Hd 720 p sports water bottles dvr


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Hd 720 p sports water bottles dvr

  1. 1. HD 720P Sports Water Bottle CameraManual Thank you for purchasing HD720P Sports Water BottleCamera from our company.In order to help you operate itcorrectly,please read this instruction carefully before using.Product Pictures and functions1.Power Switch/Snap 3.LED Indicator2. Videotape /Motion Detecting 4.Microphone5.Camera 6.TF Card Slot7.USB Slot[1] Starting Up: In the shutdown state, long press the power switch/Snap button3 seconds, (if it is not plug memory card, double lamps flashalternately§, machine shuts automatically after flashing 20 seconds) Theyellow light, LED light machine long directly into standbymode(1. If 20 seconds into other functions not machine shutsautomatically; 2. Click the power switch/Snap button, the yellow
  2. 2. light will light and quench, it means the machine is not open)[2] Taking Pictures: In standby state, yellow light will long bright, click the PowerSwitch/Snap button staring take pictures,the LED indicator,Yellow light quenches and lights once again, and machine keepsa *. JPG file format images.(If no longer take pictures for 20seconds, machine will be turned off)[3] Shooting Video: In standby state, click Videotape /Motion Detecting button,yellow light flashes 3 times and then quenches,begin to shootvideo.During to shoot video,click the REC button,blue lightflashes 3 times and then quenches, and machine keeps a *. AIVfile format images.( In the video for 20 minutes machine willkeep a file)[4] Motion Detecting: In standby state, long press the Videotape/Motion Detectingbutton, yellow light flashes 3 times and then quenches, enter themotion detecting video state, Save a document every threeminutes, into the motion detecting automatically video onceagain, If there are moving objects in the front of the lens, yellowlight flashes one and then begin the mobile detection videoautomatically, if there are not moving objects in the front of the
  3. 3. lens in the fomer 3 seconds, the motion detecting video stopsautomatically,back to the motion detecting video standby mode,(under the mobile detection video standby mode lights are notbright),during the mobile detection video,click the Videotapebutton blue light will flashes 3 times and machine saves the file,the mobile detection video stops, return to standby mode (Dontenter into the state of taking pictures and videos, machine beturned off automatically after 20 seconds)[5]Close Down: Long press the power switch/Snap button 3 seconds, doublelamps flash 2 times alternately§ and machine shuts automatically ,it willsave the file before shutdown.[6] Low Battery: If it detects the battery is low in use, machine shuts afterdouble lamps flash 2 times, it will save the file before shutdown.[7] Battery Charging: Connect the power adapter to the computer or device will allcan to charge, During the charge blue lamp light long, Full ofelectric blue light will quenches,yellow lightlights long.( Nomemory card in the machine when charges double lamps willflash alternately§ and quickly, can not indicate full of electricity.)[8] Storage card is full:
  4. 4. Double lamps will flash alternately§ and quickly, machine shutsautomatically after 10 seconds.[9] Connecting a computer: 1. Open the U plate inside which there is a "VIDEO"folder,and opend the floder, then you will see one daughterfolder named100 VIDEO , it is the video and photos of datastorage folder. 2. Insert the computer equipment is U disk,click the PowerSwitch/Snap button enter into the computer it can use as acamera.[10] Product parameters: Recording resolution:1280*720 The biggest 30 frames per second Photos: 2560 X1920 pixels Camera parameters: 5 million CMOS cameras Video: time to 2 hours Battery capacity: 300 mAh Capacity: 512 MB/support 1 GB / 2 GB / 4 GB / 8 GB (optional)[11]Time setting A. set time 1. The connection of machine to computer into U dish
  5. 5. mode 2. In the root directory create a text file ,named "TIME. TXT" format file 3. Open text files, According to the following format input time: 2011.08.18 09:50:08(yy.mm.dd hh:mm:ss)Matters Need Attention1.The usage situation: please strictly abideby the relevant state laws and may not beused for any illegal use this product,otherwise the consequence is proud.2.About battery: Over time, the battery timewill work growth has shortened, long did notuse please prior to the use of full ofelectricity.3. Document security: this product equipment,
  6. 6. do not guarantee a non-professional savingsinternal storage file integrity and safety,please immediately in the computer or otherstorage device to backup your importantfiles.4. Shooting quality: this productnonprofessional video equipment, do notguarantee all video files you can achievethe expected effect.5.Working temperature: 0-40 ℃6.Shooting intensity of illumination: pleasein a well-lit environment, do not use thecamera to direct to the sun, etc, in orderto avoid the strong illuminant opticaldevices be hurt.7.Cleaning requirements: do not excessivedust density in the environment, so as notto use lens and other components with cleandust, influence camera lens can use effect,wipe lens paper or glasses cloth wipegently, keep clean.8. Other matters: this product is precision
  7. 7. electronic products, please do not make itswere hit hard, and vibration, do not instrong magnetic field, high voltage off theuse.9. Added that the unknown: other mattersplease contact with local dealers.