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equipment to obtain detailed safety            ⑴Remote control receiving indicator         learning has finished successfu...
Sound Recording:In standby status, short         Time watermarks:Video files with time                     of the host is ...
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At001 high resolution camera user manual


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Eagle eye technology (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd


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At001 high resolution camera user manual

  1. 1. equipment to obtain detailed safety ⑴Remote control receiving indicator learning has finished successfully. User Manual instructions, do not connect to other device ⑵ Work indicator ⑶Power indicator that the equipment not equipped with. ⑷Charging indicator ⑸Remote control Power On:long press⑹for two seconds or Thank you for using our companys learning key ⑹ On/Off key press remote control ⒃ key once,yellowproducts,please read the user manual Backup Important data of this equipment ⑺Remote control power On/Off light is on after flash twice, the device willcarefully before using this product. When please do a back up, any error operational ⑻M i i U S B n ⑼Operation key automatic turn on and enters the standbyyou start to use this equipment, we believe methods resulting in paper loss,the company ⑽Reset ⑾T F card slot mode.that you have read the user manual shall not be responsible for. ⑿Remote control transmitting indicatorcarefully. ⒀Remote control video recording key Video Recording:In standby Status,long Host Interface: ⒁Remote control taking photo key press⑼ for two seconds or short pressAttentions: remote control ⒀ key once,green light is Secure Startup: Avoid turning on ⒂Remote control sound recording key ⒃Remote control On/Off key on,at this time, the device has entered to the equipment in the very dry or video mode. In video mode, short press⑼ humid environment, to prevent once or short press remote control ⒀ key damaging of the equipment; Operation Instruction: Note:The following operations are once,the green light is off, video files saved , Using qualified maintenance required to operate in standby mode and automatically the device automatic returns to services:Only qualified ensure that the identified T-Flash card standby mode; if you want record more maintenance personnel can repair was inserted to the card slot properly. videos,please repeat the above operation. the equipment, Please do not Taking Photo:In standby status, short dismantle the equipment by yourself Remote control learning: Insert a samll needle into ⑸hold press press ⑼ key once or short press remote Connect to other devices: When the machine and press the key,the blue control ⒁key once,green light is off after connect to other equipments, light is on,press any key of the remote flash once, meas that photo shooting is please read the user manual of the control, the blue light flashes once then completed and has been automatic return off,it means that the remote control to the standby mode,if you want take more photos,please repeat above operation.
  2. 2. Sound Recording:In standby status, short Time watermarks:Video files with time of the host is low,please charge the battery do the next step.the particular operationpress remote control⒂key once, green light watermarks. it can be modified, we did not adjust in time. in the course of charging,if the red is written in the manual.and yellow light are on at the same time. the time of equipments when it comes from light is on constantly, it means it is charging. Q: Why the time watermark is not accuratemeans that the device has entered to sound factory, if you found it is not accurate , its easy to When red light is off,it means the enough after updating the system time?recording mode. short press again remote adjust by yourself, just use the USB cable and recharging finished. please pull out the A: Because the battery support the workingcontrol ⒂ key once,green light is off, sound connect the equipment to the computer, After the machine from computer in time, to prevent of system time. Please do not exhaust therecording files saved automatically,and the computer dispay that found the movable batteries being damaged. This device battery and charge the battery in time, ordevice automatic returns to standby mode; if disk(muse be insert identifiable TF card), run the support plug-in work,to prevent power off in keep the battery full and adjust the timeyou want record more sounds,please repeat CD-ROM, and double clik the file "Time.bat" to long time working process,please insert before you use it.the above operation. run, then the equipment automatic change the USB power supply into USB port of this Q: Why I can not find the mobile hard disk time to the display-time of computer. After device. after the equipment is connected to thePower Off: In power on Status,short that,pull out equipment from computer, then Reset:If the device crashed due to computer?press⑹once or short press remote restart and power off once. The modification of improper operation,please insert a A: Please confirm your computer’scontrol⒃key once, all the lights are off, time is finished. needle-like objects into the ⑽and lightly operating system. It can identify and installmeans that equipment has been power off. press it once,then restart the device after the correspond drivers PC Camera:Press⑹key and insert the computer reset automatically in WINDOWS98SE/MERemote Control PoweOn/Off:Move⑺t o USB, then enter the PC Camera Mode. /2000/X P/MAS OS/LINUX. WINDOWS 98left ON position,means that the remote Note:When insert the external USB power system need to install drivers which iscontrol power on,can receive remote control Removable disk:if you need to connect the supply to the device,please don’t manually recorded in the CD-ROMoperation. Move⑺t ri OFF o ght computer as a removable disk,please connect shut down and perform the “Reset” action. Q: Why the picture is not so clear?position,means that the remote control the computer after power on,it can not identify A:The equipment does not possess thepower off,at this time,it can not remote correctly if you connect the computer aftter FAQ: function of preventing free of shaking,control the host.if use this device for a long power off. Q:Why it does not have any response Please keep your hands and the object dotime,please move ⑺ t O F F position to o after pressing the ①continuously. not shake.avoid the battery being exhausted. Charging:In the course of using, if yellow light A:Because all operation needs going flashes constantly, means that the power volume back to the standby mode, then we can