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Social Marketing Tips


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How to use social networks to correctly market your business

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Social Marketing Tips

  1. 1. Social Marketing Tips (How to use social networks to correctly market your business) Table of contents Introduction Social marketing is a project. Not an event. Giving & Sharing. The key to social marketing. Focus on a few to get the best results. Facebook, how to use it properly. Linkedin, how to use it & joining/managing groups. Twitter, what is it, how to use it & how to get followers. YouTube, how to use it & how to get people to watch your videos. Thank you and closing. Introduction I apologize in advance. I am not a writer or film maker by trade. I am a sales guy & consultant. The grammar & punctuation in this ebook, blog & video are not perfect. I figured you were more interested in the information than if all of my commas were in the right place. The idea of this free video tutorial is to provide you with some ideas on how to use the Social Networking sites that are out there to help your business grow. We will cover twitter, facebook, youtube & linkedin in this video. ------------------------------------------------
  2. 2. This video/ebook/blog is sponsored by: Open A Franchise. Open A Franchise is a franchise consulting company that helps people find the right franchise to buy. The service is free and through a series of questions & interviews will help you determine which franchise, if any, fit what you would consider the "right" business for you. They will also help you through the due diligence process & make sure you stay focused on proper research of the franchise. You can reach them by visiting their site at: or by calling: 484-948-1156 ------------------------------------------------ My name is John Henning and I will be your host today. A little bit about my experience. I started on the internet in 2000 back when the .com's were booming & busting out all over the place. I created my first website, I think we were selling gifts & collectibles, and put it on the internet and waited for the orders to come flooding in, obviously that didn't happen. Our first order took 6 months and I think we did a total of about 10 orders in a whole year. Have you ever seen the UPS commercial, it was on a few years ago and this company clicked the "publish" button and posted their ecommerce website on the internet? During the commercial they were all standing in front of the computer and all of a sudden the order counter started out with 1 sale, then 20 then 50 then 500 then 1000 etc... and they all got really worried and then UPS said, "don't worry, we can ship it etc...?" It doesn't work that way in the real world and most people know it. We did 10 orders in a whole year and spent a ton of money & time. I think we lost quite a bit that year, come to think of it. I knew that wasn't going to work. So I started researching all of the different online advertising venues at that time and there weren't many and found that Search Engine Optimization was the most cost effective way to drive traffic to my sites. After 9 years, I now own over 400 Websites and have quite a few of them that generate 10's of thousands of visitors monthly. Our top site consistently receives between 30,000 & 40,000 unique visitors each month. I own sites that I make $100's of dollars per month from and I own sites that I make $1000's of dollars per month from. Now along comes social networking & social marketing and I have had to learn all about that. Through trial and error I have come up with a formula that seems to be working and working quite well. The reason I tell you this is to lend a bit of credibility to what I am going to talk about today. Social Marketing is an inexpensive way to drive targeted traffic to your site. I have over 4000 followers on twitter, my facebook has 500+ friends, my linkedin has over 200 connections and I belong to 40+ groups. I also manage 5 groups on Linkedin. I didn't just start doing online marketing a month ago; I have been doing it for 9 years.
  3. 3. Social marketing is a project. Not an event. If you think you are going to setup your social network accounts, send out a blast to your connections and see an instant return in a few days please rethink your strategy. I would even go as far as saying, if that is your strategy after watching this video or reading this article, then please stop now and delete all of your accounts, because you are wasting your time, it just doesn't work that way. If you are looking for an instant return, use google adwords, but be prepared to open up your checkbook, because instead of investing time, you will invest a lot of money. Social marketing is not an event. It takes hours, days, weeks even months of time invested to see a return, when you see the return it is usually much higher than conventional advertising, but the return does take a bit longer. Think of social marketing as a long term investment. An investment of your time. The more you put into it, the more you will usually get out of it. How cliché! But it is usually true. Social marketing just isn't instantaneous when it comes to results. There are ways to speed up the process slightly; one of those ways is by researching information just like you are doing now. You might watch videos, read articles, blogs, magazines; the amount of information out there on social marketing is staggering. Social marketing has literally created a whole niche industry. There are companies that focus on social marketing just like other companies focus on tv, radio, newspaper etc... If you remember that social marketing is not an event, you will realize a better return on your time investment off watching or reading this video book. The whole premise of this video book is to help you get started down the road of setting up a social marketing plan. Giving & Sharing, The key to social marketing. The primary thing you need to understand with all social marketing is that it is all about giving and sharing. Regardless of which network you are interested in, it is all the same. From facebook to twitter to youtube to linkedin. What I mean by that is this, don't setup an account and start blasting out your website address to all of your friends & acquaintances. They will block you, unfriend you, & unfollow you in a heartbeat. You can not repeatedly abuse your friends and expect them to continue to interact with you. That is taking not giving. Giving & sharing is what it is all about. The giving part is easy to explain, you need to figure out a way to give your followers something with no expectation of getting anything in return. That will be a hard concept for some of you to swallow, but the fact is, people don't join the social networks to see blatant advertisements. This means they are primarily looking for interaction with others & information.
