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(Faq’s) in interviews lesson


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Interview Questions for Freshers

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(Faq’s) in interviews lesson

  2. 2. Purpose: -  Asked as an introductory (comfort) question, to get the interview started and make you comfortable, settle down & to know about your communication & speaking style; & get an initial “feel” of your suitability  You have to reply back in a minimum of 4 to 5 sentences or a maximum of 8 to 10 sentences; which you think to be a word portrait of you but relevant to the job expectations that the interviewer may have in mind.  The answer should be crisp – economizing on words yet not so short as to inform nothing much. Cover your academics, family, special abilities & qualifications, aspirations; hobbies (and if confident – your strengths about which you are in a position to answer more). Those with experience should definitely speak the salient part of their experience. Q). Tell us something about yourself?
  3. 3. Q). What are your greatest strengths? You should know your strengths to speak realistically. A probable model answer:  My major strengths are my qualification as an I.T. Graduate and a good academic performance of above 70% throughout; which goes to show that I am consistent, hardworking & committed. Further I have always had good scores on I.T. Aptitude Tests conducted by our college or available on line & thus I believe I have good analytical, logical and reasoning capabilities & can perform well as a software engineer after due training. I also believe that I can get along well with people & could integrate & gel with the work team & thus add & contribute to the group effectiveness. I am both a smart & hard worker and can work under pressure. Being a regular yoga enthusiast, I have excellent physical & mental fitness & can destress & regain energy quickly; so necessary in today’s demanding work situations.
  4. 4. Q). What are your major weaknesses? Purpose: -  This is an eliminator question; designed to quickly cut short the unwanted. Therefore, the admission of a weakness or fault that is not visible very obviously; may earn you an ‘A’ for honesty but an ‘F’ (Failure) for the interview.  Therefore very often students disguise strengths as a purported weakness, but even this the interviewers are quick to interpret. Better is to talk off a weakness that does not impact the job very substantially and to add & stress – that you are making sincere efforts to improve & overcome the weakness
  5. 5. Q). Where do you find yourself five years (or ten years) down the line? Sample Answers: (For Five Years) – Oh! I will certainly be amongst the high performers and with great passion for work & achievement and I think I would like to go as far as possible within the companies HR policies – may be a couple of positions up from the entry level into one of greater responsibility where I could handle responsibility more independently. (For Ten Years) By this time, I hope to have crossed the middle management level and may be on the threshold of becoming a senior management ( or executive) professional - May be a Project Manager or a Deputy G.M………
  6. 6. Q). What do you want to do in your life? Or What career goals you have in mind (or you have set for yourself) Or What are your goals? (Are you a goal oriented person?) & similar questions Purpose: To check if you have a goal focused approach. A Sample Answer: Yes; I have certain vision of what I want to achieve in the long run & I have also set short term goals to achieve them. I have set goals all by myself but I am open to discussing it with my parents, teachers or mentors”. (………then you can go on to narrate a few career goals…..)
  7. 7. Q). How do you plan to achieve these goals? A Sample Answer:  The keenness to learn and high motivation (passion) to achieve & perform; I believe; are driving forces for me. So through learning, acquiring experience & skills, through committed hard work and ups killing & upgrading & informal education I think I will achieve these goals, I am already on the verge of completing my basic qualification (B. Tech / MBA / B. Pharm) & aspire to get into a good company to begin a career soon & then I will gradually work my way up ; with keenness & passion as I just spoke; I believe, in a timeframe of 15 to 20 years; I should attain whatever I am aspiring for.
  8. 8. Q). Any achievements; that you justifiably would like to quote? A Sample Answer:  I have consistently done well academically scoring above 70% (or first class marks) all through, and thus I have been better than an average student. Further I have read 3 papers in technical symposia organized by technical institutes of repute; and I got a IInd prize in the one that I presented at I.I.T. (K) I am also a member of my college Cricket XI & represented in the inter college meet where our team reached up to the semifinal stage. These are some of the significant achievements.
  9. 9. Q). What accomplishments have given you the most satisfaction in your life? A Sample Answer:  I derive satisfaction from good performance and achievements. The one notable achievement that was very satisfying was the (you can now describe as above at Q. 7 & 8 & later at Q.12 or some other achievement of your life- from the good project you have done etc. we leave it to the imagination of the student / incumbent to prepare their own suitable answers) All these achievements have been satisfying.
