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on March 31, 2011 Metro Philadelphia published a Phillies Preview Edition.

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Phillies Preview Metro Edition

  1. 1. PHILADELPHIA Thursday, March 31, 2011 Max 43° Min 37° News No joke: Did parody defame? South Jersey couple with dwarfism sues Comcast and ‘The Soup’ They felt serious life issues were mocked {page 04} Vanilla Ice: Call it a comeback? He’s onstage again, just not quite like you rememberPlay ball {page 10} The Key: For nontraditional students {pages K1-K12} with the Phab Four Phillies fans are dreaming of a stroll down World Series Road But does the team have enough offensive firepower? Scouting reports on Halladay, Lee, Oswalt, Hamels {pages 20-31} MLB PREVIEW
  2. 2. www.metro.us02 philadelphia THURSDAY, MARCH 31, 2011 STATE DEPT. OF TRANSPORTATION Council to weigh 1 In the news Budget bus-ter A tiny portion of budget gap filled Gov. Tom Corbett patched ‘Ban the Box’ bill Don’t Ask At First? Council may vote today on removing criminal history from start of hiring process Supporters say ex-offenders would get a fair chance Foes suggest anti-discrimination lawsuits could result Ever since a drunken-dri- ving arrest in 2002, Rodney Byrd has been trying to get employers to judge him on his qualifications of work- ing more than 15 years in G WRITE TO METRO AT “If an individual Box,” referring to the box on job applications asking whether a person has ever been convicted of a crime. Employers would be pro- hibited from asking about How screening would work a 41-foot hole in the budg- the health care industry. can present an applicant’s criminal his- Philadelphia’s ordin- et shortfall yesterday by “It’s like I try to seek em- tory until after the first in- ance would call on the themselves ...The Big retiring “a 1991 tour bus” that, by being driven few- ployment and I get online and fill out application and before that stigma terview unless otherwise re- quired by state or federal mayor to create a nine- person Fair Criminal er than 26,000 miles dur- they ask ‘Have you ever been entirely colors their law, such as those which Record Screening Advi-Five ing the Rendell adminis- tration, cost taxpayers arrested’ and I gotta tell the truth,” the 55-year-old said. perception, they mandate background checks for law-enforcement sory Committee, which would include $66,000. “This fiscal year “That’s a mark against you.” have a better and child-care jobs. Not on- at least two ex-offend-The Hospital of alone, taxpayers have paid Byrd and thousands of chance to put that ly would the ban apply to ers, to monitor compli-the University of for batteries, towing and ex-offenders in Philadel- conviction in public employers, but ance with the law andPennsylvania window tinting,” he said. phia are hoping that mark Philadelphia would become field complaints.topped U.S. News State Democrats imme- will be removed or at least context.” the first city in the U.S. to DEVAH PAGER,and World Re- diately retorted that Cor- covered today. City Council include private employers PRINCETON UNIVERSITY SOLOMON D. LEACHport’s first-ever bett “focuses on political is expected to vote on a bill — following the lead of SOCIOLOGY PROFESSOR sleach@metro.usranking of gimmicks” that fill .00166 referred to as “Ban the Hawaii and Massachusetts. percent of the deficitPhiladelphia-area rather than listening tohospitals. Also in residents’ real budget con-the top five were cerns. METRO Protest. Education fundingThomas JeffersonUniversity Hospi-tal, Temple Uni-versity Hospital, Tow-truckHahnemann Uni-versity Hospital driver shotand ChristianaCare in Newark, in Chester CHESTER. A tow-truck driv-Del. METRO er was shot early yesterday morning, but police In the news haven’t yet said whether he was the intended target. The incident occurred at around 10 a.m. in an alley off Edgemont St. Upon arrival, the found a Philadelphia Auto Recy- cling driver suffering from Former and current high school and college students united to rail against what they consider misplaced budget priorities a gunshot wound. Police coming from the state capitol. reportedly think the shot RIKARD LARMA/METRO was fired from a nearby More priests placed on leave home. The driver, whose name Get ’em while The Campaign for Nonviolent Schools marched on Broad Street with a “Fund Our Schools, Not Prisons” message for Harrisburg. Cardinal Justin Rigali hasn’t been released, was Hundreds protested Gov. Tom Corbett’s proposed funding cuts placed two more priests on adminis- taken to