  4. 4. The interaction part is a tough nut to crack and is the subject of another informational video, but the best return on your time investment, because that is what this is, an investment of your time, is providing other users a gift of free information. If you give your connections information for free, you will get something in return that is priceless. "Trust". Trust is built over time on social networks. There is no such thing as a quick fix to building your social marketing system. It just doesn't exist. Oh, you will see 100's of ads all day long about each social network for something to buy that will get you 10000's of followers or make you rich on facebook etc... But by and large the only people making any money with those systems are the people selling the system, not the users! Your time investment is best served by providing something for free to other users with the expectation that there will be nothing given in return. Don't expect to get many customers or sales or leads or whatever it is you are looking for, if your expectations are low, you will be pleasantly surprised when you do indeed get something in return. The payoff potential is huge when you look at this ROI. One of the first things I tell everyone is forget about your main Website. Setup a blog, you can do it for free at: Make sure the subject of your blog is relevant to the target audience you are looking to reach. Then start writing content that they would like to read. It is important that you do this now and do it regularly. You will be tempted to write something and then post the link in your facebook or twitter, don't do this yet. You need to build up an inventory of information before you can do that and see any real effect. Write on your blog daily. Pick something you like to write about, set a meeting reminder in your calendar to write daily and actually do it each and every day 7 days per week for 2-3 weeks. I will integrate this in to a social marketing plan later in this video. Sharing is what you will generally start with; it is easier to do and gets decent results. The giving will come later. Sharing starts with doing a bit of research. Find a subject that you like that is relevant to the demographic you are targeting. I use all the time for this, easy to search & I can find plenty of information on any subject and it is all current. For example, let's say my target demographic is entrepreneurs. I might go to Google News & search for upcoming seminars or press releases from different franchise companies. The results are displayed on the next page and I choose one of the links by clicking on it, this will take you to an online newspaper or blog usually. I also use Wikipedia. That site has a ton of information on every subject. Scan through the article to make sure it is legit and relevant. Don't always go by the title. Once you have determined it is real, copy the link to the article and go to one of the
  5. 5. free URL shortening services such as and enter the long link there & create a shorter URL. Then go to your social network and in the status area type in: Something happening in Philadelphia on the 20th and put the link into it after that phrase. It will look something like this: United Franchise Connection opens new Franchise Showroom in Pottstown, Pa, read more: Then click "Update" or whatever the button is that posts that information. Now anyone that is interested in that subject can read an article or press release on that company or event. In this example anyone interested in owning a franchise would read the press release. If you do this on a regular basis, the information is legit and it is relevant to what some of your connections want to read, they will start to trust you more as you post more and more content to your update section. In all 3 instances, facebook, twitter & linkedin the URL you enter is clickable. The idea of sharing is passing along information that you didn't create to those that would be interested in reading it.
