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Universal Design's Business Benefits for a Changing Market


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Universal Design's Business Benefits for a Changing Market

  1. 1. Business benefits for a changing market The benefits to business of adopting a Universal Design approach vary from increases in potential markets to increased customer satisfaction. For more information on business that have taken advantage of the business benefits of Universal Design read the case studies provided. Increased Market Reach Universal Design aims to provide a design which is accessible to, usable by and appealing to as many people as possible. One implication of this is an increase in the market reach. Not only could a product, service or environment become available to a higher number of potential customers, but also to a wider range of potential customers as well. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction and Retention A satisfied customer will tell other people about the product, service or environment, increasing awareness and potentially creating new custom. Market Crossover Success Products that are aimed at a specific target group can sometimes generate interest and demand from unforeseen markets. The OXO Good Grips range is a well cited case study of how a specialised product design (designed with older people with arthritis in mind) can generate widespread demand. Positive Public Image
  2. 2. A business that positively contributes to society by incorporating a Universal Design approach is likely to receive a reputation for having a high level of corporate social responsibility. Increased Consumer Expectations In recent decades, the voice of the general public has become more prominent and more influential. People are more confident to speak up when they have a complaint and information and communication technologies (ICT) have made this increasingly easier to do. Direct pressure from consumer groups as well as direct engagement with their customers have encouraged many companies to evolve their design process and improve their customer services to accommodate a wider range of people. Universal Design enables companies to design products and service and environments that more closely match consumer expectations and needs. Accept at First Use A consumer forms an opinion about a product at first use, or even first sight. A recent study suggested that internet users take less than 50 milliseconds (one twentieth of a second) to judge the visual appeal of a website they have visited. If a first impression is negative, a consumer is not likely to pay for a product. If a product is simple, clear, easy to access and easy to use, a consumer will be more likely to proceed with the transaction.
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