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Jhl dailuaine presentation


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Jhl dailuaine presentation

  1. 1. Julie Hesketh-LairdDirector of Operational & Technical AffairsScotch Whisky AssociationScotch Whisky’s Sustainability Ambitions
  2. 2. Scotch at a GlanceToday our 101 malt and 7 grain distilleries generate:• £4.2bn worth Scotch exported/annum (£134 a second)• Sent to 200+ markets worldwide• Scotland’s leading food and drink export• We account for a quarter of UKfood & drink exports• 80% of Scottish food and drink exports• Over £2bn investment announced
  3. 3. 3Scotch Whisky IndustryEnvironmental Strategy - 2009• Mitigate GHG emissions & increase energy efficiency• 20% primary energy requirements from non-fossil fuels by2020 and 80% by 2050• Manage water requirements effectively• By 2020:– 10% reduction in packaging weight– 40% packaging from recycled materials– all product packaging reusable or recyclable– no packaging operations waste to landfill• Casks to be from oak from sustainable forests• Supply chain collaboration• Annual reporting
  4. 4. 4Drivers for Renewables- A bit more than just ‘PR’!- Consumer confidence- Industry environmentalcommitments/Scottish & UK Governmentambitions- Compelling financial imperative- Shelter from uncertain energy prices- Managing security of supply- Long-term industry and environmentalsustainability
  5. 5. Deanston Distillery, Doune•On-site hydro on River Teith•1,300,000kWh/annum•Drives distillery and exportsto the national gridBurn Stewart5
  6. 6. Target: By 2020, 20% primary energy requirements will bederived from non-fossil fuel; with a target of 80% by 20502008: Non-fossil fuels =3% total energy use2010: Non-fossil fuels =6% of total energy useProgress Against Energy Target85% ofenergydemand isfor heat6
  7. 7. Helius CoRDe Combination ofRothes Distillers• JV of 7 distillers (16 maltdistilleries) & Helius Energy• £60m investment• Formally opened in April2013 by Duke of Rothsay• 7.5MW capacity to nationalgrid• Liquid animal feed7
  8. 8. AD Renewables in ScotchWhiskyThe North British Distillery usesAD to fire its boilersDiageo’s Dailuaine MaltDistillery bioenergy planthas proved AD in batchdistilling processesWm Grant & Sons’ Girvan Distilleryuses AR to produce steam power & hotwater for use on-site and electricity toexport to the gridDiageo’sCameronbridgeDistillery usesAD and biomassand aims toprovide 98% ofthe thermalsteam and 80%of the electricityfor the site
  9. 9. Renewables Challenges• Perceptions– 76m litres new capacity on line– 20m+ additional litres planned• Financial challenges– Incentives– Scottish business ratesevaluation“Make it easier for companies todo the right thing” 9
  10. 10. Thank You2009…...... …2020………...2050… .... ...?For more on the Industry’s Environmental Strategy,