  6. 6. If you continue to do this consistently you will build a loyal following, they will look forward to the information you post and will click on your links without a second thought. This will also lead you to other followers & connections as people that are connected to your connections will see that you are connected to someone they know, then they will review your profile and see you are just blasting advertisements for the next new scam and they will invite you to join as their connection. Hardly a day goes by that I don't receive at least 3 to 4 invitations to connect. As a matter of fact, I rarely ever go "connection hunting" to find new connections, they find me now. Consistency is the key; you must do this over and over. In the case of twitter it is acceptable to post 5 or 10 of these per day if you have the time. Twitter is more real time and is updated more often than facebook and linkedin. But regardless of the network you focus on, be consistent with the quality & quantity of the sharing you do. Once you have built up a loyal following, I cover this more later on how to do it, you can then start to insert your own links to your own blog with your own articles in it. And guess what is posted at the end of each article and to the right of each article? Your signature is at the bottom & your ad is on the right of your blog. Here is an example: On the right is my ad in green for my consulting business. When I post a local story and my readers read it, I get a free ad impression every time they visit my blog. As you continue to post new articles, stories and information of interest on your blog and intermix those links with the "sharing" links you will put your ad in front of each reader. Then when they like the information they will forward that to their connections by posting in their status and then they do the same etc...etc... and viola! Viral social marketing is born and you are on your way to building a larger following. Focus on a few to get the best results. There are literally 100's of social networking sites out there. I recommend focusing on 3 or 4 to gain the maximum return on your time investment. You will be tempted to signup for an account on every one of them and each time you see a new one you will want to join, go ahead and do that, but focus on 3 or 4 to maximize your return. The 4 I focus on are: Facebook Linkedin Twitter YouTube
  7. 7. I find that the first 3 allow me to focus and get the maximum return and I use YouTube as a tool even though it is a social network of it's own. I don't really use it as a social network, but rather as a tool on the other 3 networks. I cover this in more detail later. Now I am not saying to forget the other 100's of social networks out there, maybe a niche network is better for you, maybe you sell software to manufacturing companies and there is a niche manufacturing social network. Niching is good, but you have to have enough of a pool to pull from in order to make it worth your time & effort. That is why I focus on the before mentioned networks. I seem to get a good return, they are easy to use and all have a lot of features. Reliability is one of the things I look for too as well as how easy it is to use, nothing frustrates me more than a good network site that is hard to understand & hard to navigate. Facebook, how to use it properly. Facebook is more family & friend oriented than the others we will discuss today, so it definitely deserves a different kind of strategy. Most of the time I find that facebook has all of your friends, family, coworkers etc... as well as the groups & games you like to play, maybe you are into farming or into sports teams and you connect with others of like minds. The way to properly use facebook is to post links to coupons, articles, stories etc...and have your friends comment on them or repost them so that their friends can see those links too. Your friends are key. Out of all the networks I am active in, facebook has a lower return on my time investment than the other ones I use. I do find that posting coupons works quite well. Comments are key on facebook. You must comment on other user's posts that way their friends see your comments and maybe they want to connect with you. Be careful on what you say if you are using your personal facebook for your business. Those comments stay with you for a long time. You can use links in your comments if they are relevant. These links are clickable if you put: http:// in front of the www.
  8. 8. Joining groups on facebook by becoming a "fan" is one way to get access to 1000's of facebook users. For example, maybe you sell pool tables & football fans are big players of pool right? So join all of the NFL groups by becoming a fan and post a link to an article about that team in the group forum. Maybe there is some controversy or a new player or even a charity that is working with a sports figure, that is a double whammy.
  9. 9. Growing your social network is one of the first things you need to do and you will see/hear similar strategies when I cover linkedin & twitter later. By using the above examples of "comments" & "fans" you will end up with more friends on facebook. More friends equal more impressions on your blog or your website or your coupon etc... You have to build a good base of connections to make this all worth while. One of the things you want to do with facebook is create a Vanity URL. You can do this by going to Choose something that is easy to remember like That way when you are talking to a friend or coworker and they ask you what your facebook is, you can tell them and they will remember. They are more likely to connect with you if they can find you easily. If you have a lot of social network links to provide, use a free service like: That site is a social network bookmarking site. I created that service out of need. I found that many people couldn't find me easily on the social networks, but when I started including my Profile Links in my signature they would connect with me.