Crozer-Chester Medical Center. METRO they’re young and decried the “school-to-prison pipeline in Philadelphia.” trative leave as a re- sult of the grand-jury Director James Wan Video games Love/hate relationship report into alleged on movie ‘Insidious’ — now in 3-D! with Facebook friends? sexual-abuse cover- ups. The announce- ment offered scant To advertise: phone: 215-717-2600 e-mail sales: | METRO PHILADELPHIA | Editor in Chief: Tony Metcalf, @edinchiefmetro | Managing Editor: Ron Varrial details other than | City Editor: Brian X. McCrone | Features Editor: Amber Ray, @amberatmetro | Entertainment Editor: Monica Weymouth | Sports Editor: Mike Greger | Deputy Features/Careers/Books/Travel editor: Dorothy Robinson | Home/Style editor: the priests retired in Tina Chadha | Wellbeing/Tech editor: Heidi Patalano | Photo Editor: Rikard Larma | E-MAIL US: 2005 and 2006. As the worlds largest global newspaper, Metro has more than 17 million readers in over 100 major cities in 17 countries • Metro Philadelphia 30 S. 15th St. Philadelphia, Pa. 19102 • main: 215-717-2600 • sales: 215-717-2689 • e-mail sales: • National Sales Director Bob Edmunds • Executive Sales Director James McDonald • U.S. Circulation Director Joseph Lauletta • U.S. Marketing Director Priscilla Arguinzoni • Advertisements appearing in Metro are published in good faith. Metro does not endorse and makes no representations about any of the advertising content appearing in its pages. Metro is not responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever resulting from readers using the services of its advertisers. Readers should exercise caution when replying to advertisements, especially those which require any form of payment, and, where necessary, should seek independent legal advice.
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  4. 4. 04 philadelphia THURSDAY, MARCH 31, 2011 ASSOCIATED PRESS PHOTO INCLUDED WITH, AND FOCUS OF, LEGAL COMPLAINTSatirical skit aboutdwarves leads to lawsuit A photograph for a story about genetic testing was reused for comedy A South Jersey couple says it was defamation Comcast is a defendantA married Collingswood, used, without AP permis- The Reynolds also suf-N.J., couple, both achon- sion, in a “Soup” skit about fered “anxiety, depression,droplastic dwarves, recent- a fake reality show called insomnia … and feelingsly filed a defamation suit “Fertile Little Tattooed Pag- of shame and degrada- The Reynoldsagainst Comcast, E! Enter- eant Parents Who Enjoy tion.” They are suing for attainment Television and Baking.” least $50,000 on eachthe host of the “The Soup” “The piece depicted a “The defendants count of defamation, mis-for misrepresenting them woman purported to be chose to ignore the appropriation of likeness, Not for laughs Reynolds. Dozens of chil-in a skit on the satirical Cara Reynolds in labor, in false light, intentional and dren were added to theprogram. the process of giving birth information negligent infliction of Excerpts from the front yard in front of Mr. In 2006, Cara and Gib- in a bathroom,” the suit available to them emotional distress and un- Reynolds’ lawsuit: and Mrs. Reynolds to makeson Reynolds were pho- filed March 24 in Philadel- and held the just enrichment. good on the promotiontographed by the Associat- phia Common Pleas Court plaintiffs up to Comcast referred all Plaintiffs were never asked that these are “happyed Press for a story about states. questions yesterday to E! to consent, nor did they dwarves … that can’t stopthe controversies sur- The Reynolds’ were in scorn, ridicule and Entertainment Television; ever consent, to any use of procreating.”rounding genetic screen- the process of adopting a embarrassment for a vice president of corpo- their photo other than for The description of the cou-ing. child from China, also an the purpose of rate communications de- the article for which they ple as “fertile little people” The photo caption stat- achondroplastic dwarf, clined to answer ques- were interviewed. caused them to relive theed their “newborn died and were concerned the maintaining ... tions about pending litiga- [The photograph] was al- pain and grief they experi-from a genetic condition “false and misleading in- revenues for ‘The tion. tered to show a crown and enced with the loss of theirlinked to dwarfism.” Three formation … would jeop- Soup.’” a beauty pageant sash on newborn daughter Tracyyears later, a doctored ver- ardize the adoption LAWSUIT EXCERPT BRIAN HICKEY Mrs. Reynolds and tattoos Reynolds in 2005 and theirsion of the photograph was process.” and ALEX PAULIN on both Mr. and Mrs. ongoing fertility issues. $79 .99 $199 .99 $349 .99 TaTes MENSWEAR
