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Establishment of university of education(2002)


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Establishment of university of education(2002)

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Establishment of university of education(2002)

  1. 1. Perspectives of education Establishment of university of education(2002)
  2. 2. Introduction • The University of Education was established in 2002 as the highest seat of learning in teacher education with clear goals and objectives of producing quality teachers of international standards. • It is a multi campus university whose institutions and campus are located in different metropolitan cities of Punjab province of Pakistan.
  3. 3. The University of Education , Lahore Ordinance , 2002. • An ordinance to provide for the establishment of the University of Education , Lahore. This ordinance may be called the University of Education , Lahore ordinance 2002. • Vision and Mission: • Providing quality of education. • provide certificate and degree programs. • Make the teaching profession attractive to the youth by providing quality programs.
  4. 4. Objectives: • Bring education change in focusing on teacher education. • Promote leadership and management skills among educational managers. • Develop human resources for educational institutions and other areas of high social and economic need. • Establish linkages with national and international institutions and the society.
  5. 5. Teaching in the University: • All recognized teaching in various courses shall be conducted by the University. • Authority responsible organizing recognized for teaching shall be such as may be prescribed. • The courses and the curricula shall be such as may be prescribed. • A degree shall be not be awarded to a student unless he/she has passed the examination in the subjects as may be prescribed.
  6. 6. University open to all: • University shall be open to all persons of either sex , and of whatever religion race , creed , class or colour.
  7. 7. Officers of the University: • The chancellor , • The vice chancellor , • The director , • The principals of the constituent colleges , • The director of administration and finance and such as other persons as may be prescribed.
  8. 8. Regulation: • Courses of the studies for degree, diplomas , and certificate of the University • Manner and method of teaching conducted in the university. • Conduct of examination and discipline. • Fees and other charges to be paid by students for admission to the courses of studies.
  9. 9. University fund: • There shall be a fund of the University to be called The University Fund to which shall be credited all monies received by it from fees , donations , trust and all other sources.
  10. 10. Campuses : • Lower mall campus, • Bank road campus, • Attock campus , • Dera ghazi khan campus, • Faisalabad campus , • Jauharabad campus ,
  11. 11. Cont.….. • Multan campus , • Okara campus , • Vehari campus ,
  12. 12. Division’s: • Division of art and social sciences, • Division of science and technology, • Division of education.
  13. 13. References: • •
  14. 14. Thank you