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Campaign request form-colleges


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Campaign request form-colleges

  1. 1. Campaign Request Form COLLEGESPlease complete and submit this form to initiate your campaign data request. A separate form is neededfor individual campaigns with varying criteria. For questions or assistance completing the form, pleasecontact Stephanie Quintero ( or Maria Haugen ( allow 2 weeks for your request to be fulfilled. Requestor InformationName:Phone: ( ) Email Address: Campaign Information Campaign Name: Purpose/Goal of Campaign Target send date (if single mailer) Beginning Date of campaign (if part of series) Completion Date Note: Double-click on boxes to add check markWill counts be needed? Yes No Date Counts Needed Date List NeededWill you be using Talisma or an outside system to send out the mailer? Talisma Outside System Not SureIf using Talisma, do you need assistance with creating content? Yes No N/A Project ID # (for CRM Team Use Only): ____________________________
  2. 2. Do you currently have content for mailers being sent? Yes No N/AWill campaign be part of a series (multiple steps)? Yes No N/A Campaign RequestTarget Send Date End DateDescription/Goal of this communicationWill communication be one-time or recurring? One-time RecurringIf recurring, how often? Daily Weekly Bi-Weekly Monthly QuarterlyWhat type of communication/list is needed? Mailer Letter Postcard (labels) Mailing List only Call List Other: ____________________________Lead Type? a. FTF-Domestic b. TRN-Domestic Both a & b c. FTF-International d. TRN-Domestic Both c & d Parent Counselor Other: ____________________________ FTF Student Entry Term Enter range if more than one year (ex: 2127-2147) TRN Student Entry Term Enter range if more than one year (ex: 2127-2147)Student Status? Enrolled Admit Applicant Prospect Suspect Other: _________________Decile Score? Project ID # (for CRM Team Use Only): ____________________________
  3. 3. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 AllCI Score RangeGeographic Information (Please list: geomarket(s), state (AZ, OOS, or specify), or country if applicable)Scholar Status? Barrett Eligible Scholar Admissible National Scholars Other: _________________Test Score RangeScholarships - Please list types of scholars/scholarships (ex: Deans, President, Natl Merit, etc)Qualifiers? Plan to Enroll Yes, I will apply ASU is in my top 2-3 choices Pending Finances Im not sure/fence sitting Interested, but attending another institution Not InterestedEnrollment Deposit Status? Paid/Deferred Unpaid Other: _________________Orientation Status? No RSVP RSVP, but did not attend RSVP for future event AttendedWUE Eligible? Yes No Project ID # (for CRM Team Use Only): ____________________________
  4. 4. University Bridge? Yes NoCampus? West Tempe Polytechnic Downtown OnlineInstitution (High School or College) List school name, code, recruiterInterests/Major/ASU College-Please list interests or majors/college (use Talisma interest list for reference)Additional Criteria/SpecificationsExample of mailer content (if creating in Talisma) Another communication or next step needed in a series (please fill out separate form)? Yes No Project ID # (for CRM Team Use Only): ____________________________