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  6. 6. 06 news THURSDAY, MARCH 31, 2011 GETTY IMAGESGoogle’snew tweak AT&T: Deal willtakes onFacebookSAN FRANCISCO. Google will improve networkbegin allowing users to CEO says acquisition of T-Mobile would boostpersonally endorse searchresults and Web pages, its capacity and improve service, including on iPhonelatest attempt to stave offrival Facebook while trying AT&T CEO Randall Stephen- would combine the sec-to jump onboard a social- son, making his case for a No worries ond- and fourth-largest U.S.networking boom. proposed takeover of T-Mo- wireless operators to cre- The so-called “+1” bile USA, said the deal Stephenson said concerns ate the country’s largest.button started to appear would boost network capac- about the merger limiting The acquisition, whichalongside Google search re- ity and improve service for competition in the U.S. are would leave three majorsults for some users yester- devices such as the iPhone. unfounded. “This is an in- national wireless playersday, letting people recom- The acquisition would tensely competitive indus- including Verizon Wirelessmend specific search improve capacity on try,” he said. “It is intense and Sprint Nextel is sub-results to friends and con- AT&T’s wireless network before we do this transac- ject to regulatory approval.tacts by clicking the button. by about 30 percent in tion, it will be intense after AT&T said that as part of Eventually, the feature some of the largest U.S. we do this transaction.” the purchase it would ex-may begin to influence the cities, Stephenson said yes- pand the rollout of its high-ranking of search results, terday at an event at the close the deal, getting a 30 speed wireless technology,though that is only under Council on Foreign Rela- percent lift in capacity in helping achieve the U.S.consideration. Results are tions in New York. It could New York City: That’s a sig- Federal Communicationsnow ranked via a closely also reduce charges for nificant improvement in Commission goal of mak-guarded algorithm. REUTERS overseas roaming, he said. call quality and data ing broadband available “This transaction is very throughput.” more widely. AT&T will of- G FOLLOW instrumental [in improv- AT&T said on March 20 fer its Long-Term Evolution METRO ONLINE ing network service],” said it had agreed to buy T-Mo- technology to an additional AT&T’s deal to buy T-Mobile could help your iPhone. Stephenson at the event. bile USA from Deutsche 46.5 million people as part “Virtually on the day you Telekom, in a deal that of the deal. BLOOMBERG D O U B L E POINTS. LOW FARES. PICK ANY T W O. O N E-W A Y F A R E S F R O M P H I L A D E L P H I A A S L O W A S : NEW YORK WASHINGTON, DC BALTIMORE NEWARK $ 36 $ 35 $ 32 $ 36 BWI MARSHALL BOSTON METROPARK NEW HAVEN $ 32 $ 59 $ 32 $ 41 Right now, one trip on Amtrak® is worth twice the rewards. Because Amtrak Guest Rewards ® members receive double points on all travel from March 21, 2011 through May 6, 2011 and triple points on all travel from May 7, 2011 through May 21, 2011. Registration is required, terms and conditions apply. Register and book at AMTRAK.COMFares valid only on Northeast Regional. Valid for discounted one-way Coach Fares only; no Business class upgrades allowed. Advance ticket purchase is required a minimum of fourteen (14) days prior to travel. Blackout dates apply: 23Nov11, 27Nov11, 26Dec11 and 02Jan12. Fares are non-refundable. Exchanges are permitted for other railfare purchases. Seats are limited and fares may not be available on all trains at all times. Not valid for onboard purchase. Not combinable with any other discount offer. Up to two children ages 2-15 may accompany each adult at half the (full) adult rail fare. Fares, routes and schedules are subject to change without notice. Other restrictionsmay apply. Bonus point offers: Must be an Amtrak Guest Rewards member and register for this offer online or by calling 1-800-307-5000 to participate. Earn double points on qualifying Amtrak travel from March 21, 2011 through May 6, 2011 and earn triple points on qualifying Amtrak travel from May 7, 2011 through May 21, 2011. Cancelledor refunded reservations/tickets will be deemed ineligible. Members must include their membership number when making reservations for travel to qualify. Other terms and conditions may apply. Amtrak, Enjoy the journey, Amtrak Guest Rewards and Northeast Regional are service marks of the National Railroad Passenger Corporation.
