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Los textos del examen de bi


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Los textos del examen de bi

  1. 1. Los Textos de Ab InitioCategoría 1CARTAS Formal: a un director, carta de protesta, opinión al periódico, carta de quejas Informal: a un amigo, familia de una experiencia personal Fecha MUST include date, saludo, indent, despedida and signature in the format provided. Saludo apropiado: Formal letter should be “gushy” or “flowery” at the beginning ____________ and end. _________________ _________________ Estimado/atentamente Querido/un beso; besos; un saludo Despedida apropiada, FirmaCategoría 2DIARIO, BLOG, EMAIL (correo electrónico)Diario: Fecha (doesn’t matter where) Begin with “dear diary.” ____________ _________________ _________________ This is the one type of text that you can really use emotion and creative thought. Some sort of closure Good to end with a conclusion or question to oneself, or something about “we’ll see what happens tomorrow.”Email: A: De: Use emotion and creative thought to express yourself. Tema: _____________ ________________ DO NOT sign it – that is what makes it an emailBlog: Has not yet appeared in tests; most likely will begin with new curriculum 2013 testing.
  2. 2. Categoría 3IFORME: Usually a police report. Título Be sure to include the five “w”s De: Para: Fecha: Formal, objective and descriptive. _____________ _______________ May include a recommendation _______________ Firmado porCategoría 4 TítuloDISCURSO Bienvenidos a todos. This is intended to be delivered as a speech or oralCONFERENCIA Presenta el tema, incluye presentation. You need to make a reference to thePRESENTACIÓN “Uds” o “nosotros”….. audience. _____ _______¡_______! ¿________? _____ Use exclamations! Ask questions? ________.¡_____! Ahora, pasamos a las preguntas… MUST have a closure, such as “are there any questions?”Categoría 5 Título Write in columns.ARTÍCULO ___ ______ Write in paragraphs. ______ ____ Include “photos” (w/ captions) ______ ______ ______ ______ __ ______ El hombre ______CRÍTICA Write in paragraphs.RESEÑA (In a review, include “filmed by” or “written by”) *State the objective first, then describe in favor or against.
  3. 3. Categoría 6 Traditional format; FOUR paragraphs. TítuloENSAYO Everything is NEUTRAL. Intro ____________ __________________ Introduce the topic and two ideas to support __________________. what you say. You will be going from general to Punto 1 __________ more specific __________________ Argument #1, which is a general statement, __________________. followed by two sentences of support that are Punto 2 __________ ___________________ mores specific/show support. ___________________ Argument #, which is a general statement, Conclusión ________ followed by two sentences of support that are ___________________ mores specific/show support ___________________ Conclusion – you may give an opinion here but continue with the neutral language – don’t use “yo.” Be sure there is closure; don’t add anything new. TítuloENSAYO/ Intro yo _________ARTÍCULO _________________ Also four paragraphs. YOUR opinion (yo, yo, yo…). ______Yo__________DE OPINIÓN Because this is personal, you should develop this to __________________.(editorial) Punto 1 Yo_________ a very deep level. Examiners look for deep thought __________________ ____Yo____________. Punto 2 _Yo ______ __________________ ___________________ ___________________ Conclusión __Yo ____ ______Catergoría 7ENTREVISTAS Título You choose direct (as though speaking live to theDIRECTO/ Introducción a la person) or indirect (as though it is the draft toINDIRECTO persona y la razón de la be published in a magazine or book). entrevista. Always indent. Persona A: Persona B: Persona A: Conclusion depends on choice of direct/indirect: Persona B: Direct: Thank the person for the interview and Persona A: move on to the next part of the program. Persona B: Indirect: Write a conclusion to summarize the Conclusión Person’s views, the topic or some other closure.
  4. 4. Categoría 8 Título Should be super VISUAL.FOLLETO Include exclamations.POSTER ________¡_______!__ _______________________PÁGINA WEB The ending should be something that youPANFLETO ___¡_______!______ ___ would likely see, such as: _______________________ Contáctnos a (41) 11-22-33 or _______ ¡_____________! Oficina de Turismo de España orMay fold paper to serve as brochure or pamphlet.