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Reconstruction powerpoint


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Reconstruction powerpoint

  1. 1. The 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments A look at the Reconstruction Amendments!
  2. 2. Reconstruction After the Civil War the South was hurt really badly. Many cities, farms, and businesses were destroyed by the war!
  3. 3. Reconstruction Images
  4. 4. ReconstructionSlaves were now free because ofthe EmancipationProclamation signed byAbraham Lincoln during theCivil War.
  5. 5. AmendmentsThe United StatesGovernment inWashington D.C.decided to help theSouth and make somechanges that wouldhelp the freed slavesand make America abetter place to live.They passed threeimportantAmendments.
  6. 6. QUICK....What is anAMENDMENT!?
  7. 7. AmendmentA change to theConstitution!
  8. 8. 13 Amendment th What Does This Mean?
  9. 9. 13th AmendmentThe 13th Amendmentdeclared that slavery wouldnot be allowed to exist in theUnited States.It made slavery illegal!
  10. 10. 14th AmendmentThe 14th Amendment gave citizenshipto African Americans!A person’s race could not be a reason todeny them citizenship.
  11. 11. 14th AmendmentThe 14th Amendmentdeclared that states couldnot limit the rights ofcitizens.States could not takeaway life,liberty(freedom), orproperty without dueprocess of the law.
  12. 12. Due ProcessWhat does it mean by due process in the14th Amendment?Due Process means that theGovernment must follow theConstitution and all of the Bill ofRights in it before it can takeaway anything from you.
  13. 13. Due ProcessIn other words, the governmentmust give a person a fair and fasttrial before they can take away aperson’s rights!
  14. 14. 15 Amendment thWhat does this mean?
  15. 15. 15th AmendmentThe 15th Amendment gave allmen the right to vote, nomatter what their skin colorwas or if they had beenenslaved.
  16. 16. 15 Amendment th What about women?
  17. 17. 13th, 14th, 15th Amendments13th Amendment - It madeslavery unconstitutionaland illegal!14th Amendment - Itstated that states could nottake away the rights ofcitizens without due processof the law.15th Amendment - Itallowed all men to vote, nomatter their skin color.
  18. 18. Amendment Fever!Directions - You and your groupmust work together. Your goal is toguess the correct Amendment that isbeing violated or broken. Each team’srecorder will keep track of their team’spoints. The team with the most points,will get a prize next class!!
  19. 19. #1Jim lives in the South after theCivil War. As he is trying to leavethe plantation where he used to be aslave, his plantation owner Mr.Johnson stops him and says, “Ipaid for you, you are my slave, youmust stay!”What Amendment is Mr. Johnsonbreaking?
  20. 20. ANSWER!13thMr. Johnson can not tell anyoneto be a slave! Slavery becameunconstitutional with the 13thAmendment
  21. 21. #2A old old man named Larrywobbles up to the voting booth.Sarah, the person that works atthe voting place says, “Go awayold man, you can’t vote here!”What Amendment is Sarahbreaking?
  22. 22. ANSWER15th AmendmentAccording to the 15th Amendment, allmen have the right to vote no matterwhat race they are.
  23. 23. #3It is 1865, and the Sheriff in asmall town arrests Steve, a formerslave, for stealing food from themarket. The Sheriff throws himjail and never gives him a trial.What Amendment is the Sheriffbreaking?
  24. 24. ANSWERThe 14th AmendmentThe 14th Amendment says you musthave due process (which includes atrial) before they can take anythingaway such as your liberty (freedom).
  25. 25. #4A man decides that he needspeople to work at a factory, buthe can’t pay them. He decides toforce his employees to workwithout paying them a singledollar.What amendment is the manbreaking?
  26. 26. ANSWERThe 13th Amendment - Theman cannot force people towork for free!
  27. 27. #5John came home from work one afternoonand noticed that all of his property wasgone. He saw a note and it said, “We havetaken your property because you owe usmoney. Thanks, U.S. Government.” He hadnobody to contact to get the stuff back.What Amendment did the Governmentbreak?
  28. 28. ANSWERThe 14th Amendment - Nobody isallowed to take your propertywithout due process. This means thatif the government wants to dosomething, you have the right to go tocourt. It is up to the Government toprove their case, not for you to proveyour innocence of a crime.
  29. 29. Conclusion 13th Amendment - Ended Slavery 14th Amendment - Due Process Due Process - the government must respect all of your legal rights not just some. 15th Amendment - All men can vote