  10. 10. Well it looks pretty silly to have 3 or 4 links underneath your name, so I made a site that allows users to put all of their social links into 1 place and just put one link under their signature in an email. For example: has all of mine on it. This lets users connect with you easily which leads to more connections which lead to more connections. ------------------------------------------------ This video/ebook/blog is sponsored by: Open A Franchise. Open A Franchise is a franchise consulting company that helps people find the right franchise to buy. The service is free and through a series of questions & interviews will help you determine which franchise, if any, fit what you would consider the "right" business for you. They will also help you through the due diligence process & make sure you stay focused on proper research of the franchise. You can reach them by visiting their site at: or by calling: 484-948-1156 ------------------------------------------------ Linkedin, how to use it & joining/managing groups. is built around Professional Networking. Usually you would network with other professionals in similar or complimentary industries. You might network with supporting companies or companies you support. The interesting thing about Linkedin is that it is very user moderated; I will go into this a bit later in the groups section. When you signup for a Linkedin account, you should invite friends from your email box, during the signup process the screen will ask you to enter your login for your email program, I use gmail so it was quite easy. Once you are signed up, you should complete your profile 100% or as close as you can get it for now. This means filling out each section. It does take some time, but it is well worth it later. A lot of people will view your profile so make sure it is done in a professional manner, use punctuation, use capital letters etc... Upload your picture so people know what you look like. This isn't like facebook where you upload a picture of you and your friends drinking at the bar, this is where you dress in a polo shirt or blouse and take a picture just for this site. Your professional image will go a long way when people decide to connect with you on this site. Moderators of groups look at your profile too so make sure to completely fill out the employment section.
  11. 11. In the Profile section you should enter your 3 links. Linkedin allows you to link to 3 outside websites. These 3 links should be your website, your blog and a link to your account if you have one or your twitter account if you have one. There also a Public Profile link. This should be customized by you by clicking on edit. Enter something better than the number sequence that is the default setting, I chose my first & last name with 77 after it only because my first and last name was not available. You should make your profile as public as you are comfortable with. This isn't a site to hide your information, this is a professional profile. If you are afraid of showing something, then don't put it into your profile. Either way, make it as public as you can. My profile is 100% open to everyone and I have not had an issue with it at all. The next thing to do once you signup is click on the "Groups" button/link on the left. Then on the right click: Find Groups.
  12. 12. In the search box type in the search terms for the type of group that your target demographic would be interested in. I searched for entrepreneurs & business owners.
  13. 13. When you get to the results page the results for your search will be sorted by size based on how many members are in the group. In the beginning, larger is better. As you get to know how to use Linkedin, you may change your groups to focus on a more specific demographic. You can change groups at any time. Some groups will approve you automatically and others require approval. The approvals are given by the owner of the group. You become the owner of a group by creating the group and managing it. As soon as you are approved for some groups, the next thing to do is start to build your trust by submitting articles, news & information to the discussion boards by creating a discussion. You can also ask a question that you need to get answered. Don't start a discussion by posting an ad, it will get deleted and you will be unsubscribed from the group.
  14. 14. Each discussion you start should end with your signature; in your signature is the link to your website & blog. Make sure to hyperlink them by putting http:// in front of the www. It would go something like this: Title: Has anyone had luck with using xyz film for this abc camera? I use an abc camera with xyz film, has anyone else used this combo? I would appreciate some feedback or suggestions on this from the group. Thanks, John Henning
  15. 15. This will get your link distributed to people that read your posting and it gets them familiar with your profile because next to each discussion you start or comment on is your profile with your picture and a link to your profile.
  16. 16. Commenting on discussions is a good way to contribute as well, if you look through the discussions in the groups you belong to, there will be questions and blatant advertisements from other members of the group. Answer their questions if you can. Cite sources & use links to articles that have to do with the answer. Again, I use Google News or Wikipedia to find the answer or a relevant article and then post that link there. Always make sure to hyperlink your website & blog links under your name when you enter it at the end of the comment or post. I also setup a VOIP phone line just for the purpose of putting that phone number into my signature on social sites, I never get calls, but I think more people trust what I have to say because I put my phone number on there. Create a PowerPoint presentation and upload it to your profile using the Google Docs/Slideshare application. There are applications you can insert into your profile that allow you to enter extra information, data, pictures etc... If you go to my profile on Linkedin you will see I created a slideshow of pictures for my business. People feel more comfortable if they see your office or location.
  17. 17. The presentation also allows a hyperlink, so when you create your PowerPoint and upload it to Google Docs make sure to put the link to your Website or blog on the last page or every page of the presentation. Enter in the books you are reading or have read using the Reading list by Amazon. These should not be mysteries and love stories, these should be books based on your business or industry by prominent authors.