  7. 7. news THURSDAY, MARCH 31, 2011 07 DiamondsGaddafi strikes back Rebels pushed back as loyalists MAHMUD HAMS/AFP/GETTY IMAGES stolen at Switzerland jewels fair ZURICH. Thieves stole fourunleash superior arms, discipline diamonds worth several Western airstrikes had helped million dollars from a trader’s stand at the world’s biggest watch andLibyan rebels fled in head- jewelry fair in Basel yester-long retreat from the supe- Civilians first day, prosecutors said.rior arms and tactics of “Three men engagedMuammar Gaddafi’s troops A conference of 40 govern- the staff in a sales talkyesterday, exposing the in- ments and international while one or two otherssurgents’ weakness without bodies agreed on Tuesday opened the showcase,”Western airstrikes to tip the to press on with aerial bom- said Markus Melzl,scales in their favor. bardment of Libyan forces spokesman for the Basel It had taken more than until Gaddafi complied with prosecutor’s office. “Thesefive days of allied bombard- a U.N. resolution to end vio- were real pros who hadment to destroy govern- lence against civilians. done some researchment tanks and artillery in ahead.”the strategic town of Ajd- ers and bystanders outside Watch and jewelry mak-abiyah before rebels rushed Gaddafi’s home town of ers meet retailers from allin and chased Gaddafi’s Sirte, then outflanked them over the world at the Baseltroops 200 miles west in a through the desert, a ma- fair, which closes its doorstwo-day dash. neuver requiring the sort of Libyan rebels flee from Ras Lanuf to Uqayla as loyalist forces overran the Libyan key oil town. today. REUTERS Two days later, the rebels discipline the ragtag rebelshave been pushed back to lack. “These were realclose to where they started. The towns of Nawfaliyah, counterstrike. Rebels ward Ajdabiyah. ment from tanks, artillery pros who had done The Libyan army first Bin Jawad and Ras Lanuf fell showed no signs of trying to In town after town, and truck-launched Gradambushed the chaotic cara- in quick succession to the hold on to the next town, Gaddafi force’s have un- rockets, which has forced some researchvan of volunteers, support- lightning government Brega, but carried on to- leashed a fierce bombard- rebels to swiftly flee. REUTERS ahead.” MELZLElectric carmaker SEPTA NEWSsues BBC for libel GETTY IMAGES Get The Straight Talk On The Future of Fare Collection SEPTA will host a session to share the latest details on the new fare payment technologies that will transform the way SEPTA fares are paid, making it easier and more convenient for our customers. Tesla says Top Gear’s allegations “grossly misled potential purchasers of the Roadster.” Riders, stakeholders, and members of the public are welcome to attend.U.S. electric carmaker Tes- In the Top Gear report, run out it’s not a quick job When: Friday, April 1st from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. - arrive anytimela Motors has sued the first broadcast in Decem- to charge it up again,”BBCs “Top Gear” show al- ber 2008, presenter Jeremy Clarkson said, according toleging libel and malicious Clarkson said that, even a transcript of the show in- Where: SEPTA Mezzanine Levelfalsehood. though the car is “biblical- cluded in the filing. Tesla claims the show, ly quick,” and “the first The report showed the 1234 Market Streetone of the broadcaster’s electric car you might actu- car being pushed into a Philadelphia, PA 19107most successful programs, ally want to buy,” its range hangar, according to thefaked a scene that ap- is limited. suit. Tesla said the Road-peared to show Tesla’s “Although Tesla say it ster that was pushed intoRoadster car running out will do 200 miles, we the hangar hadn’t run out 215.580.7800 | WWW.SEPTA.ORGof energy, according to pa- worked out that on our of power and didn’t needpers filed at the High Court track it would run out after to be London yesterday. just 55 miles, and if it does BLOOMBERG
