The boss


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The boss

  1. 1. The BossBy Raja shanmugam
  2. 2. Leader Young vs Mature vs Introvert Vs follower immature vs old extrovert . Professional vs non- professional Patient vs impatientGentleman vs local rabbit Visionary vs vs shortsighted tortoise Team player Smart vs vs individual slogger Humane vs THE inhuman BOSSES Lovable vs Secured vs hated insecured Knowledgeable Casual vs vs ? meticulous Efficient vs Conventional vs inefficient unconventional
  3. 3. The Reason which makes them boss LOYALTY : long years spent with the company. OR PROFESSIONALISM : efficacy and efficiency OR TRACK RECORD : domain expertise and experience OR STOP GAPS : Trial packs  OR ACCIDENTAL : Gods own choice  OR BOSSES BOSS : Blue eyed OR TIME BOUND : Effortless  ORLOYALTY, PROFESSIONALISM, TRACK RECORD, BOSSES BOSS : A rare commodity
  4. 4. Always RememberEvery boss is same in terms of greed for “Power and Control” They differ only by “At what cost” & “Appetite”
  5. 5. U & Ur Boss• Don’t compete with your boss, wait for your time and tide. U r turn will come.• Bosses are aloof so be their soundboard.• Don’t make or stretch things so far that they become too personal.• Bosses are not always right but they don’t realize until they see the consequences, so wait until u fulfill his decisions and then comment.
  6. 6. U & Ur Boss• Be neutral to biases based on personality of boss.• Retain your originality.• Don’t become slave to your boss as the same you would expect when you become boss.• Don’t be a pal to your boss.• Try looking for the quality which makes your boss as boss as every boss is boss because of some unique quality.
  7. 7. U & Ur Boss• Be good, be respectful and make the boss believe yes you truly respect him as a person then being boss.• Don’t expect too much in return as he is not only your boss but so many others.• Be neutral and be good to all bosses in cross- functional team scenario.• There are always alternate ways to convey your mind then being harsh.• Never allow your boss to take you lightly. Always maintain a thin red line between you and your boss.
  8. 8. U & Ur Boss• Don’t expose yourself inadvertently in a belief that your boss wont take advantage• Always hold your bosses hand as its like a boomerang , you will need it.• Never stretch your discomfort state with your boss too far as you may succumb and end up frustrated.• Never get into the clutter.
  9. 9. U & Ur Boss• If U hate your boss convey personally but not in public.• Never be afraid , be confident• Don’t be rebel when you are employed. Be rebel when you employ.• Always remember, boss is not just a boss, it’s a system. So why fight a system.• Always remember that there are better things to think for, then your boss.
  10. 10. U & Ur Boss• Never allow your boss to fire his guns from your shoulder until you feel justified.• Don’t get “used” in lure of achieving something small then your selfesteem and dignity.• Don’t argue for sake of arguing with your boss.• Be polite and always communicate in right perspective.• At times, b silent, it does speaks out your mind to your boss.• Bosses are always insecure so don’t try trespassing in his territory.
  11. 11. Cost of Being Boss• Getting Aloof• Being hated• Suffocated• Helpless• No longer being self rather being a system.• Risk of Too much to loose then gain.• lose of being original.
  12. 12. What a boss should do• don’t boss around, include your team in your success and be part of teams failures.• Don’t create too big a wall around you, that you end up being aloof.• B humane• Don’t compete with your team.• Ur getting old and u have given and taken too much, its time to let go certain things and look forward to collective incentives then individual incentives.
  13. 13. What a boss should do• Take a call, cut your ego, its time to listen to team and their collective wisdom.• Change is good if U can handle it!• Build relationship as u may need some shoulders to cry on.• B always positive.• Stop worrying about small things, let it go….• Take a long walk and do some self introspection, its healthy.
  14. 14. What a boss should do• Go back to your family and say yes am back.• Teach, mentor and groom the future leads.• Accept that yes U were wrong at times and took wrong decisions.• Accept people are smarter than you.• Stop being used to “YES SIR” Syndrome.• B the voice of your team.
  15. 15. What a boss should do• Teach “how to “ rather “what to do”.• Don’t preach, b a good listener.• Stop being in Rat Race, as u may end up reaching the finish line yet you would be Rat.• Take a break and Exit at right time, as u got to give way to others.• Learn to SMILE • Live life as its too short.
  16. 16. U Can BeAll you have 2 do is to B bold enough to allow and accept UR Team to B part of your success and appreciate them for sustaining U and Ur success.
  17. 17. What A team Can Do
  18. 18. Will be Back soon 