  18. 18. Always write a review on the books you have completed. Other people will see your books and be more likely to connect with you or click on your website links if they feel you are contributing to the community. Recommendations are a critical part of the Linkedin network. If you go to my profile on Linked in you will see I have 7 or 8 recommendations, these recommendations were written about me by other people that I am connected with.
  19. 19. Previous employers, business partners, employees and other professional contacts that I have done business with. Your credibility goes through the roof when other people see the recommendations you have received. Think of recommendations like testimonials for you or your business. The easiest way to get recommendations is to give them. Each time you give a recommendation for someone else they receive an email that says you left them a recommendation and do they want to show this on their profile. Of course they will almost always say yes and when they do accept the recommendation Linkedin asks them if they want to leave a recommendation for you. Most times they will say yes and type up a quick paragraph about how great you were or are in your relationship with them.
  20. 20. If by chance they do accept your recommendation and don't leave you one, it is easy and well within the acceptable practice on Linkedin to email them and ask them to do it, what are they going to say "no”? You just left them a recommendation; they will usually do the same for you. There is an added benefit of entering recommendations for people you are connected with, each time you do, the home page of each person that is connected with them shows that you left this person a recommendation, when they hover over your link, it displays your profile and shows who you are and your one line description of what you do. You will get more invitations to connect on Linkedin from this. Creating a group on Linked in is another way to get connections and get the word out on your business. Click on the Groups link on the left of the page, and then click on "Create a group" on the right side of the page. When you create a group, make sure to create it based on what your target demographic would be interested in, don't create it based on only what you would be interested in. Although, you should have some knowledge & at least a small interest in it to insure you can interact with your members. Then invite all of your connections to join the group. Post a link to your group in other groups as a discussion, if they allow it of course. Post a link to your group on facebook & twitter as well. That way anyone that is interested will join your group. One of the keys to owning a successful group on Linkedin is moderating the discussions. You need to make sure that no one spams the discussions and if they do, warn them or remove them from the group. Other group members do not like it when someone joins just to spam. If you continue to grow this group by posting interesting information & articles this will lead you to more connections. People will search for groups that match yours and join up. This in turn will again lead to more connections with people of like minds & interests. Twitter, what is it, how to use it & how to get followers. Twitter is probably the most misunderstood social network out there right now, but when used properly can result in a huge return on your time investment. I get asked all the time, "what is twitter & how does it work?” People aren't wondering if it is a social network or not, they just don't understand what it actually does.
  21. 21. Think of twitter like this. It is a texting platform just like your cell phone but on the internet. But when you text someone on twitter, you text 100's or 1000's at one time instead of just one person at a time like on your cell phone. It would be like sending out a single 140 character text to all of the contacts in your cell phone at the same time. The main difference being is that on twitter, all of your contacts WANT to receive your text because they chose to follow you. By following you on twitter they said "yes I want to see what John has to say". Now remember, they are following 100's or 1000's of people too, so your text can get lost in the shuffle, that is why it is important to regularly update your twitter with tweets every day or even multiple times each day. The hard part on twitter is getting people to follow you. In the beginning this is the toughest thing to grasp, but after I explain it and you try it, you will see it is actually quite easy. Simply put, in order to get people to follow you, you must follow them. So go to and search for whatever subject you wish. Then click on someone that comes up in the search results and click the "follow" button under their icon. Most of the time when you follow someone they will follow you back. If they don't you can always unfollow them later. You can always find your competition or companies in similar industries and start following their followers too. For example, let's say you sold resume writing services. You might start following the followers of a recruiting firm on twitter.
  22. 22. Either way the more people you follow, the more people will follow you and then their followers see you and they follow you and you follow them and so it starts. It is always better to follow more than follow you. I have 4300+ followers but I am following 4800+ people. This provides the illusion that you follow back when someone follows you. There is also a weekly event called: Follow Friday where you will see tweets pop up with all @usernames listed and nothing else. Follow each one of those people and then retweet the message by copying and pasting into your status update area. This will insert you into the mix and they will retweet with you on the list now. This will get other people to follow you.
  23. 23. There are 2 types of followers. One is the type that follows you because you are following them and the other type are the ones that follow you because they want to see what you have to say, so as you build up your followers, make sure to provide some form of interesting content to them on a regular basis. I know it is repetitive, but Google News & Wikipedia are great sources for this information & articles. Find hot topics or interesting information and post the link in your twitter. Use a free URL shortening service like and you can fit more of the subject into your tweet. When you setup your profile make sure to enter your website or blog link. This provides a link from your twitter home page directly to your website and the link is clickable.
