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Why don't Mentoring Networks work?


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Everyone in the incubation and entrepreneurship development world is trying to build mentoring networks. They don't work. Find out why.

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Why don't Mentoring Networks work?

  1. Why Don’t Mentoring Networks Work? Incubators, Non-profits, For-profits have all tried to build scalable, effective mentoring networks. They have largely failed.
  2. Psychology of Volunteer Mentors Motivation: Giving back. Availability: When they feel like it. When they have time. Wishy-washy level of commitment. Unreliable. Unscalable.
  3. Psychology of Investor Mentors Investor Mentors Motivation: Finding the best entrepreneurs to fund. Availability: For good entrepreneurs, plenty. But the bar for their attention is high. Looking for the cream of the crop.
  4. Psychology of Entrepreneurs They need help on a time-sensitive basis. Now. The less mature entrepreneurs have more needs.
  5. The Best Entrepreneurs Get ALL the Love Less than 1% receive any attention. The other 99% gets left out.
  6. Mentors Like to Come to the Rescue of Victory And invest in them.
  7. Entrepreneurs Need Mentors To Get To Mentors Irony!
  8. 1M/1M Offers Scalable Mentoring To ALL Entrepreneurs. Inclusive, not Exclusive. Inclusive, not Exclusive. We equate Mentoring with Consulting. Entrepreneurs are our clients. We need to be available to meet their needs.
  9. 1M/1M Is Inclusive Including for the other 99%
  10. How Does 1M/1M Scale? Mentoring = (Curriculum + Private Roundtables) Video Lectures & Case Studies on all key issues. 100 hours of Studying. Group sessions at Roundtables. Learn from others’ situations. Case Study based approach. Continuously enhanced.
  11. Plus Biz Dev, Investor Introductions, Media Access Connecting the dots that good mentors do.
  12. $1000 Annual Membership Unlimited Access.
  13. We Focus on Business Strategy and Execution Irrespective of Financing
  14. Please join us at a FREE Strategy Roundtable Soon!