Unleash the Power of Social Media


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Social media seminar from Square Meal Venues & Events 2013

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  • Why am I here? Responsible for 65,000 social contacts across SquareMeal & Imbibe – Facebook, Twitter, G+ etc.
  • UK – 2012, Facebook, Twitter etc = 22% of online time from computer (was 25% in 2011)Apparent drop is MORE than compensated by move to mobile use for social
  • I’m going to focus mainly on Twitter, but a lot of this applies to all social media.Twitter is simply the most time-sensitive tool in the boxYou can’t expect followers to appear by magic!You need to find them first… use tools like Followerwonk etc. on TwitterAdvertise, and target, on Facebook, Linkedin etc.
  • Applies to all SM channelsTone of Voice is critical – get this wrong and you may as well give up & go home.
  • Few examples from the world… don’t take them too seriously!BUT I think it’s important to note that there is “bad publicity” or at least publicity for the wrong reasons……if you are trying to get a specific message across, and you get it wrong, your message will be swamped.
  • You may not know that the algorithms in Twitter & Facebook don’t show all your posts to all your friends & followers: only the most engaged. So, you need to Be engaging!Follow the 1st rule of Social Media – make sure you “work your network”This needs to grow, and contain advocates who will spread the word.
  • Unleash the Power of Social Media

    2. 2. What’s it all about? Finding & engaging with your audience Getting it wrong Getting it right What are we talking about?
    3. 3. Why should you bother? Highly connected audience Smart phone usage growing rapidly - 51% own, 59% of owners access the internet daily Rapid, short blast browsing & communicating is a habit Instant gratification is important
    4. 4. Why should you bother? Opportunities to… Create constant interaction with your delegates Market events / fill seminars Manage customer service / reservations / last minute changes Build awareness / advocacy Monitor what people say about you Stand out online Network
    5. 5. A huge choice of platforms… Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Google + Pinterest Vine What are we talking about?
    6. 6. www.theconversationprism.com
    7. 7. Finding your audience Do some detective work - Followerwonk.com, Twitrland.com, wefollow.com, twitter.com/similar_to/ Look at your competitors’ & peers’ profiles Follow the leader Ask for engagement – “share this”, “please RT”, “comment now” Be visible Encourage reviews, check-ins, status updates , tweets & retweets on-site Advertise
    8. 8. Tone of Voice Be personal, not corporate Know your audience Be consistent Vary the content of your posts – be shareable Be relevant Always respond
    9. 9. Frequency 1 G+ 1 or 2 Facebook updates Up to 8 tweets (schedule these for your sanity) Unlimited engagements / replies – but don’t hang around! This is a “now” medium. For events & promotions, frequency increases with proximity
    10. 10. Getting it wrong
    11. 11. #susanalbumparty
    12. 12. #hobbitch
    13. 13. I shop at Waitrose because… …the butler’s on holiday …their swan burgers are good enough for the Queen …I once heard a dad say 'Put the papaya down, Orlando! #waitrosereasons
    14. 14. Think before you post
    15. 15. Getting it right
    16. 16. Do… Listen Champion Give to get Use multimedia Comment #Contextualise Say thanks
    17. 17. Don’t… Think it’s free Expect to make £000s Offend Let your staff run riot Sell all the time Talk about yourself
    18. 18. #VE13 @squaremealvande @skinnypunter @squaremealvande www.squaremeal.co.ukfacebook.com/squaremealvande