Disabled Tourist Guide - Morroco


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  • Dear Scott! Its along time we have not communicated but thank you for sharing with me from time to time your reports. I would very much appreciate if you could please share my e-mail: (iabuhelil@gmail.com) with Mr. El-Hussaine Ichen from Morroco as I would like see how we could cooperate. Best Regards. Ibrahim Abu-Heli/MENA-ENAT Regional Representative
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Disabled Tourist Guide - Morroco

  1. 1. DISABLED TOURIST GUIDE Let me help you discover the beauty of Morocco WHO I AM My name is El Houssaine Ichen. I was born in Tounfite, an area in the mountains with a cold climate. I contracted polio at the age of three and since then I have been paralysed. But as I have grown up with this handicap, I do not let it slow me down. I make use of leg braces and crutches to assist my mobility. Surprisingly you may find it hard to keep up with me even when mountain hiking. Remember I grew up here and I’m used to the terrain. I do speak Tamazight (the Chleuh Dialect), Arabic, French, English and basic Dutch. WHY I DO THIS My mission is to develop and succeed in a disabled-led tourism business in Morocco. I am building up a network to help disabled tourists enjoy the parts of Morocco they would normally not be able to see. It is my ambition to develop my own viable tourism business by providing information on accessible tourism for disabled people and persons with reduced mobility.
  2. 2. OFFER I offer assistance to all tourists, both disabled and able-bodied. I know my way around all of Morocco’s major places and we can put together any type of tour. This could include a desert trip and all kind of other off-the-beaten track tours. I can help you combine sea, cities, mountains, desert, historical places, film locations and volcanoes in one trip, if you like. Being local, I can make arrangements to be much more cost effective than what you can do yourself, all based on your needs, requirements and ideas. ACCESSIBILITY & ACCOMMODATION Wheelchair accessibility within some Moroccan accommodations is reasonable. However, many places in Morocco are far behind the standards you will be used to in America and Europe. The good news is, that Wheelchair accessibility in Morocco is improving and I certainly can find suitable accommodations for you. CONTACT If you would like to explore the beauty of Morocco with me, I would be delighted to be your guide! Please feel free to contact me and we can discover the possibilities together. Further information,
price arrangements and conditions can be found on my website. El Houssaine Ichen Istgharghour, Tounfite, Midelt, Morocco Tel: +212 6 62 62 45 24 Mail: houssine.ichen@gmail.com www.disabled-tourist-guide.com www.facebook.com/DisabledTouristGuide