  8. 8. 08 news THURSDAY, MARCH 31, 2011 SAUL LOEB/AFP/GETTY IMAGESNow it’s serious: “By bringing in the NSA, that means they think they’re either dealing withNasdaq attack a state-sponsored attack or it’s an extraordinarily capable criminalprobed by NSA organization.” JOEL BRENNER, FORMER HEAD OF U.S. COUNTERINTELLIGENCE The feds are bringing in the big guns to solve an attack on the US Investigators have yet to determine whichfinance industry National Security Agency well equipped for the job Nasdaq systems were breached and why. Above: NSA headquarters at Fort Meade, Maryland.The National Security G WRITE TO attacked and what was tak- Winkler, a former NSA an-Agency — the top U.S. elec- METRO AT en. It may also show the at- alyst and chief security $20Btronic intelligence service tack endangered the securi- strategist at Technodyne.— has joined a probe of ty of the nation’s financial The probe of the attack exchanges at a timethe October cyber attack infrastructure. on the second-biggest U.S. when several competi-on Nasdaq amid evidence the world’s most powerful The NSA’s most impor- stock exchange operator, tors have announcedthe intrusion by hackers computers for electronic tant contribution to the disclosed last month, is al- The widening invest- such moves. More thanwas more severe than first surveillance and decryp- probe may be its ability to so being assisted by for- igation may complicate $20 billion of exchangedisclosed. tion, may help the initial in- unscramble encrypted eign intelligence agencies, Nasdaq’s ability to acquisitions have been The involvement of the vestigators — Nasdaq and messages that hackers use according to an unnamed strike deals to buy or announced in the pastNSA, which uses some of the FBI — determine who to extract data, said Ira source. BLOOMBERG merge with other five months. GERARDO MORA/GETTY IMAGES) Marine life. And deathSurvey: More than halfof CEOs plan on hiring Obama: Cut back on oil GETTY IMAGESBOSTON. Chief executives’view of the economybrightened in the firstquarter, with more thanhalf now ready to add jobs WASHINGTON. President— a critical step if the Barack Obama yesterday Problem areaseconomy’s recovery is to proposed to cut U.S. oil im-gain steam. ports by a third over 10 Obama laid out four areas The Business Round- years, setting an ambitious to help reach his target oftable’s quarterly CEO Eco- goal that eluded his prede- curbing U.S. dependencenomic Outlook survey cessors as high gasoline on foreign oil: lifting do-found that 52 percent of “Our CEOs see prices threatened to un- mestic energy production,CEOs plan to add staff in momentum in the dermine the economic re- fostering the use of morethe United States over the covery. natural gas in vehicles likenext six months. U.S. economy. Obama outlined his city buses, making cars and CEOs’ changed views on We collectively strategy after spending trucks more efficient andhiring would be very good are expecting days explaining the U.S.-led boosting alternative energynews for an economy that military action in Libya, by encouraging biofuels.has struggled with high increased sales and where fighting, accompa-unemployment even since as a result expect to nied by unrest elsewhere Obama did not pretendits last 18-month recession do more investing in the Arab world, has there were any speedyofficially ended in June helped push U.S. gasoline measures to lower fuel2009 — and for the admin- and hiring over the prices toward $4 a gallon. costs that he acknowl-istration of President next six months.” In a speech that was edged were a “big con-Barack Obama. REUTERS IVAN SEIDENBERG, CEO OF VERIZON short on details on how to cern” to Americans. curb U.S. energy demand, REUTERS Killer whale Tilikum appears during its performance in its show “Believe” at Sea World in Orlando, Fla.Eastern US the region by week’s end, according to the National Heard it said John Sfakianakis, chief economist at theprepares Weather Service. The system will be the Up to her old tricks? before? Banque Saudi Fransi. Truly reforming U.S.for snow second to move through the area this week, said True killer whale is back WASHINGTON. Analysts and experts said Obama’s energy use would involve sweepingNEW YORK. A winter storm Lauren Nash, a weather goal is ambitious. changes, including possi-watch has been issued for service meteorologist in Tilikum returned to public performance yesterday, “All U.S. presidents ble fuel taxes to encour-eastern New York, parts of Upton, N.Y. The first will the first time the six-ton whale has performed since since the early 1970s age Americans to changenorthern New Jersey and arrive tonight and may killing 40-year-old trainer Dawn Brancheau at the have outlined ambitious their habits, whichmost of New England while bring light snow to areas Sea World marine park on Feb. 24, 2010. plans to reduce their re- could be politically tox-a storm packing as much as north of New York City, Sea World Parks & Entertainment president Jim liance on imported oil,” ic, analysts said. REUTERS12 inches of snow heads for she said. BLOOMBERG Atchinson signed off on the decision this week.
