsRapid Miner Open source Free Easy to adapt
  15. 15.
  16. 16. Data mining Tools – cont.Pentaho Opensource Business Intelligence Data Analytics
  17. 17.
  18. 18. What the heck?!Dont over doExpect the unexpectedUse the unusualThink, think, ponder, ponder andBe a volcano
  19. 19. Any questions?
  20. 20.