  24. 24. Customizing your twitter home page can also get you more followers and is a way to provide information and a good picture of yourself. Your home page graphics are not clickable, but you can include a basic paragraph about your company, your interests or whatever you want. I found some templates that were free just by searching in google.
  25. 25. Every time I post a tweet with a link in it that is mine to my blog or my website with an article or information in it, I see about a 1% to 2% click through. As of this writing I have over 4000 followers, so that equals about 40-80 people that click on one of my links. I usually post about 3 or 4 things per day, so that is roughly 150 to 300 visitors daily just from twitter. I also post 2 or 3 things daily that don't link to my websites to keep things interesting and not all about me. Make sure you integrate your twitter link into your blog & website to allow people to start following you easily. My twitter is: This link is on all of my websites and I get followers from it.
  26. 26. Twitter is tough to get a handle on, but once you do, it is quick, easy & provides a good return on your time investment. YouTube, how to use it & how to get people to watch your videos. There are 1000's of videos watched on the Internet each day. Video is one of the most effective means of getting your message through to a user if they are willing to watch it. The key to online video is to make it interesting or informative or both. I use YouTube to host a lot of my videos. They have a quick signup process. Although you are limited to 10 minutes. A short 10 minute video is a good way to keep a user engaged on your site. Create a video, link to it from your blog or better yet, embed it into your website or blog by inserting the code that YouTube provides next to each video you upload. This will keep a user on your site for 5 to 10 minutes, greatly increasing the chance they will request more information or buy an item or fill out a form. I do all of my own production but that is because I have software that does it, you can easily find someone to do it for you, but that does usually cost money. My videos might not be movie quality, but they are not that bad and they do the job. If you are reading this information in my blog or ebook make sure to watch the video here: the video is free and you can download it too. This particular video is too large for YouTube, but you can now see the power of video especially if you are watching it right now instead of reading it. You are welcome to send this video to your friends & connections too. I regularly use video in my social networks as a marketing tool. I do usually embed the video into my blog or website and then link to it from there, but you can upload a video to YouTube and link right to the direct link there as well. When using YouTube, make sure to title the video with relevant keywords when you are uploading it. Since Google owns YouTube, the system knows how to set this up for Search Engine Optimization. Use keywords that are searched all the time in your industry or niche and you are more likely to show up in the search results on too. YouTube itself has never really provided me with 1000's of video viewers, but the service is free & top notch. It only takes a few minutes to create an account and the code easily embeds into almost any website or blog quickly. Record a short video about your company also and upload it to the same account as your informational video, that way when your info video is done, they will see you have other videos and may watch those too.
  27. 27. I also place a few "commercials" inside my informational videos, just like the ones you see here. The main thing to remember with adding in commercials is to make them very short; you don't want a user to stop watching your video because the commercial is a minute long. I recommend 10-15 seconds at most. I usually put one near the beginning, one in the middle and one at the end. 3 are the most I will do. I also put my Website at the bottom as a "Sponsored by:" type setup. I use YouTube as a tool, not a social network. I am not active on YouTube other than uploading my videos and using them on my other various social networks as part of my overall social marketing plan. There are certainly other things you can do to get people to watch your videos and YouTube itself has a way of doing this, but I do not use it that way. Thank you and closing. Thank you for watching my video or reading my ebook or visiting my blog. Feel free to pass this information on to your friends, coworkers, business associates & connections on your social networks. I hope you learned something that will help you grow your business or achieve your goal in creating a successful social marketing strategy. If you have questions or just want to chat, feel free to email me: or call me at: 484-948-1156. Talk to you soon. Thanks, John Henning ------------------------------------------------ This video/ebook/blog is sponsored by: Open A Franchise. Open A Franchise is a franchise consulting company that helps people find the right franchise to buy. The service is free and through a series of questions & interviews will help you determine which franchise, if any, fit what you would consider the "right" business for you. They will also help you through the due diligence process & make sure you stay focused on proper research of the franchise. You can reach them by visiting their site at: or by calling: 484-948-1156 ------------------------------------------------