  9. 9. news THURSDAY, MARCH 31, 2011 09 The fallout of Britney’s sexuality As pop star releases new album, author takes a look at how Britney’s past actions are affecting young girls Fears that girls see sexuality as a performance and not intimacyBritney Spears’ new album, issue of sexual entitlement.“Femme Fatale,” debuts this Girls are feeling like theyweek. Looking back, author have to perform the ideaPeggy Orenstein examines that they’re comfortablethe long-lasting — and dam- with their sexuality. Andaging — effects of the “girl you have to wonder, what ispower” pop star’s sexuality. it that they’re getting? They don’t have pleasure or con-In your new book, “Cinderella trol. What is the reality ofAte My Daughter,” you write what that act gives them?about how Disney princess It’s not anything healthy.culture has altered your littlegirl’s view of sexuality. It So what are parents supposedreminded me of Britney to do?Spears, when she debuted in Britney’s “Baby One More Time” video sealed her sexuality. First, it’s about limitinga schoolgirl outfit posing their access to media andsuggestively. such, when they’re reallyYes, she set a template for a it. So it was an ultimately little. And also trying to ex- Quotedlot of the confusion that incredibly disempowering pand their ideas of whocame after and was ironi- “When little girls stance for girls to see. they are and what they cancally a direct outgrowth of be, that’s not linked con-the Girl Power movement have inappropriate And what’s been the fallout stantly to playing at pretty— she had an impact on sexuality — all these years later? or sassy (which is sexythe way Girl Power was however it’s The culture has taken up with training wheels). Edu-commodified and changed. that message. It plays into cate them and yourself.On the one hand, she was a imposed, by pop the diva culture of littlebreakthrough because she culture or adults girls right now, that acceler- Who is your daughter Daisywas a girl who was a star they love — they ated makeup and hot dance idolizing these days?for girls, as opposed to, say, moves, with Miley Cyrus Well, this is going to soundDavid Cassidy or Bobby don’t understand it. and the like. I want to be politically correct but it’sSherman or the Jonas The risk is that they clear: I don’t come at this true. We went to a dinnerBrothers today. But as such, never connect it and from a perspective to be the other night where thisshe had this whole differ- sexiness becomes a negative about sexuality. 99-year-old judo championent approach. She was at It’s just that when little girls was being honored. Sheonce selling chastity and performance for have inappropriate sexuali- was talking about how onesex and combining them in them rather than ty — however it’s imposed, should be gentle, strongthis really weird way. something that by pop culture or adults and beautiful. To illustrate they love — they don’t un- “gentle” and “strong,” sheAnd she was doing this for real- involves intimacy.” derstand it. The risk is that said she could walk up to a ORENSTEINly little girls when she started. they never connect it and man twice her size (whichIt’s hard to remember sexiness becomes a per- wouldn’t be hard, she wasnow, but one of her central formance for them rather about 4-foot-9) and touchfan bases was 6-year-old than something that in- him with her index fingergirls, who would go to her volves intimacy. Instead and he would collapse.concerts and scream and they see sexiness as some- And by beautiful, sheshout. She always talked thing they do for the pleas- meant not the externalsabout being a virgin. And G POST YOUR ure and entertainment for but a beautiful heart. I toldshe’d say, if you see me as a TS @ ... others. As if self-objectifica- Daisy, “Look at her, isn’tLolita, that’s your problem. COMMEN tion was a rite of passage. she amazing!” She was tak- Are Britney Spears’But everything she did en. She was into it. actions affectingcompletely contradicted You see that today: Young girls younger generations?that. It’s this weird thing “sext” naked photos of them- MICHAELwhere she was sexualizing selves to their boyfriends. FREIDSONinnocence and fetishizing With sexting, there’s also an METRO WORLD NEWS
