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SQLServer|Masters are pioners in offering real time industrail experts hands on training in SQL & windows cluster TRAINING.

We are providing online interactive training sessions on Entire SQL Server technologies like SQL DBA, MS BI, High availability solutions, Performance Tuning, T- SQL programming, Windows & SQL Clustering through webex ,team viewer & skype to serve the requests coming from all over the world.

We will provide windows and SQL server clustering with hands on exeprince by providing control to you, so that you can install/configure each and every step in windows as well as sql server clustering.

It is a one to one online interactive session, we will assaign a dedicated resource for you to guide each and every scenario while configuring windows & SQL clustering

You can also attend a free session for 1 or 2 hours and check our cluster server environments, once you like it then go for registration.

please find the brief course contents:

Windows clustering

•Network infrastructure and domain account requirements for a two-node failover cluster
•Steps for installing a two-node file server cluster
Step 1: Connect the cluster servers to the networks and storage
Step 2: Install the failover cluster feature
Step 3: Validate the cluster configuration
Step 4: Create the cluster
•Steps for configuring a two-node file server cluster


•SQL Server clustering concepts
•SQL Server Cluster Installation pre-requisites
•Hardware Requirements of SQL 2008 R2/2012
•Concept of Shared Drives
•SQL Server 2008 R2/2012 Cluster Installation
•Post Installation Steps
•Installing Service Packs and Hot-fixes on SQL Cluster
•Fail-Over Between Nodes
•SQL Cluster troubleshooting (Common issues, Root cause analysis)
•Un-installation of SQL Cluster 2012
•Corporate awareness and importance

For full course details please visit our website www.sqlservermasters.com

Duration for course is 15 hours and special care will be taken. It is a one to one training with hands on experience.

For any further details please contact +91-9052666559 or visit www.sqlservermasters.com

please mail us all queries to training@sqlservermasters.com

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Hands on sql server 2012 cluster training @ sqlservermasters.com

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  3. 3. Hands On SQL Server 2012 cluster training @ sqlservermasters.com• Health Detection [Looks alive, Is alive]• Introduction to Windows Server 2012• Basic elements of a cluster with single quorum.• Adding Roles and features by using server manager• Introduction to fail-over cluster manger• Validating the cluster configuration• Creating cluster through fail-over cluster manager• Adding Nodes to the cluster [2/3 Node cluster
  4. 4. Hands On SQL Server 2012 cluster training @ sqlservermasters.com Configuring MSDTC as a cluster aware application• Active - passive Vs Active - Active Clustering• Adding/Evicting Nodes to/from the cluster• Adding volumes to the roles/services in the cluster• Simulating the failover for the resources• Failing over the core cluster resources to the another node
  5. 5. Hands On SQL Server 2012 cluster training @ sqlservermasters.com• Installing SQL Server 2012 Fail-Over Clustering• Pre-SQL Server Installation Tasks.• Configure SQL Server–Related Service Accounts and Service Account Security• Stop Unnecessary Processes or Services• Check for Pending Reboots• Install SQL Server Setup Support Files• SQL Server 2012 Setup
  6. 6. Hands On SQL Server 2012 cluster training @ sqlservermasters.com• Install the First Node• Add Nodes to the Instance• Perform Post installation Tasks• Verify the Configuration• Set the Preferred Node Order for Failover• Configure a Static TCP/IP Port for the SQL Server Instance• Administering a SQL Server 2012 Failover Cluster
  7. 7. Hands On SQL Server 2012 cluster training @ sqlservermasters.com• Install SQL Server Service Packs, Patches, and Hot fixes• AlwaysOn Availability Groups• AlwaysOn Overview• Understanding Concepts and Terminology• Availability Modes• Types of fail-overs• Pre-requisites for AlwaysOn configuration• Configuring Availability Groups
  8. 8. Hands On SQL Server 2012 cluster training @ sqlservermasters.com• SMonitoring Availability groups• Add/remove database/replica• uspend/resume an availability database• Backups on Secondary• AlwaysOn Failover Cluster Instances• Online Operations• High Availability: Interoperability and Coexistence• Database Mirroring and Log Shipping
  9. 9. Hands On SQL Server 2012 cluster training @ sqlservermasters.com• Database Mirroring and Database Snapshots• Database Mirroring and Failover Clustering• Replication and Log Shipping• Replication and Database Mirroring• Failover Clustering and AlwaysOn Availability groups.