Tour Of England - Student Example (1)


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A student example of a tour of England

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Tour Of England - Student Example (1)

  1. 1. Proposals for the trip to England By HC (FEHS 2005-06) Sunshine Travel Trip co-ordinator and director
  2. 2. First our Tourists will arrive at Heathrow airport at 0700 The coach will be ready to pick them up and take them to our first destination Day 1 - Monday
  3. 3. The coach will travel to our first destination of London. Here the tourists will be visiting The Tower Of London, The Royal Mews at Buckingham Palace and watching the Changing Of The Guards. They will have a small amount of time to go to places such as Piccadilly Circus and shop in places like Harrods. What better way to end the day and to see the sights of London than to experience a ride on the London Eye before checking into their hotel in which they will be staying for the night “The Ritz” In the evening the will go on a boat tour and formal dance down the river Thames where they will see London illuminated and looking at its best.
  4. 4. Mondays Route
  5. 6. The next part of the journey takes place up in the east from London up in East Anglia. They will be spending the next day in Norwich. Where they will visit, Norwich Castle, Origins History of Norwich Centre and they will finally enjoy a boat trip around Norwich then finishing up at Whitlingham Country Park before returning to the coach and heading for “The Hilton Hotel” where they will be staying for the night Day 2 - Tuesday
  6. 7. Tuesdays Route
  7. 9. Day 3 - Wednesday Wednesday is going to be a heavy travelling day with many places to visit. Firstly We will travel from Norwich to Manchester they will be visiting Manchester art gallery and The Manchester people museum. We will then travel further to Liverpool and will be visiting the Liverpool Football Stadium we will stop for the night at the Royal Hotel for a good nights sleep!!!
  8. 10. Wednesdays Route
  9. 12. Day 4 - Thursday Today they will leave Liverpool and travel to Birmingham. Once in Birmingham they will have a day visiting Cadbury world of chocolate they will then be staying at Hyatt Regency Hotel in Birmingham for 1 night
  10. 13. Thursdays Route
  11. 15. Day 5 - Friday Today is the final day of the trip and they will be travelling from Birmingham down to Wiltshire to go and visit the internationally famous Stonehenge before returning to Heathrow airport for the journey home
  12. 16. Fridays Route
  13. 18. After visiting Stonehenge the coach will drive to Heathrow airport and our tourists will depart England on the 1930 flight back to the USA
  14. 19. Our visitors will then be taken to Heathrow airport for their journey back to the U.S.A In the five days they have been with us they have toured around different parts of England to look at famous landmarks and places This is the route they have taken