  10. 10. Q). Looking back (or if you were to live your life all over again) what you do differently in your life? A Sample Answer:  It has been a good life so far, rich in learning experience; and being on the threshold of a career; I believe the best has yet to come. I believe every experience so far has taught me something & made me wiser; I don’t think of anything much I could want to change. yes; in future I wish & aspire to occupy a position of responsibility & challenge in life; and given the opportunity again would like to economize on some wasted moments and missing opportunities through lack of awareness and improve my score by 5% more and also play more cricket & learn to dance & enjoy the music of A. R. Rehman &….
  11. 11. Q). How do you define success? How do you think you can be successful? A Sample Answer:  The best definition of success I have come across is that “success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal”, a goal that one aspires for or has set for oneself”.  Some people may aspire for a lot of money, others for a lot of fame or a lot of power and authority; But as an engineer I aspire to grow to be a technically capable professional and manage at the helm of a reputable company in my domain and I believe I should accomplish this in about 18 to 20 years time.  As a first step I have already acquired the basic qualification and now I am on the verge of starting a career and through intense motivation, hard work, commitment, creativity and building healthy relationship based on mutual trust and respect with all those whom I work with, I believe; progressively I will achieve the goal I have in mind That will be the moment of my success.
  12. 12. Q). Describe a situation in which you were successful? A Sample Answer:  Our college celebrates a technical festival of a national level which in this region is amongst the most popular one’s in which about 4000 students from over 50 colleges participate in various fun and technical events, models exhibition, paper presentation; and cultural and dance and drama shows, I was amongst the team of chief coordinators consisting of 10 members, all from 3rd year batch of students and ultimately we organized it as a grand success and won praise and accolades for the smooth conduct and flawless events management, from teachers, visitors & participating students alike
  13. 13. Q). Are you a team player? A Sample Answer:  Yes, I am very much a team player; as I believe that “pulling together” produces the best results; and therefore, I value the effectiveness of the group I work for & I can work well in groups. In a group of six classmates, we are currently working on a very interesting project. Further as a member of college band, I have given performances in many colleges in various events. I think good team work is very essential for success of the organization & the team. (You can study more about team work in a separate chapter devoted exclusively to it).
  14. 14. Q). What motivates you? A Sample Answer: I am driven by a passion to perform and achieve in all things I, do so basically I am a self driven person & “the fear of nonperformance” weighs a lot with me. Further good ambience, a good compensation and encouragement from the seniors also reinforces my motive to achieve more & more.
  15. 15. Q). Why should we hire you? Purpose:  Whether the interviewer asks you this question explicitly or not; this is what he must answer in his mind favorably before he decides to hire your services. Basically, the interviewer is checking up whether you as an applicant clearly understand the position’s requirements vis a vis your own suitability. This is what you have to state, following each important reason with a short explanation why you meet the requirement so well.  The answer will substantially involve competencies highlighting your strengths to match the job requirements- Understanding corporate expectations.  We are providing two answers – one each from the point of view of entry level (read fresher) and the other for some what more experienced applicants: cont…….
  16. 16. An entry level (fresh college graduate) A Sample Answer:  “As I see the job; the engineers will have to plan, execute, & deliver in the maintenance, production planning, or top floor, and production management. I think the company would want engineers with sound practical knowledge of the machines & processes; who are good in execution – planning, co-ordination etc. and can get the output from skilled technicians and semiskilled workers. I believe, I posses these requirements. I have done optional papers of Manufacturing Sciences and industrial engineering – which goes to show my interest. Further, I have taken training in a manufacturing set up at Maruti Udyog one of the best equipped for precision product manufacturing and lastly I can manage the workers confidently as I have done plenty of event management successfully and are good in interpersonal dealings.. So besides being qualified as a Mechanical Engineer, I am highly motivated and posses’ traits that fit in with the job.  And so I believe I have a strong case for being considered.                             Cont….
  17. 17. Some what experienced Candidate- for selling precision machined components to OEMS (Original Equipment Manufacturer’s – in this case Car manufacturer’s).. A Sample Answer:  “As I understand the job; it involves a strong CRM (Customer Relationship Management) capability to retain existing buyers and add more OEM buyers to expand Sales of components that our Company produces. I am already working on a similar assignment, where the company supplies gears and transmission gear boxes to the Auto majors and I believe, I have the right contacts, methods and exposure to such a job and can assume this responsibility at the higher level, given my track record of past achievements. In my innovative promotional ideas, I first doubled and then tripled the total sales at my current Company of course aided by an upswing in Car demand and I am confident I can do the same for you”
  18. 18. Q). Why would you want to work with us? Purpose:  This question tests whether you have done your homework, about the company & how do you value & view the employment opportunity being offered. If you have not, there is little you can speak- if you have - you will win big reward. Thanks to the indepth preparation that you have done, this question will provide you the opportunity you badly needed to speak. Best sources for researching about the company are as already previously stated – its website, annual reports, corporate news letters, brochures and pamphlets sent to your placement deptt, advertisements, articles about the company in the trade press, contacts (such as your college seniors) working at the company etc.  You have to basically show the “Value” offered by the company’s job is understood by you and how you find it to be a very good opportunity, and would be happy to accept it Cont……..