  10. 10. www.metro.us10 my THURSDAY, MARCH 31, 2011 myentertainment2 THE WORD Metro’s Dorothy Robinson shares her take on the world of gossip p @dorothyatmetro Ice is back top that came with the crazy glory of selling 11 of “Peter Pan” in London, reports the BBC. “Ice is a means Ice can only use body movements and fa- with a million copies of “To the Extreme,” Vanilla Ice proba- huge name who I am sure will be a real draw for par- cial contortions, but not his voice. This means, of brand new bly didn’t envision himself in 20 years performing the- ents and children alike,” theater manager Tony Hill course, there will be no rocking of the mic like a The feed ... invention ater. Make that children’s theater. In England. In pan- said. “He has never per- formed in a pantomime vandal, but hopefully he’ll still be able to light up the During his 1990 “Ice Ice Ba- tomime. before, but I am sure he stage and wax a chump Checking in with by” heyday of parachute Yes, the former “rapper” will go down as a hit.” like a candle.some of Hollywood’s pants, bethonged women is playing Captain Hook in Ice Pantomime, which is Whatever that everbiggest names to see and the pompadour flat a live theatrical production different than mime, meant.what they’ve beenup to — in their own DARIO CANTATORE/GETTY IMAGESwords, in 140 charac-ters or less. Daddy Gold. Rabbit Pot, meet on tour. It should be harder to be an artist.”Today, Bree Olson Federline: kettle Ah, yes. “Harder.” Thismay be tiring of be- Papa Zao! When asked by apparently means hav-ing one of Charlie Australia’s Daily ing an already famousSheen’s goddesses, Can someone explain Telegraph what she father who would sellSamantha Ronson to me why women thought of Internet sen- your soul to the Disneywasn’t where people want to procreate with sation Rebecca Black’s corporation, who would,said she was and Jon- Kevin Federline? It was “Friday” video, which in turn, spend millionsah Hill doesn’t get Je- announced yesterday got 16 million views in in marketing you assus’ popularity. the one week, Miley Cyrus a singer and actor former said: “You to gullible little @BreeOlson backup shouldn’t girls.I’d love to live in a dancer is just be But let’s notcottage in the woods. expecting able to put split hairs, shallDeep in the country. a child a song on we?To just have all the with girl- YouTube and gobare essentials and friend Victoria Prince — Cyruslive off the land. Daydreams his fifth. Luckily, Britney is going on tour Toni is all (golden) ears More G PSSSST ... GET this year. Girl’s gotta ALL OF THE @samantharonsoni love when the inter- work if she’s going to support all of Singer Toni Braxton attended the 2011 Lindt Gold Bunny Celebrity Auction Kick-Off at the Lindt Chocolate gossip GOSSIP ALL OF THE TIME. READ THEnet makes me a super Federline’s various Shop yesterday in New York City. Hopefully someone online WORD BLOG ONLINEhero- i was home at children for him. told Braxton, who recently declared bankruptcy athe same time i was second time, that bunny wasn’t made from real dinner. pix of meleaving dinner lastnight win. PROOF how breast cancer effects @JonahHill people’s lives.I have half as many Talking pointsfollowers as @Jesus.That is such bulls—. Farrell saysThat guy hasn’t been Denise takes goodbyefunny in years. precaution During the final years of After ex-husband Charlie her life, Elizabeth Taylor Sheen’s angry tirade Richards Aniston Farrell struck up a close against her on Twitter, friendship with actor Colin Denise Richards has report- Farrell — so close that, at edly upped the security at mad man, it’s better to be you wished someone Jennifer Aniston is stepping her request, Farrell recit- her home, according to safe than sorry.” Sheen’s would die it’s a totally dif- behind the camera to di- ed a poem at her funeral Popeater. “She wants over-the-top behavior on ferent game,” the source rect part of “Project Five,” last week, according to [daughters] Sam and Lola Twitter reportedly has says. “Denise is no longer an anthology of short Access Hollywood. “Eliza- to have normal lives, but Richards worried. “Denise angry — she’s scared.” films for Lifetime TV, ac- beth chose it,” says Farrell after the recent threats has learned how to deal cording to Deadline Holly- of the poem. “It was a and verbal attacks, she with the name-calling, wood. Demi Moore and Ali- tricky poem as well. Even has increased her securi- but once you start tweet- cia Keys are also taking the in passing she had me un- Jonah Hill ty,” a source says. “When ing pictures of yourself Aniston to reigns for sections of the der the thumb, sweating you are dealing with a with knives and saying direct project, which addresses bricks.”