Using technology in the 21st century classroom


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Using technology in the 21st century classroom

  1. 1. Using Technology for Teachingand Learning in the 21st CenturyClassroomSamantha RagasaAlabama State UniversityEDT 574
  2. 2. Using Technology for Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century ClassroomThe following slides will showcase why we need technology in theclassroom and how my students are exposed to technology everyday. From PowerPoints on the computers and iPads toAccelerated Reader tests, my students get a lot of exposure totechnology.
  3. 3. Technology in the Classroom• Educators must expose students to many forms of technology and their uses.• Students need to have exposure to technology because it helps them be ready for college and careers.• Students where I work do not have computers or iPads at home. School is where they learn to use the devices and gain exposure.
  4. 4. Technology in the Classroom• Technology also allows for students to be more engaged in learning.• Students are interested in technology. Why not build on that interest and make learning fun and interesting using technology?
  5. 5. Using Technology in the Classroom• We use the computers daily for students to take Accelerated Reader tests. Students also use the iPad for these tests with the Accelerated Reader app.
  6. 6. Using Technology in the Classroom• Students get to go into a computer lab once a week for 30 minutes. While in the computer lab, they learn about the parts of a computer, practice typing, and play educational games on the internet, such as
  7. 7. Using Technology in the Classroom• I like to integrate technology into my reading centers. It keeps students engaged and learning, while I can work with a small group of students.• I have a center where students read sight words on their level. The sight words are on Power Point on my computers. The sight words are written into sentences.
  8. 8. Using Technology in the Classroom• I use quite often on my iPads. Slideshare allows users to upload PowerPoints and view slides on devices that do not have PowerPoint software.• For example, my iPad does not have software to view PowerPoints. I go to my account on slideshare using Safari Internet on my iPad. Students can then view the slides I have uploaded on my iPad.
  9. 9. Using Technology in the Classroom• In each classroom, we have an LCD projector and an ELMO.• The LCD projector allows me to show students a PowerPoint or educational video to help them learn.• The ELMO shines a worksheet or counters up on the board for students to see big. I can fill out a worksheet with my students on the board.
  10. 10. Using Technology in the Classroom• Using the LCD projector, I show PowerPoints I made for each day’s reading lesson.• Instead of writing the many vocabulary words we learn each week on the board, the PowerPoints allow me to show many words without wasting educational time writing them.• PowerPoint also allows me to show pictures with the words. This helps all my students, but especially by English Language Learners.
  11. 11. My technologyOur school have a classroom set of iPads. Here is apicture of my students actively engaged in using theiPads.