  19. 19. Sample Answer (a):  (An applicant for a job at TCS Tata Consultancies Services -or Infosys Technologies - both top level /IT & solution providing companies you can provide answers some what on the lines given below) “I think I am very keen to work for TCS (or Infosys). It is not only about the money alone – which is no doubt good – but more about the overall value proposition that is offered by your renowned company. You spend a very high amount on training and provide one of the best training to the fresh recruits, – which adds a lot of value? Then you have very impressive client list and many fortune 500 companies are your clients – so there will be world class projects to work on; in the guidance of world class superiors and world class peers – and above all in a demanding but very constructive ambiences the opportunity to get exposure to truly world class practices & managerial policies. So there is much more to learn, to absorb and progress - and as the company is successful & growing fast the opportunities for growth are good, better than most other places. That’s why this is a “dream company” not just another opportunity. I will truly feel a wish has come true if I am offered the opportunity.
  20. 20. Sample Answer (b):  I definitely know the Company reasonably well. It is a market leader in its space offering Software solutions, packaged solutions to meet the IT needs of renowned clients; a large no of which are fortune 500 companies, and with a current annual of $ 1 billion, it is one of the second largest in India in its field. The thing that impresses me most is the culture and HR Philosophy. The compensation is good but more importantly there are constant challenges and those who meet these get quickly rewarded, and thus one gets to explore ones full potential. There is good team feeling and a rich ambience and world-class superiors to work with on world-class projects. (or to work on high class projects of high class clients…..)  I will be pretty well happy if I am granted an opportunity for it will be a “dream opportunity” as far as I am concerned.
  21. 21. Q). Do you have a role model (who has inspired you in your life)? A Sample Answer:  My father, I think, is the person I appreciate most- not because he is my father but because I have watched him grow as a self made man from very humble beginnings; with sincere hard work, patience & perseverance. He has faced odds & difficulties without loosing confidence or his affable & cheerful dispositions, shouldered his responsibilities at work & the family so I admire him & would want to develop the same way my life too, through hard work, devotion, with courage & to face challenges with full hearted enthusiasm.
  22. 22. Q). Do you think it is correct & ethical for the company to ask trainees to fill a service bond of 2 years? Do you have any issues if you are asked to sign a service bond of 2 years? A Sample Answer:  A fresh graduate coming out of the college does not have work experience and generally lacks application or process capability and an initial training is required to make the person productive and deployable & the company incurs costs on it. As the Company incurs cost on training, & the person benefits out of it so a reasonable time should be allowed to the company to recover its costs and I do not see anything wrong in the 2-year service bond.  As far as I am concerned; I have simply no issues and I am perfectly ready to sign the bond. Infact I am delighted by the company’s work culture and HR Policies and I am looking for a long term commitment to learn and contribute and grow – so 2 yrs bond is just not an issue with me.
  23. 23. Q). Can you work under pressure? Any example you can quote in support of your claim? A Sample Answer:  Yes, I am confident I can handle pressing situations and deliver the results. As a cricket player also I have faced pressing situations and thought and excelled . I believe in accepting all challenges that can reasonably be met; and I remain calm and focused and proceed methodically to quickly solve and overcome the problem. However, the extra concern does create extra eagerness to respond quickly & does create some amount of stress, but I think some stress is good.  (Quote some believable example from your life or of those whom you know closely saying that in your own life – you have not faced a really pressing situation – but you have observed closely a case which taught you the way one should handle pressures & narrate)
  24. 24. Q). Why did you choose to attend this college? A Sample Answer: This is a premier and highly rated college of this region; and academic standard is high; and discipline and ambience is very good and infrastructure, labs, workshop, libraries are all well equipped and best part is that faculty is knowledgeable and very helpful. And the placement opportunities are very bright as several very good companies come here for campus recruitment and our seniors are working in all the top class well known companies & many are abroad.
  25. 25. Q). How has your education prepared you for your career ? A Sample Answer: The education I have undergone has given me the conceptual clarity & technical (domain) knowledge about my professional field & groomed my personality and attitudes. Given these inputs with some application experience and process ability that I can gain by initial training in a good organization, I am confident of pursuing a good career.
  26. 26. Q). Are you satisfied with your academic performances till now? A Sample Answer:  Our college schedule is quite demanding. Besides curriculum studies, we have to attend many co-curricular activities like seminars and PDP classes & Sessions and also participation in extra curricular activities is also mandatory. So I have done reasonably well, though I think with a little better time management and extra focus I could improve by another 3% to 4%. – which now I am trying to do.  (Sometimes if you’re academic scores has gone down over the years or fluctuated there may be questions aimed at this and you have to include a viable explanation for the same which is believable)
  27. 27. Q). What qualities do you feel a successful manager should have? A Sample Answer: The job of a manager is to bring out the best results through his people making optimum use of resources available and so he should have. good leadership skills, be people friendly and capable of motivating his team, result oriented and a sound decision maker. Further he should judge his subordinates based on the performances they deliver and not on other extraneous considerations. Also he should be a balanced & good person.
  28. 28. Q). Do you have any plans for further education? A Sample Answer:  Yes: I believe learning is a continuous process and I would want to add to my qualifications. But right now I am looking for a job and acquiring application and process abilities. Some time in future when I am on the threshold of a managerial responsibility I may definitely want to get an Executive MBA degree or through On-line / distance learning mode (lot of Universities are providing such courses nowadays). But right now it’s the job that I want.  (Too-often- We have seen the MBA lure/ B.Tech students is taken to mean the applicant will use the job as a stopgap arrangement or just a stepping stone) and otherwise certain offers are withdrawn due to this lack of priority on the part of the student).
  29. 29. Q). Do you have any location preference? Are you willing to relocate? A Sample Answer: No; I do not have any strong location preference and can work any where in India or abroad. However, if I have a choice available then I will opt for (Noida or Gurgaon in preference to Bangalore (or Vice-Versa) as it is nearer home and I could meet parents and relatives more frequently; but it’s not a precondition. I am ready & willing to relocate as per my companies requirement; it is only a preference I have indicated.
  30. 30. Q). (a). What do you know about us? Purpose: In this the interviewer checks if you have done your homework & have cared to know about the company or by some non-chalant attitude on your part in this regard; wishes to asses what esteem the candidate feels about the job and the company; and the approach has to be reaffirm that you have cared to know about the job and the company and that you admire and appreciate the company and the job. Generally if you have studied the company Website and / or gone through a company brochure and briefing etc. you would know well what to speak. Cont……
  31. 31. Sample Answer a).  I am keenly interested in the company & the job. It’s one of the best known companies in the field …………. (Software/telecom/aviation/FMCG/retail……as the case may be) with an annual turnover of ……………The company has ……(so many) branches (& overseas centers & offices) and offers………(product & service details-mention a couple of its best known offerings/product). The companies vision…….(employment ethics)….makes it a highly respected company.  You can thus add a couple of salient features about the company/Chief Executive) special recognitions/products & offerings etc…………
  32. 32. (b). Anything you would want to know about us? Purpose:  It is more of a courtesy question to give the applicant an opportunity to clear his doubts-though after very long questioning most of the interviewers will hardly have the capacity to respond to some true & sensible query by the student, especially if it requires a long elaboration; so some sincere answers/queries could be clarified. cont…..
  33. 33.  Sample Answer 1: Sir,/ Ma’am; this being a very important opportunity; I already have a lot of information gathered. Some small doubts that I had were settled when you delivered the pre-placement talk which was very informative and therefore, I have no more queries to make Or  Sample Answer 2: Thank you Sir / Ma’am; I am already impressed by the Company as it is so successful and doing so very well. However, I am just curious to know how you see your operations growing over the next decade – as fast as now or likely to slow down. (under the effect of …………. Worldwide economic constraints, a stronger rupee; U.S. Congress imposing restrictions…etc.)
  34. 34. Management/ Executive capabilities What are the qualities of a good manager What is Management & How do you think you will make a good Manager? What is leadership-what exactly does a good leader do? Refer Question Bank of Management Interview question. Conflicts – are they essential ? How do you resolve them? OR Have you ever had a conflict with the boss or professor. How did you resolve it?
  35. 35. Cont. Can you handle pressure & stresses ? Why do these arise? How do you think you should handle ? What are the qualities of a team & what in turn you see as important to become a good tem player? Do attitudes have an effect on work performance- Name a few such attitudes What is Positive Mental Attitude? What is Proactive ness? How is it different from reactive? In business negotiations is it good so be aggressive?