Top ten tricks of the trade


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This is a presentation I gave at the UFLA conference in November 2010

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Top ten tricks of the trade

  1. 1. Top Ten Tricks of the Trade
  2. 2. Tunes Please raise your hand when you hear the word for Hello in your target language.
  3. 3. Time
  4. 4. Time
  5. 5. Taketurns
  6. 6. Take Turns Citas de Hablar
  7. 7. Citas de Hablar !No eres la reina¡ Estudiantes ausentes.
  8. 8. Citas de Hablar Teacher coordinates all. ¿Quién no tiene un compañero?
  9. 9. Take Turns Dividing Into Groups Twakin’ in coicles
  10. 10. Take Turns Palitos
  11. 11. Take Turns la bienvenida, el oso, la foto, mostrando y contando
  12. 12. Pause to process 2 minutes: When would you use these ideas? Signs on the door. Students pick up papers/supplies as they come in. Talking appointments. Numbering hands. Talking in circles. Name sticks. Individual student presentations.
  13. 13. Train/Procedures empezador papeles para repartir
  14. 14. Train/Procedures ¿De quién es? Tarea para los ausentes.
  15. 15. Train/Organization cuaderno e índice fechas importantes
  16. 16. Train/Instructions instruction sheets
  17. 17. Train advanced organizer lápices huérfanos
  18. 18. Pause to process One minute: Anything you can use?
  19. 19. Talk! Poner – to put Poner commands
  20. 20. Talk! decir – to say
  21. 21. Talk! caer vs. caerse
  22. 22. Talk-a-thon Yo (ser) dentista. Yo (trabajar) mucho. present: soy imperfect: era future: será present: trabajo preterite: trabajé 23 - J
  23. 23. Talk-a-thon
  24. 24. Processing Pause Two minutes: Choose an irregular verb in your target language. What kind of talking activity could you do with it? Is there a vocabulary/verb set you could turn into a talk-a-thon?
  25. 25. Translation the runner/writer game
  26. 26. Translation $100,000 pirámide
  27. 27. things that are red
  28. 28. parts of the face
  29. 29. things you wear on your feet
  30. 30. processing pause 2 minutes: Choose a partner. Discuss the two games, how to play them and how you could use/adapt them for your class.
  31. 31. Technology
  32. 32.
  33. 33.
  34. 34. Test Make a study buddy. Poner quizzy. Use a papelito.
  35. 35. Test At the door quizzes
  36. 36. Test quick oral quiz snowball quiz
  37. 37. Test oral quiz group practice
  38. 38. What do your students have to look at when you’re giving an oral test?
  39. 39. Thoughts A Few Favorite Resources Todd Whitaker What Great Teachers Do Differently Harry Wong The First Days of School Sharon Faber If These are the Students, Who should the Teachers Be? AND How do we Teach Them? Rick Wormli Meet Me in the Middle