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Search jobs

  1. 1. Things to do before searching a job Things to do before searching a jobAre you actively looking for a new job but do not have any idea how to go about your search? This article will helpyou in making your job search easier and more effective than ever.Searching for jobs has changed a lot in previous one decade. Internet has emerged as a powerful force, which hasprovided new and innovative ways of looking for a new job. Being unemployed is itself a very precarious situation,not one that anyone would like to be in. But this situation becomes even scarier when you are not aware of the dosand the don’ts of a job search. Therefore, before you run to Google and type in your query in the omnipresentsearch box, here are some things that you need to keep in your mind. These steps will help you make the searchmore precise, effective and successful. In case you are employed, there are some special precautions that need tobe taken as you will come to know in the later part of the article.  Update your resume Job market is dynamic in nature and what was considered perfectly fine on a resume a couple of years ago might have lost its relevance in the current times. Resumes should not look like a computer generated file.
  2. 2. Things to do before searching a job It’s a living file, which keeps on changing with time, as per the changes your professional life has experienced over the years. Things like keeping the title Resume, including all personal details such as age, height, weight, and listing all jobs, however irrelevant they are to the current job you are applying for are signs that your CV needs a major overhaul. Besides, the new guidelines state that there is no need to include objective in the resume as it is quite understood that the objective is to gain the job. Grammatical mistakes and incorrect sentence formation is a strict no.  Update your Social Media profilesHaving an active social media presence is vital for any kind of marketing. Job search is also a form of marketingwhere you are selling your skills to a prospective employer and hence having a Linkedin profile is no longer anoption, but a necessity. Employers make it a point to search for suitable candidates on Linkedin before even postingthe ad on recruitment based classified site. As the social network grows in stature and usage, more and more hiringis being done through this medium.  Spread a word amongst your contacts Once you have left your job, it is imperative that you let all of your professional contacts know that you are activelylooking for a new job. Your past references will help by letting you know who is hiring in the industry and who is not.These references will anyways come handy when joining the new organization for verification purpose.
  3. 3. Things to do before searching a jobSearching for a job while being employedIt is a common practice to start searching for a job while being still employed since recruiters prefer in-industryprofessionals rather than out of work individuals. In addition, quitting a job before you have one is indeed a riskwhich must be avoided as it can affect your financial stability big time. However, there are few dos and don’ts whichneed to be taken care of:  Avoid telling your “friend circle” at your work placeThere is an old saying, loose lips sink ships. Telling someone at workplace that you are going to leave the job,however close you are to that person might make things unpleasant for you, as that person might let your secret slipaway easily.
  4. 4. Things to do before searching a job  Do not foul-mouth your current bossEven if you have suffered from some kind of injustice at your current work place, try to be prudent and not burn anybridges. Remember the positives that you gained from the company while ignoring the negative aspects.