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Students and technology 2012


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Students and technology 2012 Infographocs

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Students and technology 2012

  1. 1. MOVING BEYOND PLATFORMS AND DEVICESLEARNING ENVIRONMENTS ANDENGAGING STUDENTS WITH TECHNOLOGYTECHNOLOGY CRITICAL TO SUCCESSMODES OF COMMUNICATION31% 33% 37%45%65% 68%84% 85%E-reader ScannerSmartphoneTabletDesktop Thumb drivePrinter LaptopPhone conversationFacebookPhone-like communicationover the InternetSocial studying sitesInstant messaging/online chattingText messagingE-mailCourse or learningmanagement systemFace-to-faceinteractionE-readeriPhoneTabletDesktopSmartphoneLaptopof students say they havetaken at least one course thatincludes online componentsIn 2008 15% of students saidthey took a class completelyonline; in 2012 31% did.of students say they learnmost in blended learningenvironmentsof students say they are moreactively involved in coursesthat use technologyof students say they skipclasses when course lecturesare available onlineOrdering transcriptsAccessing libraryresourcesPurchasing textbooksRegistering for coursesAccessing financialaid informationChecking gradesUsing course or learningmanagement systemsAccessing coursewebsites or syllabiof students say they were preparedto use needed technology whenthey entered collegeof students say that technologyhelps them achieve their academicoutcomesof students say they liketo keep academic andsocial lives separate66% 75%Importance of devices toacademic success74% 54%of students say they wish theirinstructors used more openeducational resources57%of students say they wishtheir instructors used moresimulations or educationalgames55%15% 31%70%16%Student device ownership Important to do from a mobile device86%62%33%15%12%66%64%57%37%33%26%26%24%Increase in studentswho own a laptopfrom 2004 to 201283%57%44% 46%53%53%45%43%37%36%33%29%28%of students say its importantto have an online forum tocommunicate with otherstudentsof students say they arecomfortableconnecting on socialnetworks with pastprofessorsPercentage of students using smartphonesAndroidEDUCAUSE CENTER FOR APPLIED RESEARCHThe data in this infographic comes from the ECAR report,ECAR Study of Undergraduate Students and InformationTechnology, 2012.Visit to view the full report.STUDENTS AND TECHNOLOGY20122008 2012107%Students wished their instructorscommunicated more using: