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Stamp duty lowered for houses up to 750 sqft.


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The tough task of buying a home in the city is set to get easier with the government planning to reduce the stamp duty and registration fees for houses up to 750 sqft.

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Stamp duty lowered for houses up to 750 sqft.

  1. 1. Thedrafthousingpolicy createsthreenewcategories forhouseswithcarpetarea oflessthan750sqft. Stampdutywillbereducedfrom 5%to1,2and3percent respectivelyforthem Stampdutyforthethree categorieswillbelevied basedonmarketrate insteadoftheready reckonerrate. Registrationfeeswillalsobe broughtdownfrom `25,000 to`1,000 EconomicallyWeaker Sections(EWS) LowerIncomeGroup(LIG) MiddleIncomeGroup(MIG) Reductioninstampduty& registrationfeestomake housesupto750sqft more affordable. However,thestampdutyand registrationnormswillremain unchangedfor housesabove750sqft. STAMPDUTYLOWERED FORHOUSESUPTO750SQFT.